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1  Forum / Politics / Re: just a smoke on: 21-01-2011 07:49 AM
hope dey sustained severe permanent injuries for their foolishness?
2  Forum / Politics / Re: Rig Buhari out, face trouble on: 21-01-2011 07:47 AM
kai! haba....must all dos old men with withered brain rule naija?
3  Forum / Politics / Re: Bomb blast: Charles Okah slumps in court on: 21-01-2011 07:45 AM
Quote from: dremagic on 20-01-2011 08:59 AM
thats all a strategy,another format,wake up n face the music u lov to hate

4  Forum / Politics / Re: what is it with witches again on: 21-01-2011 07:45 AM
e good as dem beat her...nxt tym wen evil spirits give her invitation and induction leta she go run away!
5  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Pastor Paul Adefarasin Builds 1Bn Mega Chapel in Lagos [photos] on: 14-01-2011 06:25 AM
Quote from: eomo on 14-01-2011 01:30 AM
Why are people complaining even though their kobo is not there? No one is qualified to speak against a man of God even if he is doing wrong. You are not the God that they represent. Leave every man to his God and you focus on yourself

Gbam! true talk...u hit d nail just right on the head
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Egypt's Muslims attend Coptic Christmas mass, serving as "human shields" on: 12-01-2011 01:23 PM
honestly i wept wen i red thru this...its really touching when u imagine it, analyse it, and think about it deeply n ppl from another religion are willing to lay down their lives...its nothing but pure luv.. it goes to show God still luvs us as human no mata our religion.. i wish my country man can do this to dia brodah man.
7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Man loses only graduate son to auto accident on: 12-01-2011 01:17 PM
wtf dats really unfortunate upon all the stres n sufferness, this is how he loses his son....his only! now wats dat man to do? wat a pity....hmmm! his death is painful! rip. n may God give his ppl fortitude to bear such loss...
8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: FEMALE UNDERGRADUATE DISCOVERS ANTS IN HER PRIVATE PART; AFTER SEX WITH HER YAHO on: 8-01-2011 05:07 PM
 Huh? hmmm! wondazzzzzz shall neva finish....
9  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Panic in Lagos as bomb scare spreads on: 7-01-2011 02:53 PM
Hmmm! GOD pls 4give our wickedness as individuals and as a Nation 4give our leaders past, present, and those yet to come. God pls 4give dos who want to pull or are pulling Nigeria down, 4give every bomber, killers, robbers, criminals, even the comon men on the street. God 4give our pastors in churches, imams in mosques, and herbalist in shrines. Pls GOD 4give us and give us a heart of love, unity, peace, progress, 4giveness, understanding and willingness to sacrifice for good of mankind and also for ur sake. Pls GOD help us to always remain righteous in all our deeds. Pls help our leaders and our yet to be leaders to work for the benefits of the masses. take away the curses and bloodeshed from Nigeria. Amen

i think this is what we should all be doing from now at our own spare time. seriousely. thanks
10  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: it can be risky to love girls from poor homes. on: 7-01-2011 06:10 AM
an wetin be dis now? oya posta park well jior, C crap wey dis idiot dey talk. most ladies from poor background are wiser, more respectful, diligent, hardworking, humane, the list is almost endless. Maybe u go jam wrong beans dats why u come yarn opata for here.
11  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Delta donates 10 bullet-proof vans to police on: 6-01-2011 07:33 AM
12  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: CHRIST EMBASSY: Worshippers Pay N1,000 To Enter Oyakhilome’s Church on: 6-01-2011 07:27 AM
@ poster, hope ur very sure of what ur posting...sorry but no pun intended, it seems like almost 80% of those who replied this post did it out of ignorance or are mere church goers (im not judging im just assuming)....i don't attend Christ Embassy... but to you poster tell me where in the whole bible any scripture that mandates u to expose any false prophet (preacher), nay i have studied the bible and haven't come across any scripture that gives authority to do so. the bible said "beware of false prophet, flee away from them" it didn't say "beware of false prophets, expose them" yet u poster and majority of the repliers haven't proven beyond doubt and guided by the spirit of GOD that pst. Oyakhilome is a false prophet. hmmm just see the magnitude of ignorance u guys have in u. u guys aren't more righteous than Pst. Oyakhilome yet u all cast aspersions, anger, hatred and jealousy at him. Pls all of u read this scripture and beware of GOD or his annointed NUMBERS 12:1-15.
13  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Marriage vs Wedding on: 5-01-2011 06:24 AM
Quote from: MissyBarbie on 23-12-2010 09:49 AM
Plzzzzz tell me the dif btw marriage and wedding cos am lost here

most marriage don't work cos

1. TRUST: No body can truly be in love without trusting. most marriage don't work cos eg the sopuses suspects one another for infidelity or diverting/wasting the finances.

2. BELIEVE: When u don't trust someone u can't believe that person except. Any couple who don't trust and believe can't love one another.

3.COMMUNICATION: A gap is always left in marriage when theres a communication breach between couples. Learn to talk to ur spouse and also learn to listen attentively, besides advice them and say ur opinions in a right manner: with respect.

4. RESPECT: spouses should learn to respect one another totally. also its important to respect relatives, inlaws, colleagues, friends and neighbours.

SEX: don't be selfish during love making. for couples, love making is a sacred vow between the couple and GOD to always love one another. it also means that the couple are one being. it has a very deep spiritual implication when violated cos it involves the fusion of both spirit and body. NEVER INDULGE IN EXTRA MARRITAL SEX.

LOVE: Learn to love ur spouses and be in love with one another without clause.

Always see positivity in any thing your partner does and support him/her if u've both analysed it.
Learn to accept faults and appologise. Don't raise any ego
Don't bring a third party into ur union.
Before ur children came ur spouse was. Spend quality time with ur spouse alone.
spend quality time with kids and also take time to have holidays or leisures with ur family.
tough times will always certainly come don't loose hope on them or ur union.


happy married lives to all married and May GOD direct all singles in finding their rightful GOD GIVEN partner amen
14  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Robots To Teach English In South Korea on: 3-01-2011 08:17 AM
technology has both a positive and negative side...take for instance Japan that has all the technological expertise and are specialist in the field of robotics and allied sciences are having problem today with their children cos their children now acts, thinks and talks like robots do. they've played so much video and computer games and interacted excessively with robots which are really virtual and now they (the Japanese children) act and live a lifestyle that is similar to what i call virtual or simulated. its rather unfortunate how man has so much advanced up to the extent of selling himself off to slavery to his own very creation. lets bring it home, many people will commit suicide, do some dangerous things, or become extremely depressed if one of their tech gadgets gets broken or a malfunction eg broken pc, stolen mobile, bad plasma tv or home theatre system, or their i pod crashed. ok lets take for instance all the noise about blackberry, i phone, c, n and e series nokia phones and the ripple they are causing with our youths and even some of our elderly tech gizmos. if the koreans has finally embraced the option of Robot Assisted Teaching/Learning (RAT/L), good for them but let african continents find a better alternative to such RAT/L but if its necessary for africa to embrace it, they should do so with caution and if need be restraint.
15  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / IBB: ‘Withdrawal of Participation in the 2011 PDP Presidential Primary Election. on: 1-01-2011 06:21 AM

 Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 1:55am
Former military president, Ibrahim Babangida, has written the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Okwwesilieze Nwodo, to formally announce his withdrawal from the 2011 party’s presidential primaries scheduled for January 13.
In the letter, which he personally signed, Mr. Babangida said though he obtained the nomination form last September, he is voluntarily withdrawing from the race because of the consensus arrangement which he had with three other presidential aspirants.
The letter is titled ‘Withdrawal of Participation in the 2011 PDP Presidential Primary Election.’
“This letter submits for the kind consideration and approval of the National Working Committee of our great party – the Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria (PDP), a request to withdraw from all the processes leading to and including the PDP Primary elections scheduled for 13th January, 2011,” Mr. Babangida said.
“You will recall that in September, 2010, I had collected, completed, and submitted the Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms, in accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Guidelines set out by the party.
“As a consequence of the Consensus arrangement to which I voluntarily and willingly subscribed, I write to inform you of my decision to withdraw forthwith from all the processes leading to the selection and emergence of our Party’s Presidential flag bearer,” he added.
The former military ruler, while extending his highest regard to the chairman and the party, conveyed his gratitude for the opportunity given him to express his interest in the race. Mr. Nwodo has since acknowledged receipt of the letter and wished the former president well. He also thanked him for his maturity.
It will be recalled that Mr. Babangida entered into a consensus arrangement with former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, former national security adviser, Aliyu Gusau, and Governor Bukola Saraki of Kwara State. The project, which was coordinated by the Northern Political Leaders Forum (NPLF), and led by former finance minister, Adamu Ciroma, produced Mr. Abubakar as the consensus candidate for the north.
Culled from 234next.
16  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / 11 die, scores injured in Abuja New Year's eve bomb blasts on: 31-12-2010 10:54 PM
Two months after some bombs were set off in Abuja killing several people and injuring tens of others, another explosion rocked the city on Friday.

The nation’s capital experienced its first baptism of terrorists’ callousness on October 1 while the nation was celebration its 50th independence anniversary.

The bomb blast of Friday went off inside the Mammy Market at the Sani Abacha Barracks, which is just a five-minute drive from Aso Rock.

As at the time of going to press, the information was still sketchy but witnesses said it went off around 7. 00 p.m. and by the time the dust settled, 11 people were confirmed dead while several others sustained varied degrees of injuries.

Friday’s blast came exactly a week after similar explosions rocked Jos, the Plateau State capital killing at least 62 people at the last count.

Fear of fresh attacks has made several churches in Jos and neighbouring towns enlist the services of private guards to secure their worship centres.

Security agencies have, however, been put on red alert all over the country.

A high ranking security source told our correspondent on Friday that heavy security has been thrown around public offices, vital installations and religious places.

Barracks, airports and residents of public officials are now heavily monitored.

The move is a fallout of the attack in Jos and Abuja.

Although, there are no report of immediate threats to Southern states, a worried President Goodluck Jonathan has directed that all regions in the country should be covered.

Saturday Independent investigation revealed that most of the churches in Jos now have private guards manning the entrance to their premises.

The fears are heightened as Christians are expected to gather at various worship centres to celebrate the New Year.

Worshipers now go through routine checks before they are allowed to go in to worship for fear of unwanted guests sneaking into the churches to attack worshipers.

Church leaders in the state in November last year, had alerted the government and security agencies to what they called “planned moves by some Islamic fundamentalists to attack churches in Jos – especially pastors of several churches in Jos – and its environs,’’ but both the government and the police authorities in the state allegedly waived the fears aside, calling them alarmists.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Independent on the development, North Central Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Yakubu Pam, said he expected the Federal Government and the Plateau State leadership to have done everything  humanly possible to bring lasting  peace back to Jos over the years rather than shedding crocodile tears when the did  had already been done.

He asked rhetorically, “what has become of the judicial commissions of inquiry into the past crises in Jos and what has happened to the report of Presidential report of Chief Solomon Lar committee that sat for several months and finally handed their reports to President Goodluck Jonathan?”

He gave his backing to the decision of church leaders in the state to enlist the services of private guards to guide themselves, saying worshipers’ security should be the upper most consideration of their leaders.

Pam, who had a bitter encounter with former President Olusegun Obasanjo, when Pam was the CAN chairman in the state, tasked the state government and Jonathan to go all out to fish out those behind the Christmas Eve multiple bomb blasts in Jos with a view to bring the perpetrators of the act to book.

On the other hand, the Plateau State Commissioner for Information, Gregory Nyelong, told Saturday Independent   that the government of Governor Jonah Jang is alive to its responsibility and has been doing all it could together with Jonathan to restore peace in Jos.

He said over N20million has been spent by the state government in providing relief materials and hospital consumable for the treatment of the injured at the University of Jos Teaching Hospital and other hospitals in the area.

He called on other well-meaning Nigerians to come to the aid of the state, saying those who did not wish Plateau well are trying all they could to destroy the peace of the state.

Nyelong called on the people of the state especially residents of Jos to be vigilant and report any strange movement of persons to security  agencies for prompt action.

Since the Christmas Eve bombings in Jos, reprisal attacks have taken place around Angwan Rukuba, Tina Junction and Dutse Uku areas of Jos North Local Government area of the state.

Following the development, the state Commissioner of Police, Abdulrahman Akano, had to douse the tension in Jos saying the crisis was not religious but political, advising the political class to iron their differences in the interest of peace.

He stated in an interview with journalists that Christians should go about their Sunday activities without fear of molestation as security arrangements have been put in place to ensure their safety in their churches.

He said bomb experts would be drafted to churches to scrutinise worshipers and Special Task Force (STF) members would be there to complement the police duty by providing security around the churches, while investigations are continuing to fish out the perpetrators of the bomb blasts.

Meanwhile, Deputy Governor of the state and governorship aspirant under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Pauline Tallen, has warned that no amount of pull-down-syndrome embarked upon by Jang and his loyalists could stop her from going ahead with her ambition to contest this year’s governorship election in the state.

Tallen, at a press conference held on Thursday, at her private residence at Rayfied in Jos, told journalists that the moves by the government of the day to link her to the Christmas Eve bomb blasts in Jos was very unfortunate, saying it was wrong for her boss to regard the ugly incident as the handiwork of his political opponents.

She said she had done no wrong to receive such “unpleasant attacks from the government and its agents,” since she made known her ambition to run the governorship race.

She accused the governor of playing to the gallery by his actions, which are centered on his ambition instead of the people.

According to her, “I’m even pained that in the midst of this chaotic situation, the leadership in the state is more concerned about its ambition rather than the lives of the ordinary Plateau man affected by the bomb blasts.”
17  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Why Women Should Forgive Their Husbands on: 31-12-2010 10:38 PM
Quote from: Kennee on 31-12-2010 06:04 PM
So yu're Giving Men the Freedom 2 be Infidels, right?

pls don't quote me wrongly and don't get my message twisted i have never supported, i am not supporting and will never support any man that cheats on his spouse whether married or un-married no matter the reason/exccuses he brings the last paragraph carefully and in between the lines im sure u might get an idea of what i am really passing out. I don't care if ill be criticized or insulted for waht im going to state now... taking out all form of sentiments, egotism, male chauvenism, pride or whatev er we all know deep within us sincerely that men are the worse culprits of infidelity in todays marriage i can estimate hypothetically that 80 percent of male worldwide engaged in an act of infidelity directly or indirectly at one time in their relationship. Now this can't be compared to say 45 percent female infidelity. im not however, chiding the female gender but im actually exposing the truth and also trying to make laddies in active relationships especially the married ladies understand what basic step thy can take so as to safeguard their union and also undo the sins their husbands have committed.

i should plead to us men and women especially the married ones: lets not forget the vows we made during the soleminization of our union to our wives/women (married folks) cos God is who u really vowed to.

happy married life to all married folks and would be married fols alike in the year 2011 and beyond.
18  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Why Women Should Forgive Their Husbands on: 31-12-2010 04:56 PM
Forgiving a cheating husband does not make you a fool or a weak person, in fact it the other way round, it makes you a much better person, more understanding, and more sensible, ( we are not saying those who don’t forgive are weak or otherwise).

This also does not mean we  approve of cheating, but what it means or what we are  trying to say, is what we never give our selves time to think things over, once we hear the word cheating, we normally would react. Yes it does not matter who approached who, if it was your husband or the other woman, that is irrelevant, what is sad but important is that they are cheating, and a solution has to be reached.

Understanding your husband  is very important as well as understand why he cheated, we always make this mistake when we hear the word cheat, we dismiss the men, and refuse to have a dialog, you need to, you need very much to see things from his eyes, why he cheated how he felt, how he covered his tracks, what and he wanted out of the other person, this way you are able to put things to gather and work out a better relationship plan for the  future, there is just no man out there who would not cheat in certain situation, , unless they are bore again Christan,  those who think and believe theirs would never do a thing like it, and it happened, should not run a mile from the problem, it so easy this days to just end the marriage just for selfish reason, if it was your  good job, and you had some problem with you boss or the job, will you just leave it and walk way. , will you not try and rectify  the problem, the way it is  with all marriages, problems comes, you look for the solution, the word solution is for a reason.

And forgiving his cheating ways, try and work thing out, so it will not occure again, remember your marriage is for life, most cases when a partner cheats, and they work things out by talking about everything and seeing  things from different angles, it  brings them ever closer together, please do not forget your marroage vows.

Believe this; every good marriage and long lasting ones are always face with major problems, it all the testing of your marriage to a more better great place.

so ladies pls make it a top priority to forgive ur spouses even as we enter a new pls let us try to make a diference in our relationship with our spouses it will certainly make the world a better place.

culled from:
19  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Eleweomo, NURTW boss, killed in Ibadan on: 31-12-2010 12:56 PM
which kain tin b dis him don see january 1 -dececember 25 2010, now him nor go fit see 2011 alive hmmm! my he RIP.
20  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Enugu Assembly Endorses Atiku on: 31-12-2010 05:19 AM
From Enugu, 12/30/010

Former vice-president and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, yesterday held closed-door meetings with members of Enugu and Anambra States’ houses of assembly in a bid to woo them ahead of the party’s presidential primary on January 13, 2011.

His aspiration, however, received a major boost as the Enugu State House of Assembly specifically endorsed him ahead of President Goodluck Jonathan. The lawmakers described him as the most experienced in the race so far.

Meanwhile, Atiku reiterated his support for the emergence of an Igbo man as the president of the country by 2015, saying that was the only way of putting to an end the fall-outs of the country’s 30-month civil war.

The former vice-president’s campaign train, however, received a major shock as Ebonyi State Governor Martin Elechi reportedly barred them from visiting the state.

He was said to have directed Ebonyi delegates to avoid any meeting with Atiku.
Speaker of Enugu State House of Assembly, Eugene Odoh, who spoke on behalf of other lawmakers during a special session to receive Atiku’s presidential team, said the assembly would go the extra-mile to ensure that they support the course which the former vice-president is currently championing.

“Enugu Assembly will go extra length to show full support to the course which has brought you to the House of Assembly today. You are the most experienced of all aspirants in the race having experienced presidency for eight years. What you have told us today are facts and when we heard of your visit, we decided to turn out in our numbers to receive you. We have been humbled by your wordings, our president-to-be and by the grace of God, you will be there.

“We had you one-on-one and it is my hope that we’ll vote according to our conscience. The Igbo man has conscience and having suffered for this great country, we will not let you down. Members of this house of assembly are courageous. This is one of the houses that voted for the autonomy of the legislature and we know the right thing to do,” Odoh said.

His remarks were intermittently punctuated by praise songs from the legislators who all turned out to receive the former vice-president.
Speaking earlier, Atiku said he was committed to a point of passion to ensuring that the South-east produced the president by 2015, saying “I’ve made this commitment in the past.

“Ben Obi was my running-mate when I took refuge in the Action Congress of Nigeria. Northern Leaders Political Forum and Igbo Political Forum have reached a form of agreement to ensure that by 2015, the presidency comes back to South-east.
“It’s not a joke; it affects you and the generation yet unborn. It’s a way to make every part of Nigeria an integral part of this nation,” he said, while describing PDP as the nation’s unifying factor in the ongoing political dispensation having won elections in every zone of the country since 1999.

He also used the opportunity to reel out his people-oriented programmes for Nigerians if elected the next president of the country. Some of the programmes span through security, health, education and youth empowerment among others.

He applauded the speaker of Enugu assembly for having shown rare qualities by constantly receiving him each time he came to the state, saying “even the last time I came to the state when we still had four aspirants from the North, and people were avoiding us, the speaker still made out time to visit me at my hotel room and I am deeply grateful to you”.

The presidential aspirant later met with members of Anambra State House of Assembly in a private hotel in the state.
He is scheduled to meet with Abia and Imo States’ assembly members in Owerri today.

The team, according to THISDAY checks, will not be visiting Ebonyi State as the governor who also doubles as the South-east Coordinator of the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign Organisation allegedly barred the team from having any meeting with delegates from the state especially members of the state assembly.

A source close to the Atiku Campaign Organisation told THISDAY that the governor expressly told the former governor of the state, Dr. Sam Egwu, who is also a member of the Atiku team that the team was not free to visit the state.
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