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Quote from: ajanni on 10-03-2013 09:08 AM
copy  cat

see your life. you can never in your life condemn a bad act because it is islam. if it is Imo State you open your smelly mouth
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Quote from: ajanni on 10-03-2013 10:01 AM
this guy is a confirmed madman

You see what i am saying. you cannot say the same thing about boko haram, but you come here to open your dirty mouth about someone defending his property. Ewu
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Quote from: ajanni on 10-03-2013 10:20 AM
dem be PDP babies na

Mumu. so this is the only thing you have to say? instead of you to condemn the act, you are here talking trash. idiot
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He has violated the ethics of his profession.
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Quote from: Musty4u on  8-04-2012 06:43 PM
@ all i think we need to understand the issue on ground before criticizing or condemning any religion or belief, who are the boko haram? who are Niger delta militant? we believed they all belong to a particular region with religion's  identity or majority, does their activities translate the true teaching of their religion? Respect is reciprocal, i am not criticizing any religion, and advice those who does to desists, there is no religion on earth that support violence, killing of innocent lives and destroying properties. from the inception of boko haram, almost all Nigerians view it as religion crises. By now 75% of Nigerians believed is a political problem, then how would it be solve? i believed politically, i am not a politician neither do i support this half-baked politics of this country, what we need is good governance, transparency and accountability, if GEJ will deliver i am 100% in support, i don't care about the leadership from west, south, east, what matters is good governance, we as individuals lets not dramatize the whole issue, causing animosity within ourselves, rather advocating for peace and harmony. Religion must be respected.

what we should ask ourselves, we were in peace for years then what brought about the sudden outbreak of crisis? how can we use the present intelligent report to bring all the perpetrators to justice? Where does the government fail to deliver? Are people trying to take advantage? i am sure by now the leadership knew where the problem is, and if they are honest they have all it takes to solve it. i believed the below articles will help to educate my brothers and sisters in the house, instead of abolishing Islam as one suggested, lets abolish the perception we defined north and northerners. one love, we are all one created by God, it is ordained we must misunderstood ourselves, and God gave us two things that control our feelings, emotion, action and reaction, failure to use it properly will lead to the total destruction of any of us. Those things are your BRAIN AND HEART. What you think,  that's what your mind conceived and the body acted upon. 


I am writing this article mainly for the benefit of Southern Nigerians who have never been to the North, and mostly have a warped and inaccurate view of the North. I have been driven to write this out of my many personal experiences, and those of friends and family, as has been shared with me. This is mainly an educative piece about what Northern Nigeria is in reality; a complete, holistic picture of this region.
To make this piece a simple read and easy-to-follow, I am going to write it around 5 common perceptions about the North and
debunk them:
Religious Perception: The general belief held by most Southerners about the North is that the region is not just mainly Muslim, but wholly Muslim. Whenever I meet someone from the South and introduce myself, I am correctly placed as a Christian. But once I am asked my state and I say Borno State, the next question becomes, ‘Are you a Muslim?’ This is despite my name being a very common Biblical name, Mark, which is the second Gospel. Matter of fact, I have been asked that question while attending a church programme, with a Bible conspicuously held in my hands. You could imagine my surprise at that question. This has also been the experience of a lot of friends with common names such as ‘Emmanuel’, ‘Daniel’, etc.
To start with, out of the 19 Northern states, at least 5 have a majority Christian population: Plateau, Adamawa, Nassarawa, Taraba and Benue. At least 6 more have at least 40% Christian population. These states include Niger, Gombe, Kaduna, Kogi, Kwara and either Borno or Bauchi. That then leaves only Kano, Kebbi, Katsina, Jigawa, Sokoto, Yobe and Zamfara as having Muslim populations above 60%. How then are we all seen as Muslims?
This misconception could be excused when the person has an Arabic name, as there are many Northern Christians who bear names such as Jamila, Habiba, Halima, Sadiq, and Yunusa and so on. But when the person has an obvious Christian name and is even attends church services, you really begin to wonder.
Ethnic Perception: Another common perception of the North is that we are all Hausa. My usual response to this is to borrow the logical argument of Simon Kolawole, the Editor-in-Chief of THISDay Newspapers. In an article in which he attempted to educate his largely Southern readership base about the North, he went thus:
“If out of the estimated 250 tribes in Nigeria, we can say that the South-West is mainly Yoruba with a few other tribes around Badagry area, the South-East wholly Igbo and the South-South being most diverse in the South with about 40 tribes, that still leaves the remaining 200 tribes in the North.”
How then are we reduced to one single ethnic group, Hausa? It is only the North-West that is close to being homogenous, mainly Hausa and Fulani, but with still some minority tribes in the Zuru area of Kebbi State and the multi-diverse Southern Kaduna. The North-East and North-Central is filled with tribes, many of whom I have never even heard of. For example, Adamawa State is so diverse that the largest ethnic group, the Fulani, is just 3% of the entire population. In my home state of Borno, there is a local government so diverse that from one village to another, you are likely to meet an entirely different ethnic group. The number of tribes there are so many that we just address the people as ‘Gwoza people’, after the name of the local government.
Even though we all speak Hausa as a lingua franca in order to communicate amongst ourselves as trading partners over the centuries, that doesn’t make us Hausa people as much as communicating English doesn’t make you and I English people. As a matter of fact, in the North-East, Hausa people are a minority and virtually non-existent in the North-Central region.
Intellectual Beliefs: Now, this is one belief that whenever I am confronted with, it takes me a great deal of self-control not to flip out and lose my temper. Times without number, when I tell people I am from Borno State, I am asked how come I speak such good English. What the hell? What am I supposed to speak? Arabic? The general expectation is that someone from the North is not supposed to be this learned, this well-spoken and articulate in English, this knowledgeable. I remember when a friend asked me if my mother went to school, and the surprised look on his face when I told him that my mum earned her masters’ degree over 20 years ago. There was also a time when my dad met someone at the Lagos International Airport and they got talking. When my dad told him his profession, the man, in a fit of surprise, exclaimed, ‘I didn’t know that there were professors in the North’.
I admit the fact that the North lags behind the South educationally, especially the North-West and the North-East. But this is not due to our inability to comprehend what we are being taught, but rather due to the incompetence of leadership in the region to give education its premium importance as a form of human development. We, like every other human being on the face of this earth, can excel when given the opportunity. Talent and intellect abounds everywhere. Opportunity, however, does not. I personally know of many Northerners who have excelled nationally and internationally. Daily, the story of young men like Ahmed Mukoshy, who is born, bred and schooled in Sokoto, and yet, rose above his environment to become one of the emerging forces in IT in this country in his early 20s inspires me. This is just one example among many that I could cite but for the lack of space.
I find it outright disgusting whenever people claim that if not for federal character and ‘zoning’, no Northerner would be able to compete in this country. Last week, I was shocked when a friend said only 10% of Northerners in the Federal Civil Service deserved their places on merit, and went on to add that if he had not known me personally and I were to get a job with the Federal Government, he would believe that I did not earn it on merit. The most ridiculous one I encountered was when earlier this year, former Minister of Finance, Dr Mansur Mukhtar was appointed a World Bank director. Most of the commentators on the 234Next article announcing this achievement for this Nigerian and Nigeria made the ludicrous assertion that the appointment was done to please the North, that Dr Mukhtar did not merit it. Little did they know that Dr Mukhtar had worked at the World Bank and the African Development Bank, prior to his heading Nigeria’s Budget Office on the invitation of the then and present Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and former World Bank Managing Director, who also recommended him for the post of Finance Minister when she rejected former President Umaru Yar’adua’s invitation to join his government. What is even worse is that they did not care to know: their minds were already made up and could not be confused with the facts.
Geo-Political Beliefs: Another common belief among Southerners and most especially spread by Southern newspapers is that the entire 19 Northern states act and think as one when it comes to issues of Northern politics. This is one of the biggest untruths about the North. Whenever Northern Nigeria is mentioned, the people of Benue, Kogi and Kwara states do not feel it refers to them. Geographically, they are part of the North; politically, however, they and the entire Middle-Belt act independently. This can be clearly in the last elections where President Goodluck Jonathan won in 7 Northern states, even against his strongest opponent, General Muhammadu Buhari, who is a Northerner. This was something I am sure a lot of people in the South, save for the political savvy, did not see coming.
One common sight of this perception being entrenched by newspapers is when politicians of Northern extraction speak on national issues. I have innumerably seen a washed-out Northern politician, without any influence or popularity speak regarding an issue, and the next day, newspapers carry bold headlines saying, ‘North rejects this’ or ‘North plans to do that’, quoting the same washed-out politician as speaking for the entire North. I have rarely seen a Bola Tinubu speaking and being quoted as the mouthpiece of the entire Yoruba ethnic group, or a Chief Edwin Clark for the Ijaw people. Methinks this is a way of selling newspapers by capitalizing on the image of the North as one single, political force which moves in a particular direction all-together
Cultural/Social/Economic Belief: Admittedly, as people of the same region, we share a lot in common culturally and socially in the general terms: our mannerisms, modes of dressing, traditional titles (apart from paramount rulers with the exception of emirates), etc. Despite that, the Jukun in Taraba and the Kataf in Kaduna are very different in the specifics, as even the Bura and Marghi people of Borno/Adamawa States. To pick the attitude of one ethnic group in the North and attach it to all the others, is to put it mildly, a very short-sighted way of knowing and understanding the people of Northern Nigeria.
Another belief in the South is that the entire North is but an empty land mass with nothing but trees. I remember the controversy of the 2006 census when Kano State was said to have a slightly higher population than Lagos State. Many of my Southern friends called it ‘an impossibility’. In the words of one of them, ‘Lagos is so populated that when you throw grains of rice into the air, they wouldn’t land on the ground, but on people’. However, they all forgot to factor in land mass, because Lagos State is a much smaller state than Kano State, and hence has the highest population density in Nigeria, hence making it look as though it was way more populated.
There are cities in the North that have been thriving economically, such as Kano and Kaduna. As a matter of fact, Kaduna State was adjudged by the World Bank in the year 2009 as the best place to do business.
Lastly, the most retrogressive belief about the North in the South is that the entire North is a hotbed for violence. As much as we have had more than our fair share of ethno-religious violence, there are many states that have never experienced one, including states such as Zamfara, and others as Nassarawa and Benue.
I have not written this as a criticism of the people of Southern Nigeria, but rather, in the hope that this will be an enlightenment of the South about the North. It amazes me when I see that despite the fact that we have been a country for almost a century, yet, a lot of people down South know little or nothing about their fellow Nigerians in the North, but know about Europe and America.
I have also realized that we as Northerners have allowed others to say our story for ourselves, hence have given it distortions, deletion and generalizations. What has happened over time is what the writer Chimamanda Adichie, in her TED talk in March 2009, at Oxford, England, describes as ‘the danger of the single story’, where a single story of the North as a region of poor, illiterate, lazy, Hausa Muslims who do nothing but connive to lord over this country politically and kill Southerners’ has been repeated so much that it is seen as the truth. This is the kind of stuff that creates stereotyping, which in her words, ‘not that it is untrue, but that it is incomplete’.
This is one reason I still see the significance of our NYSC scheme, choked with problems as it may be. We need to know each other more. Let us override this stereotypical mind-set and seek to learn about each other with open minds and seek the complete story that gives a holistic picture of our country.

This man you're not ashamed of yourself, why have you copied and pasted a whole load of bullsh*t here?
66  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: DIPLOMATIC THREAT: European hotages killed in Nigeria on a failed rescue mission (Page 22) on: 11-03-2012 05:10 AM
Quote from: Dejola24856 on 11-03-2012 04:38 AM

Just now i visited your profile and view your posts.....I realized that who you truly are is awful/synthetic/dire cause nothing good and educative never comes from you as all you are filled with is you really need dilverance......this place is really not meant fpr you at all......

To other members, please you need to visit this guy's profile and see who and what he really is (Commonsense) He makes no sense at all

Please ignore all odd comments by this man, its his way.....HEREDITY....i just hope he can fight and stop the curse to avoid passing it to his offspring cause this is really of no good man.

Believe.....i will ignore what ever comment posted by you henceforth

you are a loser, son of a bitch. you have no tangible arguement to convince anyone, rather you try to confuse and deceive people here. count me out u can never deceive me so just fcuk off
67  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: DIPLOMATIC THREAT: European hotages killed in Nigeria on a failed rescue mission (Page 22) on: 11-03-2012 04:08 AM
better go and examine yourself because you are empty. how on earth do you think i will keep quiet while u type nonsense here, do u think we are kids or what? if i get hold of you i will teach a bitter lesson you will never forget in your life. Pig
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Quote from: Dejola24856 on 11-03-2012 03:43 AM
Of alll that i this the right response? and if you can see all my comments, did i ever use the word mad?

This shows the rate of a FAILURE u r man!!! we are only enligtening each other and in one way or the other everyone has learnt one or two things.....Really, people like you are not invited here....we need a more intelligent and high profile persnalty to responds to polls if there is any in your generation

To Bachellorette, i will get back to you soon as i'm kinda busy now and cant type much


nothing good comes from u, I cant learn anything from u. better remove ur dead body from here. idiot
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Quote from: fateewase on 10-03-2012 08:43 AM
I think u need more enlightenment miss. This is shouldn't be an insulting media just an explanatory one. You ask if u could live in saudi arabia without dressing like a muslim. "There's a saying that says "when you get to rome,do like the romans" their culture is the islamic form and you just have to abide by what they want. Islamically,a woman is meant to cover her body and shouldn't leave any part exposed to avoid men from seeing that which is meant for her hubby alone.
If u must live successfully in a particular region,you must abide by their rules. I have people in missionary private schools in nigeria,all students does morning devotions,mass and all christian doctrines whether you are a muslim or not its compulsory. Am only trying to enligthen you that the law of a particular place must be followed. If in nothern nigeria,they say this is waht they want,you must abide by it if you want to live there successfully.
You can't go to a muslim dominated community today and start preaching the bible to them,u don't expect them to watch you,they must chase you away. Its just like you asking me to go to a church during sunday service and start asking people to accept islam.
If christianity is that perfect and doesn't force someone why is it that christians even in public buses,gatherings,they preach. Why not live an examplary life and allow people to embrace willingly.

you can see now that u are a very foolish hypocrite, you want people to do whatever muslims say in their country, but when they go to other people's country they will never abide by the country's way. go to portharcourt and see how muslim women go about covering their faces with burqa, every morning a lot of noise comes from the minaret in their mosque and the locals complain bitterly about it, upon all of that no muslim is molested or killed. go to london, paris or switzerland and see how they shout from the minaret in their mosque or women covering their face and going about their business without disturbance. muslims will carry placards in the USA chanting for the downfall of USA without disturbance, do that in a muslim country as a christian they will fry you like akara without hesitation.
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Quote from: Dejola24856 on 10-03-2012 07:16 AM
Mr Bachelorette.......See below the response to your comments heheheh

These are your words----------I think you're in the right position to answer these questions. Why must it always be Muslim countries dat one person wants to rule forever? As it is with Nigeria. Buhari, Babangida, among others, have all been leaders in one way or the other, yet they still want to come and continue where their looting stoped. Even Abacha of blessed memory never wanted to leave until God took his life. What is it with MUSLIM and power? Is it in the Quoran that you study too?

See below the response to your comments heheheh

Buhari--------Dec 1983 - 1985 Approximately 2yrs

Abacha--------Nov 1993 - 1998 approximately 5yrs

Look at this man oooo....What about In 1976 Gen. Obasanjo was made the head of state after the death of Murtala Muhammed

In 1999, this same obasanjo came back and became the president for 8yrs after which this your same Obasanjo (A Christain) still want to ammend the constitution to favor him so as for him to rule for another 4yrs hahahahaha aba.....

You no see this history ooooo abi? Man, you better stop this your controversial /bias/hipocratic judgment and be sure that lots of under G evils are been done by your soul called Christain leaders and to confirm to you that your present Christain president Badluck Jonathan is the greatest EVIL and the greatest hazard that has ever happened in Nigeria and he remains your BOKO HARAM.....You better make a perfect investigation and get the true facts before going on social networks and spreading false news and irrelevant fake stories.

you are truely a mad person
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Quote from: wilat on  9-03-2012 11:29 PM
May the souls of the dead foreigners rest in peace. Cos no matter how much we don't like the european,th soul of the dead must still be respected.
Going back to the europeans killed,how this is well pronouced because they have good governance who cares for the welfare and welbeing of their people,we hear so many evil things being done to nigerians outside daily and yet we do not get support from our governments to fight for us to investigate what happened and plead on behalf of these nigerians whom some may be innocent. Capital punishments is being placed upon nigerians outside and yet no one fight for their freedom.
The europeans took us as fools and keep perpetuating their evil deeds against us and yet we see them as "over-superior".
We have the mind to also know that these people are the thief and at the same time the catcher. They cause confusion into a particular state and in turn come as rescuers.
Nigeria is a diverse country with over 500 ethnic groups and diff religions. We have been created among ourselves and we can't but live with that fact. Unless with the intervention of God,this country can never move forward. I support ONE NIGERIA in PEACE and HARMONY.
Thos destroying nigeria knows their private aims.

now i can understand that u are a member of boko haram. and for your information, we are not created among ourselves in nigeria. Britain just join north and south together for their own selfish end. have you ever seen cat and dog live in peace when put to live together? since the past 50 years many countries have divided because of differences in ethnicity, race, religion or culture, why should nigeria be different?

just for example:

Russia - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan.
Yougoslavia - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Mercedonia, Slovania.
United Kingdom - Rep. of Ireland
Sudan - South Sudan
Ethiopia - Eritria
Czech Rep. - Slovakia
Georgia - Abkhazia, South Ossetia
Indonesia - East Timor

All these I mentioned are just a few and are not more than 20 years now, there are many more countries that have divided, nigeria cant be an exception because the differences in there citizens are just too much and there can never be peace unless nigeria is divided into as many countries as is posible.
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Quote from: wilat on  9-03-2012 10:35 PM
All comments well read and digested..I wouldn't have said what am about to say but some comments call for it. This is not a challenge or a debate thrown to anybody though if you feel it touched you,you are free to say anything.
Firstly,nobody talked about what could have transpired between the so called kidnapees and the kidnapers,.
Secondly has the boko haram groups claimed responsibity for the act like they usually do whenever they commit suicide bombing and did they state their resons for doing so.
Thirdly,we are too sentimental and biased about religion that we fail to realize the major truth behind any atrocities committed..if anything happen just immediately and it comes from the north,it would be attributed to religion immediately.
During the killings and kidnappings in the niger-deltan,no one attributed to to religion,no one said they were christians and therefore they r not good people,no one said just because some sets of militants involved in such,it then means all niger deltans are bad.
The fact that a particular set of people does things doesn't mean all others are the same. There are rape cases,armed robbery,killings among others in every part of the world and every part of nigeria in particular. Bad things happen everyday.
Naijapals is no longer as educative as it used to,all we do to ourselves in to insult even our parents that are even innocent,they do not know what our activities are. We do not know each other physically and yet we have no respect for one another. Naijapals alone is enough to show that we lack context on coexistence among one another. All we do is wait for a post that is religion or ethnic critic and we beginning to say all sort of things. We are humans and not fools. No one is happy about the situation of the country but must we fight,insult or criticize ourselves everyday before we would catch fun on a social site? NO. The act of living in peace begins among ourselves.
I know some low-thinkers would still quote this and instead of making a positive comment,they would insult me. Its ok if you do that. Atleast the mosrt important thing is that have passed a message.

it seems u are the biggest fool here, boko haram says they want to islamitise nigeria, what is it that u dont understand there? are u trying to protect them or what? niger delta (MEND) are fighting for a fair share of the oil from there land that is being devastated, what is in your thick head that you dont understand there, or you are just an attention seeking bitch. i am quite sure you are a sympathiser of boko haram simply because u are a muslim. Ewu
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Quote from: waterlove on  9-03-2012 03:58 PM

who are u hiding under fake ID? u are just a twat
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Quote from: Dejola24856 on  9-03-2012 03:39 PM
THIS GOES TO YOU (open_reality)





Why do you continue to deceive yourself? Why are u such a fool? You think you can come here to fool anyone. You better go and fool ur father instead. There are lots of mosques in Israel and muslims are free to practice their faith, while in Saudi Arabia there is no single church whatsoever because other religions are banned from practicing in public, even Bible is banned in Saudi Arabia. Even for a muslim to convert to christianity carries death sentence and you are telling me islam is peace, you can tell that to a dog. Boko Haram has come out openly to say they want Nigeria to be converted to islam country, they dont want any church in the north and they want any nigerian president to be a muslim, these are the things they want and you open your dirty mouth to tell us that its not an islamic movement. I can see you are empty headed and just need some attention. MUMU
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Quote from: usman212s on  1-03-2012 04:19 PM
you are a miserable Goat! Wat
a complex you've got dere! Just pity
you and your entire generation cos you
have already prepared a ruin path for
them with your ignorant and foolish

am not surprised, u've got nothing reasonable to say. u have a generational curse, baboon
76  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Lagos State Funeral For Late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu (Page 8) on: 1-03-2012 04:24 PM
Quote from: ajanni on  1-03-2012 04:02 PM
you are an idiot as well as a broad day dreamer , you said his father was the richest in Africa IN 1965,  you must be drunk , mad boy , robbery and drug pushing are not so popular in those days , where would he have gotten the money then? --chief ritualists

he got the money from your fathers grave, uniformed illiterate, i dont blame u since u have monkey brain
77  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: VIDEO : "If The Nation Will Break, Let It Break!" - Bishop Oyedepo (Page 37) on: 1-03-2012 04:20 PM
Quote from: ajanni on  1-03-2012 04:05 PM
whats this?

na your papa head, goat
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Quote from: amakasule on  1-03-2012 06:11 AM
Guy, u dey very wrong.  Even as I dey talk so, BBC dey carry news titled 'China violence: '20 dead' in Kashgar city in Xinjiang'

Xinjiang province has had high levels of security since riots in 2009 (file photo)
At least 20 people died in violence in China's ethnically divided western region of Xinjiang on Tuesday, the authorities say.

The regional government said a group of what it called terrorists, armed with knives, attacked people on a busy shopping street near the city of Kashgar, killing 13 people.

It said seven of the attackers were shot dead by police.

why are u talking nonsense here? what has that got to do with religious fanatics, it seems u r daft. Chinese problem is political not religious because they have one common religion. western china is underdeveloped with too much poverty whereas eastern china lives in affluence thats the problem. pls if u dont know anything desist from typing rubbish here, idiot.
79  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: VIDEO : "If The Nation Will Break, Let It Break!" - Bishop Oyedepo on: 1-03-2012 04:03 PM
Quote from: livingday on  1-03-2012 10:37 AM
I hate to mince words, why don't you break it? I don't see you bringing out any knife to divide your illusionary fragility and therefore desire not to tarry with unelightened dross. I quit as a consequence. See you in 'Banana Republic'!

who is this moron?
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Quote from: ajanni on  1-03-2012 03:49 PM
sharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap , bloody liar , who told you so, black monkey

zombie, u dont have anything to say. surely u know nothing, a big fool like u with ur generations will never attain 1% of his achivements. mumu
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