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1  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Yorubas Will Support Igbo if Southeast is Attacked – Sunday Igboho Warns Nigerian Army on: 19-05-2021 01:21 AM
Any one who doubts this declaration.. will have a lesson of ANCIENT BIBLICAL HISTORY RAMMED DOWN THEIR THROATS..a harsh lesson that The so called "Yoruba" and "Igbo" are indeed ALL part of the REAL ISRAELITES OF THE so called "BIBLE".. THEIR REUNION IS IN PROPHECY, ALONG WITH THE REST OF THEIR BROTHER NATIONS..THEY SHALL ALL COME TOGETHER TO DEFEAT AND EJECT THE ENEMY NATIONS ENCROACHING AND SURROUNDING THEM {internally and from International (including all grades of oyibo oppressors) }  ..... all the fancy technology and devices of war the oppressors have shall fail.
It is written so shall it be baa asee YAEVESHUA MESHIYA l'agbaraa ELedumare .......
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Seven Things To Know About Popular Yoruba Activist, Sunday Igboho on: 29-01-2021 02:03 AM
Quote from: TimmyGold12 on 23-01-2021 06:40 PM
The person that wrote all this about Sunday Ighoho is still a learner.

If Sunday is a Politician, which party does he belongs to? He is not a Politician but he is ready to fight for anybody who he seems has been cheating or taking for fools not minding the person's status, either rich or poor, a Politician or not..

You said that he gained social media attraction in 2021, abeg, are you a journalist at all??

You are just a learner..

I think so too....... Does the writer know how many YORNolly Films have been made from over 7 years back and even all along so many more movies are still being made based on his Veritable Persona .. I concur..writer.. You are a LEARNER.. PLUS..You have put up nothing unknown by any of you the "johnny just come lately" bandwagon jumpers..
3  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: "My Husband Is Fully Aware Of This, We Want To Talk To You As A Family" - Amara Kanu Reacts on: 27-01-2021 02:16 AM
Quote from: nonsovin on  2-12-2020 09:08 AM
I'm highly disappointed at Osaze!
This is a very silly and childish act!!
I guess his account is hacked coz I still find it difficult to believe that he is actually the one that posted such

IF ..YOU.. are aware of the fact that we are the actual TORAH culture people {contained in the "Bible" books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy} you would know that what he has done is according to the law.. if any one asks you now, you'd probably say you're a "christian" ..but you are oblivious of the contents of the "Bible"..
that is the first point..
secondly.. IF..Osas had responded in any way and for whatever contrived reason a scandal was inferred , BLOGGERS would have a field day slaughtering His hard earned Integrity, Self Respect AND SOCIAL REPUTATION..
I'll just stop here .. as is said in proverbial speak .. "a word is enough for the wise" and amongst our old " half a word/talk is what we tell an omoluabi, that then becomes full word/sense/talk in his mind"   ..Iree oo !
4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Let’s Flush Out Criminals With Our Spiritual Powers - Traditionalists Tell Ondo Gov. Akeredolu on: 27-01-2021 01:38 AM
Quote from: Goldtime on 26-01-2021 11:22 PM
Thieves ! Traditional power that hasn’t done nothing good for the people in centuries.The paint all over your body mark is made in china .Ya put some scary inscription on your body just to make the weak heart panic .Ya listen Cockheads , if your brave or brace enough to go after those Fulani killers in ya backyard then I be like

Stay Tuned NaySayer..
5  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Duduke Crooner, Simi Gifts N200K To Lady Who Thanked Her Husband For Buying Christmas Chicken on: 26-12-2020 02:51 AM
Quote from: gogoman on 25-12-2020 03:06 PM
A good wife will always be blessed.. and all u bad wives out there, una go see pepper!!!!!!

AASEE ELedumare guun !!!!!!!
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Principal and Teachers At Government Science School Nassarawa Eggon Suspended For Beating Studen on: 19-01-2018 12:52 PM
When our lower class people and children begin behaving  like soulless clueless unrestricted animals with no conscience, no restraint and no remorse owing to lack of sensitivity to consequence of action..... Like the western world youth, as you are all trying to emulate..... You will look back and regret..... You THINK they are ahead of you..... They are NOT..... all they have is from / the result of UNPAID LABOUR OF 400 SLAVERY OF OUR ANCESTORS BOTH ABROAD AND IN AFRICA..... they are convincing you to remove sensible use of the cane from bringing up the youth in corrective reprimand discipline in order to corrupt our youth and mess up our future, the òyinbó you're emulating, they have removed caning from their schools since 1940s.... Their MINISTERS/JUDGES/POLITICIANS and "Senators /Reps (MPs) are all involved in  high monetary corruption charges, child sex paedophilia and even diabolical rituals..... So what is the gain? The  children of the elite get well trained in proper discipline institutions while the children of the masses are fake pampered with no discipline, become wild unruly and badly educated (they don't listen to or obey teachers) so they end up with rubbish or no jobs while the elite's children have all the rewarding and dignified jobs and also direct, Control and rule the nation.......
7  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: SAY WHAT? See How Funke Akindele Removed 'Toyo Baby' From Jenifa’s Diary Because Of N3000 on: 28-04-2017 12:18 AM
The day you all open your eyes  and minds to "jenifa's" real agenda, who and what she's serving with that show'll all question your faith, belief and moral compass ....if you don't see anything wrong in her general theme and undercurrent  narrative then your compass is already lost ....
8  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: What Does This Guy Have Up His Sleeve? Nigerian Artist, Falz Seen In Police Uniform (PHOTOS) on: 5-03-2017 02:52 PM
 Grin Grin Grin Grin
9  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: From A Cart Pusher To Being The Best Graduating Student In UNIPORT; Story Of Teddy Adiela (Photo on: 5-03-2017 02:20 PM
Quote from: Erekosima on  4-03-2017 08:38 AM
What kind of a group photo is this, everybody is in black and white picture except one.
holding back from "cussing" .....can't you reason that the publisher of the story used the photo effect to distinguish the remarkable young man from others in the picture ?....if we check your Instagram or Facebook's likely we'll find edited photos you've posted there out of pure vanity ......... Now, ......chill. Roll Eyes
10  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: If Bible Characters Were To Be Black, This Is How They Are Going To Look Like (AGREED?) on: 14-02-2016 10:06 PM
Look ...its time Nigerians especially woke up.... You are the people of the bible ...the Hebrew... not these impostors from Germanic Turkey, the  Ashkenazi who are paraded by the "Zionists" money power Bilderberg and European royals elite ...see the level of misinformation abd fear exhibited in one of the comments " careful , careful !!!” somebody wrote , as if to say , don't blaspheme óó , "god,jesus,angels and all the characters in the bible are òyinbó óó "
Well, wake up... The bible tells you in the following verses what the Hebrews looked like and indeed most of the civilization that has past before the vandalistic vikings, Attila the hun, Genghis Khan, the Ottoman Turk empire etc whitewashed everything aided by the Caucasian Romans papacy yes, Roman Catholic Church ....
Check these ...
Amos 9:7
Numbers 6:5
Judges 16:13
Ezekiel 44:20
Leviticus 8:13
Numbers 15:37-38
Song of Solomon 1:1
Hollywood knows ....and they drop it on you from time to time ....Morgan Freeman plays "god" in " Bruce Almighty " and "Evan Almighty" ....
The scriptures don't stop there ....the Creator Our Father in Heaven, including the Messiah our elder brother  is aptly described in the following verses ... Revelations 4:1-4. Daniel 7:9. Acts 13:1.
Exodus 2:19 Acts 21:38
 Why the deception ? to subjugate the black race and all under the elite families who rule from thousands of years everything, everyone & everywhere.... see Psalm 83:3-8
Nigerians, sub Saharan Africans need to wake up start, by calling the true names of the most high our Father the Creator, and the Messiah our brother
YAH  is our Father's name , you all say / shout "halleluYAH !!!!!!!" but do you know what it means?
halleluYAH means: praise be to YAH
HE told Moses at the burning bush HIS name and description when Moses didn't know what to tell the people who sent to save them ...I AM, I AM THAT I AM ......YAH. YAHUAH ...EHYAH Asher EHYAH ...
the Messiah: YAHSHUA / YAHOSHUA HA MASHIACH  ....and this has meaning, why the name is powerful ? It says " YAH is SALVATION / in YAH is our Salvation". ..."jesus" is supposed to be a english translation of greek translation of YAHSHUA ( why translate a person's name ?, why only Messiah's and Creator's  names were "translated") but they had "problems" in that the greek had no letters equal in sound and pronunciation to YAHSHUA so they just SUBSTITUTED what and how they felt like and gave "ieosus" which meant something very derogatory in their language ( go check it out, you will be So Angry you will want to do something...)
and the english went further ...just 450 years ago invented the letter "j" and translated further to "jesus" ...
IF you want video resource to learn the whole truth and know our and the world's FULL history ...tap a reply to this ...
You can also go online and check these out ...
.... people perish for lack of will know the truth,.... the truth shall make you truly free indeed !
11  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Young Lady Marries Old White Man, Dressed In A Unique Ankara on: 4-02-2016 10:30 PM
Laff wan tear enemy yansh.... See all de carpet bagger females ...see dem shout "love is dis, love is dat ...oooh lovely , ooh wonderful..." Mtsscheeeeew !
Let it be the other way round and see their comments then ....
Especially if the male is Naijs and the female na òyinbó ( no matter old , fat , "ugly " or younger"rrrr" )
We're not supposed to mix our blood ......everyone involved will soon find out is written.
12  Forum / Law and Crime / Re: who is d owner of dis child that is been molested by dis idiot on: 16-11-2012 01:48 AM
He should be "kóbókó"-ed in public, with his knee caps bursted !!!
13  Forum / Law and Crime / Re: who is d owner of dis child that is been molested by dis idiot on: 13-11-2012 12:56 PM
Me too...... "where is the fotooo Huh??"
14  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Naijapals Dinner Night Out (Nov/Dec 12) - Lagos- Wat Ya'll Think? on: 14-08-2012 02:20 AM
Yup yeyaugh!!!  I'll be there if the good Lord permits... my first December hols in my home naija in 12 years!!!  Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop.!!!
15  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: What Is Wrong With These Picture [Thursday Edition] 3.05.2012 on: 5-05-2012 10:02 PM
Cool Well done poster... luvin dese pix evritaim  keep 'em kumin, don't mind the bunch of hippos... they say "nay, we don't like dese", but keep on kumin to c dem..." nuff said... njoy !!!  Cool
16  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Youth Corper Dies Ontop Pastor’s Daughter During Marathon Sex on: 6-11-2011 07:35 PM
Kai.... pastor daughter REALLY WAN DO AM OOO!
Serious misadventure, she must've been sex starved waiting for her wedding day, obviously as a pastors daughter....such pressure
Sad story for the guy too....that's what boasting and or over-expectation can do, guys take note, gals make do with additional extended fore-play......