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1  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: "All Catholics will go to hell,they are led by an Anti-Christ pope"-Chris Okotie on: 2-12-2013 08:55 AM
stop that selfish judgement!!! and focuse on ur business ok!!
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Breaking: El Rufai regains freedom, says Gov Peter Obi qualifies as a fool. Lol on: 18-11-2013 01:11 AM
these are biased comments!!
3  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Governor Okorocha, Yuguda, Wamakko and Orji Uzor Kalu Shower Cash On Igbo Muslim on: 16-11-2013 10:29 PM
that so called governor okrocha i dnt know what he thinks he is!! guy stop wasting money on individuals, imo state wealth is not a personal wealth for christ sake not to talk of spending it on the same religion which has killed scores of imo state people in their land just for ur own interest  of political awareness and fame by the muslims!!! stop  using imo state money for charitable donation of gift to people that never deserve it. even if is ur wealth but do not forget that you are intrusted all our affairs and imo state funds and wealth into ur supervision, care and control. as a leader of the people plz until you come down from power then u can be charitable to whoever you wish ok!! just get that into ur big head. phyuk u.i dnt care if are the people's choice!! u are a big dismay and a nightmare!!
4  Forum / Politics / Re: A Slanderous Article Written By American Newspaper About Nigeria on: 15-11-2013 12:49 PM
hey damascus or whatever ur name may be called, can u plz shut ur mouth up!! cyber crime can never be justified or any dishonest behaviour but ur country does not worth the highly design masquarade uniform that americans likely wear us upon.and for ur notice our african brothers and sisters love us, despite the anglo-american trying very hard  to isolate us.. for christ sake!!do you know what this people have done to black race, are you out of ur mind? do u know how they are working with african politicians, dictators to confiscate our resources? do u know the atrocities commited both past and present by these british and american? when a poor steal,hes or she is likely to face rot of public anger and condenmation in a highest magnititude but when the aristocrat does stealing it becomes a verb to qualify a noun!!!
5  Forum / Politics / Re: A Slanderous Article Written By American Newspaper About Nigeria on: 15-11-2013 12:12 PM
The worst criminals the world has ever known or originated are americans let me start from the talibans, during the taliban's reign the cultivation of hard drugs like opum, heroin went to equal to zero cultivation due to the acute punishment giving to the famers but what are we seeing today?  since  the united state and her allies occupping afghanistan even united nation learnt that the production of opum has hit a record high and the smuggeling, are we talking of money laundering, black money?!! coicane, genocide, racism, scams,imperialism, pundering, inciting war to loot resources, illegal amoury business,perpetriators, helping and funding terrorist to distabize a region to institute  their selfish interest and authority, the people of araqi were massacred and women were  raped maimed over a framed war to loot their resources, inciting secterian war between  the shia and sunni to make sure that unity among  them derailed and ruined for the united state to serve as a refree, some of the american companies  and banks provide strategic and well sophiscated means for money lundering to the highly profiled corrupt politicians and drug dealers as long as their commision is gaurateed. i detest strongly and oppose dishonest and fraudulent actions of all kinds but also warn  the imperialistic americans to withdraw the act of painting country like nigeria black targeting to ruin our image and other countries to see us as bad people. cos we know who the global criminals, perpetriators are for christ sake !!!!
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Aviation minister, stella oduah uses the F-word in recent interview on: 22-10-2013 12:29 PM
femi fani kayode has finally won!!!!
7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Photos: Ex-gov Orji Uzor Kalu's homes, privates jets and cars on: 16-10-2013 11:55 AM
ex corrupt governor!!!
8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: The Significance Of Eid Ul Kabir Islam for Muslims on: 16-10-2013 10:35 AM
[size=14pt]this celebration should be at a closed door not to be made public!!!people are no longer happy having seen lives lost carried out by extremists produced by islamic faith!!! all i have to say that muslims should change the mode of operation and ideology not be seen as totaritalian but simply be a religion not a to be a virus
9  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Kenyan Mall Ablaze As Names Of Terrorists And Victims Are Released on: 24-09-2013 04:50 PM
to God who made me  i swear with my life any day or any time i hear that any of my family was caught up in any of this baseless insurgents  by any islamist group, i must take up an arm, heavy one to any mosque i could find, not even one person will be speared, i will make sure that i gun down everybody  in that mosque.both the one claimed they are peaceful must taste my furry that day, imagine how excruciating pains these people have been inflicting on the lives of innocent non muslems on an attack like this
10  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: This British Muslim Woman 'White Widow' Is Behind The Kenyan Mall Bombing on: 24-09-2013 04:04 PM
Quote from: suspark18 on 24-09-2013 07:43 AM
She was never a Muslim. why is it that most of this terrorist attack are carry out by Christian converted to Islam. A true Muslim will never harm a fellow neighbour. This converted Christians knew nothing about Islam and that is why they are easy to be brainwashed by this so call terrorist. Islam never support terrorist and terrorists are not Muslim. They might bear Muslim name but not real Muslim because they are against what Allah and his holy prophet rosululahi said and i believed terrorist will surely rust in hell.
[/quote]you are very lucky  this is a media!!!, had it been i was very near and u u made this comment, i would have cut off ur neck with a knife to inflict that injuries ur religion have been doing in the lives of non muslims families!!!!
11  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Meet the World's Largest Family Of 181 Members [PHOTO] on: 5-09-2013 12:47 PM
family pollution!!!
12  Forum / Politics / Re: Nigeria Is Cursed with Very Bad Leaders ––Obasanjo Explodes; Mentions Names on: 14-08-2013 10:15 AM
what sense in what he said, dumb brained useless easily convinced nigerian idiotic people!!!!! he ruined the nation and the economy, during his pdp presidential representative and the chief of arm forces, idiots did u hear anything  like credible election. were ur votes counted, was it not violence and extremism, stealing ballouts here and there, some parts of nigeria did not votes.outright assult and assasinations of political opponents only those in the pdp or supports have access to can only been prosecuted or disgraced if u are against him. thats the parttern of his reigns almost all the pdp gorvernors did money laundry and abuse of power, reckless and waste of public fund, negligence but how many of them were prosecuted or charge for abuse of power? none. what could he boast  interms of protecting the integrity and the people of bakassi if not selling them out angainst their will  to our cameroun neibours becos of westerners persuaded him to do so.hes a puppet of western oligarchy.only the fing he can boast of that he made life easier to the poor masses and booth rich in a way that they can have access to mobile telephone to access a call to whom they feel to contact. what a dismay of wasted years of power!!.was it not his time that he made a comment that if u can buy a bottle of bear 150naira, what could stop u from buying a litre of fuel  sth like 60 naira.roaming us deep in scarcity of fuel and abject poverty thereby comparing a bottle of bear with a price of fuel,.killing businesses and jobs  just to make certain individuals rich. those that finacially supported him during his sham election..tell me real things as leader that took a throne of longeted 8yrs without any interuption. we did not expect him to change the country overnight but to create a foundation of hope to the less-privledge nigerians..he should be prosecuted or send to trial if our justice system were effective or working in our interest instead.
13  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: 11-Year Old Boy Nabbed Attempting To Set Mosque Ablaze In Abuja on: 20-04-2013 10:28 PM
y did n't he succeed for mohammed sake!!!! am not happy at all, i should have bn happy and joyful to hear scores of death of these muslims that have succeeded in killing almost all the christians in the past and present years in the northern part of Nigeria both indegins and strangers even those serving their so called fathers' land are being killed !!!! uncountable christians have lost their lives for decades of insurgency either by riot or funani rearers, and by islamic millitant goups. i can never feel so sorry to hear that these radical people die. cos they are so devilish and wicked!!!!!
14  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Ordained Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi Pours Out Bosom on: 17-04-2013 08:49 AM
chinekemeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! igbarankiti eeeeeeeee!!!, obinigwe nke ato, iji anya gi afu eeeeeeeee!!!! udo adiruo!!  aru in the santuary of God!! this is an out- right sacrilege of the most altitude.she has descreted the holy place. she has divested a secred alter!! she has violeted the sanctity of the church she has treaten with profane therefore she needs to pay for that. owu aru!!!!!
15  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Ordained Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi Pours Out Bosom on: 17-04-2013 08:25 AM
this modern day penticostal or envagelical church is very alarming gush!!! well, what can we do? since they always have sth to justify all their act even at their consistent or blatant act of exploitaton of its members as well as their dressing code, always a show off. they will give u a quotation to claim the arrogance and their trichery guile.God knows the best as for humanbein we are led astray!!
16  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Top ten Music Ranking from Good Music Updates on: 15-04-2013 05:57 PM
above all flavour remains the best when it comes to party hits, club grooves that gives u the vibes, where most white gurls,ladies africans are crazy of him even tend to worship him as their musical oracle of the 21century of date. even thou most at times, they dnt knw the meaning of his songs. whats a magical flavour!  one day a white gurl asked me if flavour was a messiah into african music style who came around to bring relief to those may found bored in the club with his typical tribal patterns or style to renew and fortify them once more!!!! i guez short fingers would have been pointing at him as a sucessful illuminati member if he were american but indeed hes great and endowed with extraordinary blessing and talent like one branded stephen gerald sayin "no liver pool no gerald"another real madrid fans called ronaldo, obama of real madrid who believe in diplomatic resolution not in politics but in the puzzle game of football. therefore 'no flavour. no african club or party!!!! hes still the best ask  me y?
17  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Dangote: Boko Haram not Nigeria’s worst evil on: 14-04-2013 10:06 PM
what do u expect him to say cos his life or his business is not posed treat just like christian brothers resideing in the north but first approach count life ,stability as well as peace, now u can put in place infastructure. which is needed more significantly in tha deadly region called nigeria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
18  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Boko Haram Are Not Muslims – Goodluck Jonathan on: 2-04-2013 07:12 AM
Quote from: nwogaraku on  1-04-2013 03:32 PM
[email protected], I understood you, i bn in Muslim countries both in Africa, Europe & Asian, i hv many Muslem friends!.  ....Islam could had be the ''Best religion on earth'' if it could had bn that their religious leaders devoted themselves in tackling those UGLY acts of extremistisms in Islamic believes!. How can a reasonable human being kills fellow human being in the name of Allah, how can one sheds innocent blood believing that he or she is doing it for Allah.....Huh?Huh?Huh?Huh?Huh???.
i have desame opinion about islam but things hav already gone wrong in sense that some mislead ignorant followers cripple and subject themselve in shattering the image of the religion  tending to lose its values, respects and got people having wrong perception of islam as a breeding place for could have bn the best humble and so dedicated religion the world has ever known!
19  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Breaking News: Female DPO, 7-yr-old Son Shot Dead In Kano on: 20-03-2013 09:43 PM
all the north should be decleared as a deserted zone!
20  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Breaking- Bomb blast in Kano on: 20-03-2013 09:25 PM
Quote from: Mobbysmartins on 18-03-2013 11:02 PM
My brother,it is not the fault of the killers,it is the fault of your Christian brothers that keep staying in their land even when they have made it clear that Christians are not wanted there.The Bible admonishes us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, the Bible also admonishes us to remove the sand from our shoes and depart from wherever we are not welcomed,so my brother,those Christians still staying in the north are doing that for selfish reasons and not for spiritual reasons.Selfish reasons because may be they have one or two shops there,they have a business there.But our God is wise and that is why he told us to depart when we are not welcome.If you continue to stay you will lose your life and you will still lose the business,you will lose your children.....and you will account for those children when you face God.Abraham was already married when God told him to depart,for Abraham to be married also means he had a means of income,but God told him to depart and he departed and God blessed him abundantly.
ok if that should be the case, y are we abide by one nation, one interest?
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