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41  Forum / The Buzz Central / Young star BooToo releases DJ mix that will blow your mind away on: 12-06-2013 03:01 PM
Young star Dayo aka BooToo just released a DJ mix and the mix is crrrrrrrraaaaaazzzzzzy !!!!!!!!! . Speaking to him about the mix, he said he was sick and bored, he also said that there was nothing to do so he decided to do the mix ... also remarks gotten from people suggest that it is a must download and a must have on a every phone, laptop and every device.

a picture of a tweet from someone to BooToo is attached below.

The mix is wonderful ...

The link to the mix => Download

42  Forum / The Buzz Central / HOT!!!Photos: Toolz Enjoying A Luxury Holiday On Zanzibar Island on: 8-04-2013 02:10 PM
she's currently vacationing on the island of Zanzibar and shared these bikini photos on herself on a beach on her Instagram page. Enjoyment thingz. The place looks beautiful!
So here's what I'm blabbing about. There have been rumours for months now that sexy radio personality, Toolz, is dating pilot and EME record exec, Tunde Demuren. A report that was kinda denied. But fast forward this past weekend, Toolz and Tunde both holidayed in Zanzibar...and posted photos on their time there on their instagram pages.

More pics
43  Forum / The Buzz Central / Celebrities and Their Financial Misfortunes (MUST READ) on: 8-04-2013 01:59 PM

Over the years in Nigeria, we have seen artiste and sports men who were once living large as a result of their huge income, return to poverty within a decade. NOP observed that this trend is resurrecting again as some musicians and actors that were seen as comfortable few years back now struggle to feed.
This eye-opening piece will tell you why and how these things happen and what to do…

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick has filed for bankruptcy. In a statement last week, her publicist said the singer’s filing was “due to several consecutive years of negligent and gross financial mismanagement.”
Dionne Warwick’s success began in 1962 with “Don’t Make Me Over,” followed by 18 consecutive Top 100 singles. Her repertoire includes “say a little prayer”, “I know I’ll never love this way again” and numerous others. Since she did not write her most famous songs she has not benefited from the significant royalties that songwriters, Burt Bacharach and Hal David did.

Even though the singer has worked for over fifty years and sold over 100 million albums and 30 million singles, it is alarming to read that she, at 72 years old, must continue to work hard and give live performances to keep earning to supplement her income from social security and a pension. Dionne Warwick will always be a legend; she is a truly gifted singer, and she leaves a legacy of some of the world’s greatest music.

This is yet another sorry tale that graphically illustrates the far too common “riches to rags” saga [of celebrities]. There are some common threads that run through the reasons why so many high earning celebrities such as musicians, actors, and sportsmen go broke.

Artistes and sportsmen are particularly vulnerable when it comes to their personal finances as they face unique challenges. When the funds start coming in, many don’t realise that they may be earning a lifetime of income within a relatively short time frame. Careers are often brief and uncertain particularly for sports men and women whose careers can come to an end in their 30s or sooner, and one serious injury could cut short a career overnight. Musicians cannot predict the popularity of their music, and an actress doesn’t know which will be her last role. Unrealistic assumptions about future earnings can cloud judgment when it comes to savings and spending.

Don’t neglect your education. It is very easy when the money starts rolling in to view education as a waste of precious time. This is a huge mistake, as the benefits of education will remain long after a career has ended. Many celebrities shortchange themselves by dropping out of school to pursue their celebrity and many more fail to return to complete their education. By getting a qualification, there is a better chance of being able to earn even when celebrity is waning.

Excessive spending is a reason for celebrities suffering financial misfortune. Regardless of whether you make N500, 000 or N50m a year there is the very real possibility of going broke. One Hollywood star is reported to have had 22 cars, four yachts and 15 expensive homes all over the world some of which he never visited.

Along with their large incomes, celebrities, and some Nigerian stars are no different, maintain enormous overheads that include large homes, managers, agents, stylists, publicists, bodyguards, assistants and hangers-on; they are besieged by family members and friends who regularly require assistance. Some are naïve and as they become very popular they fall victim to those who are willing to pander to their celebrity for financial gain. Members of their entourage constantly surround and insulate them from reality feeding their egos. “Untidy” personal lives are also a common feature with multiple relationships resulting in multiple children and the attendant costs of education and upkeep.
44  Forum / The Buzz Central / Kanye West Finally RESPONDS To Ray J’s New Kim Kardashian DISS TRACK! on: 8-04-2013 01:57 PM

Kanye West just SPOKE OUT about the new Ray J hit single – I HIT IT FIRST – about Kim Kardashian. Here’s what he said, through a friend:

But the source assures us that Kanye sees the song for what it truly is — a publicity stunt. ”Kanye don’t condone broke ass, jealous [guys] who be trying to bite off he and Kim’s fame just to stay, wait, just to become relevant.” Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Will Not Give Ray J Attention

Even though Kanye’s fuming, the source states that Yeezy won’t be giving Ray J the attention he wants. So we should probably stop hoping for Kanye to release a diss track of his own (that battle wouldn’t even be fair). Instead, don’t expect much of a response from Kim and Kanye, as Ray J fades back into obscurity.

“Tell him to call Ye when he gets to the $100-million mark,” our source concludes. “Cause guess what — Ye ‘hit that’ first.”

45  Forum / The Buzz Central / Margaret Thatcher dies of stroke aged 87 on: 8-04-2013 01:43 PM

Baroness Thatcher, Britain’s greatest post-war prime minister, has died at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke, her family has announced.

Her son, Sir Mark, and daughter Carol confirmed that she died this morning.

Lord Bell, her spokesman, said: “It is with great sadness that Mark and Carol Thatcher announced that their mother Baroness Thatcher died peacefully following a stroke this morning.A further statement will be made later.”

Known as the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher governed Britain from 1979 to 1990.

She will go down in history not only as Britain’s first female prime minister, but as the woman who transformed Britain’s economy in addition to being a formidable rival on the international stage.

Lady Thatcher was the only British prime minister to leave behind a set of ideas about the role of the state which other leaders and nations strove to copy and apply

story SOURCE

46  Forum / The Buzz Central / VIDEO: Sheyman – Paper on: 28-03-2013 08:47 AM
This officially confirms rumours of Sheyman leaving eLDee’s Trybe Records family. Sheyman’s new video for the previously posted single “Paper” is brought to you by Phatbase Entertainment under the management of Klick Promotions. Watch below.

“Popular Nigerian artiste cum producer, Ademoye Oluseyi popularly known as Sheyman recently shot the video for his latest hit single, Paper. Directed by popular cinematographer, Patrick Elis, the video is a clean-cut visual with purposeful directing depicting the theme of the song.

The single which is part of his next album project has enjoyed massive airplay on different radio stations across the country and massive downloads. This has however led to fans clamouring for the release of the video.

Presented by Phatbase Entertainment, “Paper” is a song Sheyman sings playfully about the lavish life and the non­­­-stop splurging lifestyle of an entertainer.

Sheyman is currently under the management of Klick Promotions, a principal talents development company.

Follow Sheyman on twitter @sheymanmusic and Klick Promotions @klickpromotions.”

Directed by Patrick Elis.

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47  Forum / The Buzz Central / VIDEO: Davido Talks On Wizkid , Asa Asika and Many More on: 27-03-2013 08:22 PM
In an interview with channels TV hosted by Ebuka “Rubbing Minds ” Davido talks about Wizkid ,what went down between him and his ex manager Asa Asika and many more .. Watch and Enjoy!!
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48  Forum / The Buzz Central / VIDEO: M.I Talks About Jesse Jagz’s Departure from Chocolate City on Naija FM on: 27-03-2013 08:10 PM
M.I went on Naija FM 102.7, Lagos to promote his new single #CHAIRMAN. As expected, the OAPs asked M.I to speak on Jesse Jagz’s announcement that he’s no longer with Chocolate City and is now pushing his own label, JAGZ NATION. Watch it below.

“Mr. Incredible himself MI show for wi Naija fm studio ontop Morning Runs. E talk about plenty things from im new single #Chairman to the new album when e dey work on. Them come ask am about why im brother Jesse Jagz comot for Chocolate City, this na wetin e talk…”

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49  Forum / The Buzz Central / 2face Idibia's baby mama Pero Adeniyi spotted in Lagos on: 27-03-2013 09:04 AM

One of newly married 2face Idibia's baby mamas, Pero Adeniyi was spotted in Lagos over the weekend. Heard she's been around for a while now and was even in Lagos during 2face and Annie's March 8th traditional wedding in Eket. Pero told people she was in Lagos for business and will be returning to her US base some this week.

Pero and 2face have three kids together, Rose, Justin and the baby she had last year. She also has another child with ex husband, Tunde Borokini.

50  Forum / The Buzz Central / Why I Left D’Banj — Bankuli on: 27-03-2013 08:59 AM

Few weeks after the news of his sack broke as manager of D’Banj, Abisagboola Oluseun John, popularly called Bankuli, has denied being kicked out. Bankuli said he walked away, not pushed, because of personal reasons. “D’Banj didn’t fire me. I just decided to move on. I was shocked when I read that he fired me. Whoever leaked that story was just being malicious,” he said. Until now, both parties have kept mum despite speculations of a serious disagreement between them. Bankuli and D’Banj A source close to D’Banj told P.M.NEWS Entertainment Café that the relationship between the two became strained towards the end of last year on account of issues of trust, leading to accusations and counter-accusations. A few weeks ago, they were said to have had a heated argument when D’Banj found out that Bankuli went to Paris after the Koko concert to work on Kanye West’s next album without his knowledge. “Bankuli actually left for Paris after the Koko concert in December and D’Banj wasn’t aware of the trip to Paris to drop adlibs on Kanye’s next album. This got D’Banj angry. He slapped Bankuli and subsequently fired him,” the source claimed. But Bankuli denied having a heated argument with D’Banj. He also denied travelling to France to work with Kanye West without D’Banj’s consent. Another source said Bankuli actually walked away after enduring a series of indignities from the artiste. “Bankuli showed courage and walked away because I believe he had had enough. Working with D’Banj is as tough as hell. Do you know that everybody that works with Baba (D’Banj) always gets tired of him and walks away? Fired him? No,” the source said. After the last edition of Koko Concert, added the source, D’Banj did many things without consulting with his team. And on the few occasions he did, he was rather insensitive and this infuriated Bankuli. “Bankuli went to Paris a few days after Koko Concert, and D’Banj was aware of the trip, but it was not clear if he was going to work with Kanye West or not. However, it seemed D’Banj wasn’t comfortable with the fact that Bankuli was getting more attention from Kanye West’s camp,” the source added. The latest development is a shock to many of their friends. Their friendship goes back over a decade when Bankuli worked with R70 under DJ Abass and Ayo Shonaiya to provide management and agency support. The relationship became prominent following the Mo’Hits break up last year, when Bankuli remained loyal to D’Banj after his face off with Don Jazzy. Bankuli later took over D’Banj’s affairs after former manager, Sunday Are, quit on account of the Mo’Hits controversy.

More from source
51  Forum / The Buzz Central / "We don't own a private jet yet, but hope to buy one in the future' - PSquare on: 24-03-2013 09:25 AM

When asked by Newspaper if the rumor that they bought a private jet was true, P-Square replied:

There was nothing like that. I guess because it was included in our list that whenever we are going
for a specific show, the organizers must provide us with a private jet. We had a deal with a private jet company which always hire their private jet to us whenever we are in need. It's like, we have a private jet at our disposal.

I remember we tweeted sometime ago that private jet is on our to do list. That was when folks starting speculating that P-Square has acquired a private jet even though we always travel with the jet all the time.

They concluded by saying that plan is on the way to buying theirs, not because of the cost implication of acquiring one but for the simple facts that they want to meet up with their concerts
52  Forum / The Buzz Central / David Beckham Slips & Falls While Trying To Play Freekick In China (PHOTOS) on: 24-03-2013 09:22 AM

As part of his ambassadorial trip to China, English footballer David Beckham tried to display the impeccable free-kick technique that he’s widely known for. Things did not go as Becks planned, however, as the PSG midfielder found himself on the ground minutes later.

The 37-year-old dropped to the ground in front of a group of young Chinese footballers as he continued his Far East tour as part of his his five-day visit to China.

But it all went horribly wrong when he lost his balance and ended up flat on his back – although Beckham appeared to take the fall in good spirits.

As Becks ran up to curve a ball into the top corner of the goal he took a terrible fall and slipped up into the air before crashing into the ground.

Perhaps the Paris St Germain midfielder should have worn a pair of his customised adidas football boots, rather than his smart shoes.

Meanwhile, the former England captain has vowed to promote football in China over a long period of time, and make it one of the most popular leagues in the world.

‘Thank you for having me in your wonderful city’, wrote Beckham on Friday after being mobbed upon his arrival in Qingdao.

Beckham, who has played four games for new side Paris Saint-Germain and completed his first 90 minutes last week before the international break, said: ‘I want people to realise this is not a short-term project.

‘It is something that we are very passionate about changing the mentality of the league and bringing youngsters through and making this league as popular as some of the big leagues in the world.’

Beckham continued: ‘I’ve always been a fan of Chinese football because I think the players are very talented and they are very passionate.

‘When you see the excitement throughout this country when the team has done well you see how important it is to people. I am excited to make a difference.’







53  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: New Music : Go Down Low - BenJay on: 14-03-2013 07:44 AM
This song is mad tho .... Bless !!!
54  Forum / The Buzz Central / New Music : Go Down Low - BenJay on: 14-03-2013 07:43 AM
This upcoming artist called BenJay. Just dropped a club banger i.e. a song you would play at any club.

This young man has alot to offer in the entertainment industry from this song it is obvious.

This is the latest club banger in town people! Upcoming act, Benjay

killed it on this track titled 'Go nana'.

it's absolutely groovy and the chorus just blows my mind.

Listen and Enjoy

55  Forum / The Buzz Central / YAY!!! I’m leaving the single zone - Yvonne Nelson on: 6-03-2013 02:44 PM
Ghana’s sexy screen diva, Yvonne Nelson has said that she is leaving singlehood. She took to the social networking site, twitter to make the announcement. “I’m leaving the single zone”, Yvonne Nelson tweeted.

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson who not long ago declared that she has the sexiest legs in Ghana may soon be getting married to a yet to be disclosed young man.

The question is who is this young man? Could it be Ice Prince? Ice Prince Zamani and Yvonne Nelson are reported to have started dating last year. Ironically, the two have have had some relationship connections with others in recent pasts; Ice Prince to Yvonne Nwosu and Yvonne Nelson to Iyanya.

Having being spotted hand-in-hand at a function in Lagos recently, a few have concluded the two are the latest love birds and wouldn’t be surprising to see them announcing it publicly.
56  Forum / The Buzz Central / Mercy Johnson's Figure 8 Is Back. see are new pics on: 6-03-2013 02:27 PM
Guyz what do u think?? grin grin grin

57  Forum / The Buzz Central / SO CUTE: See Rapper Eldee & Family on: 6-03-2013 01:44 PM

Nigerian-American singer, Lanre Dabiri popularly called Eldee has shared a photo of the beautiful women in his wife.

Few days ago Eldee shared the above photo of his wife, Dolapo Latinwo-Belo and daughter.

Eldee and his wife got married back in 2008. They welcomed their baby girl in2009

58  Forum / The Buzz Central / Police arrest 70 over murder of LASU student, Damoche on: 5-03-2013 09:47 AM
he Police has arrested not fewer than 70 persons in connection with the death of Damilola Damoche, a 400 level student of the Lagos State University, LASU, who was murdered in cold blood last Thursday by suspected cultists.


Vanguard gathered that the arrest was made by a combined team of the Area E police command  who  paraded the streets of Ojo, Iba, PPL, Igbo-Elerin, Igando, Okokomaiko, Iyana-Isashi and Onireke communities to fish out those involved in the clash.

The 25-year-old, who was a final year Banking and Finance student was brutally killed few metres away to the gate of the institution after writing a test.

Meanwhile, some pictures of corpse suspected to be students of the LagosStateUniversity went viral on the Internet on Saturday, heightening tension in the school and its environs.

Consequently, students of the institution have expressed fear that some cult members might want to avenge damoche’s death.

Speaking with  the Student Union President, Ibrahim Tunji, who denied the death of more students, stated that the campus is calm. he said: “I have not received news of the death of any student. I left the school on Friday and I came back on Saturday. So I wouldn’t know if anything had happened. You know anyone can fabricate any story but I don’t think there is need for panic”.

The police as at the time of filing this report, have transferred the arrested suspects to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad for further investigations.

59  Forum / The Buzz Central / DaGrin resurrects ! on: 5-03-2013 09:40 AM
It’s been three years since Da Grin (real name, Olaitan Olanipekun) passed on, but the rapper remains relevant as far as Nigerian music, especially the Yoruba rap scene is concerned.


And in making sure that the memory of the late rapper stays fresh on the minds of his fans, Kosofe Entertainment has concluded plans to release,‘Blood Money – The Mixtape on the  22nd  of  April.

The 11-track record will be mostly produced by close friend and associate of the late rapper, SoSick. It will also feature a special documentary with never-before-seen clips about DaGrin.

Fans should also expect new and unheard material (and also samples of his previous works) on the mixtape.
60  Forum / The Buzz Central / Who Is Tweeting From Goldie’s Twitter Account? on: 5-03-2013 09:24 AM

It’s been barely three weeks since Pop singer Susan ‘Goldie’ Harvey passed away and her Twitter account is already being used to promote a Nigerian movie portal.

The Twitter handle @GoldieHarvey which was used to announce the death of the singer and also communicate details of a candlelight procession held in her honour is now tweeting links to listen to Tonto Dike’s music and also watch Nigerian movies.

‘Tonto – Jeje (Official) : Tonto, the latest music sensation release her latest single titled “Jeje” produced by…‘, a tweet reads.

‘WATCH : King’s FirstBorn: Watch free nollywood movies in english and yoruba An unhappy wedding planner (Tonto…‘, another tweet reads.

The links posted along with the tweets redirect to a website

While pundits agree it’s ‘in bad taste’, no one knows for now who is behind the act – her label? friends? family? Or husband Andrew?

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