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61  Forum / The Buzz Central / My Greatest Regret Is Meeting Jim Iyke–Habiba Abubakar Confesses on: 4-03-2013 12:31PM

Habiba Abubakar may not be a household name in Nigeria, but to Jim Iyke and members of his family, that name means a lot. In most part of 2011 and 2012, the Abuja-based woman and Jim Iyke were having issues with each other over an alleged fraud.
In an interview, Habiba confessed that her greatest regret is meeting the ‘bad boy’ actor, Jim Iyke. She further disclosed that her most embarrassing moment was going to the police station for the first time in her life to allegedly lock up Jim Iyke.

I’ m Habiba Abubakar born in the heart of Kano municipal area council in 1979/3/15. I married Amb Abubakar in 1996 just after my secondary school, In fact 21days after my GCE. I attended Lebanon private primary school in Bompai at Kano, then to Saint Louis private Secondary school in Bompai. I have a degree in mass communication from University of Science and Technology Haryana in India in 2007. I decided to change my line because of children. I returned to the UK and started PDD, Professional Development Diploma in Management studies 2008, and business information technology studies in ED-EXCEL with my centre as Stratford Business School and Finished with level 5 (HND) 2009. Currently waiting for my Masters result from University of Northampton in UK.
I have been married and blessed with three children two boys and a girl all schooling in private boarding secondary schools but the little one in private boarding primary school at Worcestershire.

You see to have a good heart is not something I picked up now. I have been helping since when I was 15years. One day I returned from school our neighbour’s where outside their home fighting so I stood to watch, only to find out the man was driving away an old woman ( Adama)who is his sister that left their family( for prostitution as they said) when she was young and returned at old age and sick, but he drove her away.
I saw her old, sick then I started crying and took her to our house and hold her in one section inside the back of our house. Any time they give me my food I will run and give her up to about three months I was hiding it from my parents. I returned from school one day my dad asked me to see him in his side I went, and he asked me how I came about the woman and I narrated to him, so he said good job, bad execution you should have told me I will happily accommodate her next time tell me all you do and pat me at my back. Since then I started thinking of wanting to help and is now in me tube and tyre. When I married my hubby, I told him the story he started helping me do what I feel was what I wanted to do.

Of course he is a career diplomat and longest serving from the north because he has been an ambassador since 1990-2008.

the challenges are normal ,people come with all kinds of stories just to dupe like in the case of jim iyke and his family very unfortunate.even when the photo’s we posted in the internet with my son next to his mother he can still run his mouth that it was his sisters phone i took pictures from all crap.

My plan for the future is to go into politics, to give to the society my little best.

House or Senate…

You see I don’t know any Jim Iyke before I met him in farmers market with two of his friends Victor and Solomon. They asked for my number which I didn’t know off head, as I just returned from UK and got the sim card. So I said I don’t know my number before anything Jim grab my hand set from my hand and dallied his number from mine, that was the beginning of the night mare. Before you know it he in a month he has bombarded me with his family members mom,dad,sisters, his girlfriend then Ketura Hamilton and told me she was pregnant for him but they lost the baby in July 2011. Well with such development you will think he is honourable because for me to show you my family we must be real friends and there is someone in a month or two was able to do that, awesome!! From there I don’t doubt his honesty and integrity didn’t know there was so much to all he was doing.
That was just being smart, for me to be comfortable with him. When the mum came she hardly could work, so I decided to get her checked , he said she had a doctor in Garki hospital but does know all the drugs she has been given don’t work and I flew her to the UK thinking she is my mother too and OLD. Where she told me her full life story which I have on video. After the trip he brought a business proposal with his friend Solo which I invested in 16.5mill, after all I never will think he will have another motive. But that was the beginning of the saga.
After collecting the money he disappeared and asked his family never to answer my calls how do I get him as he too doesn’t pick my calls. Fortunately his elder sister who leaves in Gwagwalada I once visited her ( NKIRU) so I remembered and went to her so she called him, and arranged a meeting where we fought. And I got him lucked up for 3 good days at SASS without bail, that was the best I did to myself to show him my worth not celebrity but MONEY. It was the best time of my life.

If he is the richest actor why does he want people to invest in his business…he should do it solo and if has money after all this arrest, CRT humiliation if is you won’t pay and get off this mess? Think well. They project what they are not. Well his mum told me she has never entered a euro plane before in her life, on tape I have her say that because when she arrived in London he said Habby thank you, mummy back after so long.
So when she was cold in my house I said mummy you feel cold too much because is long you have been here, the honourable woman shouted here where? I said London she said me I have never entered a euro plane before. And I remember I called all her children one after the other for her to tell them she arrived in peace, she was shouting saying me Gozy Gladys in London!!! The shock and joy over her. I said ok. Was so shocked with all the lies he told me, he was born in Paris all crap. She gave birth to three children, Nkechi, Nkiru and Jim in Gabon and they travel by road simple.

Yes I made a video out of the security camera footage of my house is about his visit to my house to that of all his family members no exception and Friends that trooped my house to beg for him. Just too yet again show people who he really is with documents. May be after that he will start to behave honourably. My own is just to change him not to punish him and video will be out soon. We are looking for a way to do it that he can’t sue any party involved simple.

Yes and he lost it because he went to US to sign another deal with a phone card company and Glo heard so they are paying him 50million naira per annum and his Ibo blood led him to a 65,000 dollars deal and by the time he was trying to correct the mistake and pulled out from the US deal to his shock Glow sacked him.

Let him finish the US visit and pay that money, he has no heart. I can’t allow myself go through this if I have the money will pay all and move on. Even if he goes to toilet in economy class he will post that he went to white house to sit on obamas invitation because his daughter loves him and want to take him to bed he literally lives his life for people not for himself because what is about to say it.. I’m on vacation with my family tweet it, only nonentities leave like this.

I don’t know who Chidi Mokeme is really, but will look for him just to know him, to see why he is joined with me, maybe we resemble who knows.

I do a lot of business but the one I got my fortune from is property. I have a gaming on Line Company in UK and Property too. I invest in a lot of other things no small no big, money is money. Because to help others I even go to the extent of doing pure water company can you imagine!!!, and in banex too I bought a boy a laptop he does different kind of things with it and bring as little as 25k a month to me you see.

I know some good and humble celebrities but not in business with them and I don’t intend to do now or in the future with anyone.

I really don’t watch them so I don’t know most of them. It is because of this case I got to know few of them. But let them keep doing what they do best. I wish them well. I succeeded to this level without any celebrity is sure will win my elections without them too. Just wait for my tape coming out soon for all the drama between Jim, his family and I.

I don’t hang out to be honest am a very private person.

Most embarrassing moment is going to the police station for the very first time my entire life to get JIM IYKE lucked. My greatest mistake is meeting Jim Iyke and joining issues with him and trusting him, he’s a liar!!!

See am not fashionable I ware what pleases me not what is in vogue, I careless about things like that. In fact I can walk the whole Abuja in my Jallabiyya, hahahaha who cares.

62  Forum / The Buzz Central / At Last Wizkid Finally Opens Up On Starboy/Eme Music (VIDEO) on: 3-03-2013 09:08PM
While this video doesn’t tell the whole EME story, it gives us an idea of what Wizkid is trying to do with his career.

What is Star Boy Music? What’s the deal with EME? Push that play button below to find out.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

plus read th iside story of the banky.wizkid split
63  Forum / The Buzz Central / Queen Elizabeth Hospitalised! on: 3-03-2013 08:50PM

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, suffering from gastroenteritis, was admitted to hospital on Sunday, a Buckingham Palace spokesman told AFP.

All the 86-year-old’s engagements for this week, including a visit to Rome, have been called off, the spokesman added.

“The Queen is being assessed at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London after experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis. As a precaution, all official engagements this week will be either postponed or cancelled,” he said.

Britain’s head of state is known for her robust health and devotion to duty, and rarely misses engagements.

The sovereign first felt unwell on Friday and cancelled a visit Saturday to a military celebration in the city of Swansea to mark St. David’s Day, the national day of Wales.

Instead of that engagement, she had been spending the weekend resting at Windsor Castle, west of London.

That she was taken to the royals’ regular hospital in central London suggests that her condition was not serious enough to warrant going to a hospital close to Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip were due to visit Rome on Wednesday and Thursday, when they were to meet Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

The monarch celebrated her diamond jubilee in 2012, marking her 60 years on the throne. This year further ceremonies will be held to mark the six decades since her coronation in 1953.
64  Forum / The Buzz Central / D’banj Spotted With former Miss USA, Kenya Moore in Houston (LOOK) on: 3-03-2013 03:24PM
D’banj looking fine beside former Miss USA and the Real Housewife of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore.

65  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: D’Banj Presents: D’ Kings Men (Official Album Tracklist) on: 3-03-2013 12:23PM
66  Forum / The Buzz Central / D’Banj Presents: D’ Kings Men (Official Album Tracklist) on: 3-03-2013 11:11AM
The BIG moment is almost here. D’Banj’s FIRST major project post-Mohits era will be out on the 30th of this March. Read the write-up below for more information and then view the DKM album official tracklist.

Oga Skibanj is not revealing features yet but from all indications, Kanye West is somewhere in there. *hint hint*

“The wait is finally over, after several months of speculation, D’banj Records presents it’s maiden album D’ Kings Men; a compilation album which includes tracks from the worldwide superstar D’Banj, and his label mates Kayswitch and J.Sol.

Several months of serious and inspiring hard work has paid off… This 17-track album comes fully loaded (we aren’t exaggerating), is bundled with 4 hit-bonus tracks and features several local and international collaborations. The album also contains several hit songs, including the smash hit “Top Of The World” and is set to showcase the versatility of the artistes on DBanj Records across different genres of music.”



1.      Ibadi E (Let It Bounce)   D’Banj ft. (*@&%^!&
2.      Why You Love Me Like That   D’Banj
3.      Who Dat   Kayswitch
4.      Give Me   D’Banj
5.      Scape Goat (the fix)   D’Banj ft. [email protected]$$#%&
6.      For Example   Kayswitch
7.      Trance   D’Banj
8.      Ololufemi   J.Sol
9.      Money On My Mind   Kayswitch & J.Sol
10.      Top Of The World   D’Banj & J.Sol
11.      So Fly   J.Sol
12.      Lugga (Bad Nigga)   D’Banj ft. &&@^&[email protected]
13.      Skit (overshadow)   
14.      Don’t Tell Me Nonsense   D’Banj
15.      Nous les meilleurs (We The Best)   D’Banj ft. %!^%@#
16.      Don’t Wait   Kayswitch & J.Sol
17.      Willingly   D’Banj ft. *!&&@^$#
    Bonus Tracks
1.      Oyato   D’Banj
2.      Cash Flow   D’Banj
3.      Bachelor   D’Banj
4.      Sista Caro   Kayswitch & DeeVee

PLUS listen to EXCLUSIVE :Dbanj -Dont tell me nonsense
67  Forum / The Buzz Central / BREAKING: Denrele Edun Almost Shot Dead In Lagos on: 3-03-2013 11:01AM

Shocking tweets from Denreles twitter handle suggest that him and his family have just been robbed about four hours ago at his family house in yaba. See the tweets below. However no one was shot.




68  Forum / The Buzz Central / Meet TOOLZ'S Boyfriend on: 3-03-2013 10:59AM
                                             Toolz and [email protected] The Grand Love Project
Well for those of you who think Toolz is single, you might just be wrong. Tunde and Toolz started dating few months ago. I have heard this before now, but just pretended as if i didn't. A source in the know just confirmed this to me again. They are dating, HE SCREAMED. Ice Prince even let the cat out of the bag in his recent interview on 'The Juice' with toolz. When he asked her about Tunde, after Toolz mentioned some of his female 'girlfriends'. Let's hope the wedding bell rings soon.
69  Forum / The Buzz Central / Baby Coming Soon Rihanna Reveals she and chris are having a baby soon on: 2-03-2013 05:51PM
Their reconciliation rocked the world of showbusiness - dividing critics and fans - but Rihanna has revealed her relationship with Chris Brown could go all the way, including having children together.

In a sultry shoot for ELLE UK Diamonds temptress Rihanna has revealed plans to start a family with Brown, why she feels compelled to share so much of her life through social media and her hopes for her future.

Divulging the secrets in her life is starting to become important to Rihanna, who was discovered in 2005 and has worked ever since, and the 25-year-old singer has explained this is why she shares so much of her personal life on Instagram.

I am not a victim: Rihanna shows off her gun tattoo in a backless

 gown on the Elle UK shoot I am not a victim: Rihanna shows off her gun tattoo in a backless gown on the Elle UK shoot

Showing off her incredible figure and fierce attitude the Man Down singer wears kitten ears and a dark mask in the shoot by Mariano Vivacano while wearing designs by fashion houses Maison Martin Margiela, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy.

Speaking frankly about her relationship with Brown, who assaulted her before the 2009 Grammy Awards, Rihanna said: 'Stay [her new single] is a story about having love that close and wanting it to last forever. You don’t have that feeling with everybody so when you have it you don’t want to let go of it. I would definitely say that he [Chris Brown] is the one I have that kind of relationship with.'

And on the subject of children the Barbadian beauty said: 'I will probably have a kid. And I’m praying I can go on vacation for a good month. And I’ll have set some things up so I don’t have to tour for the rest of my life, even though I love touring. I want health and happiness in five years. I want to be healthy and happy.'

Determined: Rihanna revealed she wants a baby in the next five

 years - her shoot for Elle UK shows off her stunning figure Determined: Rihanna revealed she wants a baby in the next five years - her shoot for Elle UK shows off her stunning figure

Despite critics branding Rihanna a bad influence on women of her generation for taking Brown back the singer remains unapologetic, explaining: 'Now that we’re adults we can do this right. We got a fresh start and I’m thankful for that. Right now that’s just what we want, a great friendship that’s unbreakable.'

And the social media savvy Rihanna is tired of lying to her fans about her life, explaining she usues Instagram to make it clear the type of person she is.

'Well I Instagram everything about my life, whether it’s smoking pot, in a strip club, reading a Bible verse - how crazy, I know! - or hanging out with my best friend, who happens to be Chris.

Mystery woman: Rihanna has spoken frankly about her relationship

 with Chris Brown Mystery woman: Rihanna has spoken frankly about her relationship with Chris Brown
Her birthday wish came true: Chris Brown nuzzles into Rihanna's

 neck in a romantic snap the singer shared on her Instagram account on

 Wednesday Her wish came true: Chris Brown nuzzles into Rihanna's neck in a romantic snap the singer shared on her Instagram account after her 25th birthday party

Plans: Rihanna says she would love a month off to have a baby and

 replace touring with something else Plans: Rihanna says she would love a month off to have a baby and replace touring with something else

'Everybody wanted to know what was happening in my life. Is she a drug addict? No. Is she an alcoholic? No. Is she a victim? No. That’s when I got the gun [tattoo]. It was a symbol of strength. I’ll never be a victim.’

'That’s why I’m posting pictures of myself smoking pot, to tell the truth about myself. I’ve got so much to think about, why bring all this extra s*** by being dishonest?’
70  Forum / The Buzz Central / Olamide And Tonto Dikeh in a Love zone (PICTURED) on: 2-03-2013 05:09PM

The YBNL General Olamide spotted with the poko artiste Tonto dikeh ,
Are we going to expect a collabo from the two or they have just started dating…wow

What a perfect match!!!
71  Forum / The Buzz Central / "I Won’t Sign Any Artist Until P-square Stop Singing" - Jude Okoye on: 2-03-2013 05:04PM

This is what Jude Okoye said in a recent interview with HipHop World Magazine.

Keep in mind sometime in August last year, Square Records had dumped May D who had released few hit tracks under the label including ‘Ile Ijo’, ‘Soundtrack’, and the remix he did with Akon and P-Square.

According to the statement signed by Jude, the split was due to the irreconcilable differences between the two parties. And the dumping had come as a surprise to MayD.

Here's in full, what Jude said and why he says he ain't signing anyone else.

I don’t know about Peter and Paul but me personally I won’t sign any artiste until P-Square stops singing, that is the same thing I said when you asked me why I’m not shooting videos for other artistes, everyone that comes under this umbrella will start comparing.

Let me give you an example, one of the issues we face is that, when you bring in an upcoming artiste who has not being invited to even play just one show and you’ve spent like 15million on that artiste without even signing like you said and the person wakes up to say he wants to have the car P-Square is driving, the house P-Square is living in, then you’ll wonder like wait a minute, even if I have all these things and I give him, am I motivating him? Am I giving him things that’ll make him hustle hard? If he has everything he wants will he still struggle?

So that’s one of the reasons I don’t want to, it’s kind of a human nature thing, once the person comes he’ll start asking ‘no be the same song dem dey sing I dey
sing too? ‘
72  Forum / The Buzz Central / President Jonathan spent poor people money on Beyonce and Jay Z? on: 25-02-2013 12:17PM
What President Goodluck Jonathan did as the Governor of Bayelsa is coming back to haunt him - 7 years later! Bayelsa state was one of the major sponsors of the Thisday Music Festival which held in 2006 and featured Beyonce and Jay Z. According to new reports, President Jonathan as the governor of the state then spent $1million on the music festival. 

SaharaReports reported it four days ago  that the money spent on the festival was from The Bayelsa State Poverty Alleviation fund. Hmmmm. Well, now the report has gone international. UK Daily Mail quoted Sahara Reporters in their report.


Documents above from SaharaReporters
The Nigerian president spent $1million of aid money to entice international popstars such as Beyonce and Jay-Z to perform at a music festival in the poverty-stricken country, a media source reported.

A letter stamped and signed by Bayelsa State officials in 2006 revealed that President Goodluck Jonathan, then the Governor of the state, released 150million Nigerian Nairas from the state’s poverty alleviation fund for the inaugural ThisDay Music Festival in the city of Lagos in 2006, according to SaharaReporters.

The document surfaced after reality TV star Kim Kardashian was reportedly paid $500,000 (£329,695) for a fleeting appearance in Lagos last week, angering Nigerian commentators.

The Nigerian president spent $1million of aid money to entice international popstars such as Beyonce and Jay-Z to perform at a music festival in the poverty-stricken country, a media source reported.

A letter stamped and signed by Bayelsa State officials in 2006 revealed that President Goodluck Jonathan, then the Governor of the state, released 150million Nigerian Nairas from the state’s poverty alleviation fund for the inaugural ThisDay Music Festival in the city of Lagos in 2006, according to SaharaReporters.

The document surfaced after reality TV star Kim Kardashian was reportedly paid $500,000 (£329,695) for a fleeting appearance in Lagos last week, angering Nigerian commentators.

The authenticity of the letter has not been confirmed. It is not known whether the funds allegedly released by the government were paid to festival performers directly and if so, how much the performers received.

One source told SaharaReporters: ‘Mr Obaigbena often lines up financial bonanzas from numerous governors, ministers and other top government officials to finance his jamborees.’

At the bottom of the letter, a handwritten note allegedly signed by aides of then Governor Jonathan and the state’s accountant general says: ‘Release N150,000,000.00 (One hundred and fifty million naira) only to be drawn from the poverty alleviation subhead.’

The letter reads: ‘The music festival will bring the world’s top music icons to Nigeria and showcase the great news coming out of Nigeria.
‘Already several top music icons have signed on or are signing on.
‘They’ll tell the world through music that Nigeria’s time has come.’
The publisher added: ‘We invite you to partner with us as co-hosts of the festival.
‘With a total budget of $10 million, the co-host is expected to contribute a minimum of $2.5 million.’

There was also no indication that Beyonce and Jay Z were aware that their appearance was subsidised by the Nigerian state’s poverty alleviation fund, it was reported.

Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg and Ciara were also among performers at the 2006 festival.

73  Forum / The Buzz Central / Why God Asked Me to Go - Pope Benedict Finally Opens Up on: 25-02-2013 12:07PM

In an emotional goodbye to over 100,000 supporters, the Pope revealed on Sunday that he was stepping aside because God told him to do so.

In a voice raw with emotion, Pope Benedict XVI told pilgrims in St Peter’s Square that he was resigning on February 28 because God had called on him to devote himself to prayer. He said God had told him ‘to climb the mountain’.

It was observed that pilgrims filled the piazza to witness a historical moment and thank the Pope for his eight year Pontificate at the Angelus Prayer.

Despite recently looking tired and frail, he spoke in a clear, strong voice, repeatedly thanking the faithful for their closeness and affection as they interrupted him, again and again, with applause and cheers.

The Pope stressed that he was “not abandoning the church.” Instead, he said he would serve the church with the same dedication, but would do so “in a way more suitable to my age and my strength”.

He also said he would continue to serve through meditation and prayer after his historic abdication. He completed the last Angelus of his tenure by saying he would always be close to the Church.

The 85-year-old officially steps down on Thursday. He will spend his last years in seclusion in a cloistered monastery within the confines of Vatican City.

74  Forum / The Buzz Central / Goodbye To Ikeja Computer Village on: 25-02-2013 11:59AM
Goodbye To Ikeja Computer Village 

As a follow up to the story on the relocation of Ikeja Computer Village, our correspondent, during a visit to Katangowa Market, along Lagos-Abeokuta expressway, gathered that Katangowa is the proposed site where the Ikeja traders may be resettled. In terms of size, Katangowa is bigger than the Computer Village, as the market covers about 26 hectares of land with most of the traders dealing in second-hand clothes.

Katangowa shows a vivid picture of a disorganised setting. While the major entrance to the market from Lagos-Abeokuta expressway is almost taken over by street traders, a large portion of the market has been overtaken by refuse. During the visit, some of the items seen on display in the market in large quantities were clothes, bags, shoes, curtains, belts and other textile materials.

Also, many women and young girls were seen selling vegetable, fish, tomato, pepper and other food items in the market. While most of the dealers in textile materials operated in small shops, those trading in food items displayed their wares on the sidewalk thereby disrupting free flow of traffic around the market.
At the back of the market, which leads to Saint Peters Anglican Church, there were structures serving as residential homes. Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr. Olutoyin Ayinde, said measures were being put in place by the state government to rehabilitate Katangowa and thus fast track the relocation of the Computer Villagers traders.

75  Forum / The Buzz Central / Rapper Eva's Touching Tribute To Goldie on: 25-02-2013 11:53AM

How do i begin this? It is already too difficult to talk about you using words like ‘Was’ when i really want to say ‘is’ and ‘Would have been’ when my heart whispers ‘Would be’.
This is absolute insanity. How one minute you are here, vibrant, happy, excited about all the work you have mapped out for 2013. How you stayed cheering me on, telling me how you admire me, how you want to be there to help, you stoop low enough till I can hop on your back and bear my weight on your shoulders, regardless of the luggage you already have on yours.

Isn’t it ironic how everyone hated you for this and that, when all you ever wanted to do was entertain them. What’s sad? They still have something bad to say even in your absence. I am sad! You were here before me, and when i stepped my skinny legs in this wicked place to explore my music, You were one of the few out doing something different. You stood out like yolks stand out of egg whites.

How you handled this evil, self-centred, ‘I-have-only-bad-things-to-say’ people for as long as you did is what baffles me.

You exhibited such strength, such outstanding emotional stamina that it seemed like you could do all wrong in their eyes and still stand, here, entertaining us from the bottom of your heart.

We had a conversation to finish Goldie! Remember? Now i feel like i would never be able to tell you what really happened contrary to what everyone thinks. I remember the last time i saw you, you were so mad at me for not telling you about me leaving the Label. And with good reason too! You hooked it all up didn’t you? So Goldie. Always ready to help. Sad when your friends are sad.

You said to me ‘Ehnnn? Eva you are not signed? Isssaalie! Are they blind? Let me talk to —- for you sharp sharp. He just got this new deal mehhnn, you must rock it oh. I won’t stop disturbing him till he signs you.’

And off you went! You took it upon yourself to make sure your friend asked me to sign with his label. And how so stupid I was not to have told you first the minute shit hit the fan. I hope the little I was able to explain to you was of any good. (sigh)

All that is gone now.

Even you are gone. Life is Crazy.

I am grateful today, that I had the pleasure of working with you Goldie boo, traveling, touring, doing shows with you. I loved you from day one! Fresh into the university and without a clue what I wanted from life, there you were on my TV screen doing what most women didn’t dare. Even I didn’t understand you at first.

But I understood this one fact ‘You were YOU!’ And it hit me right there. I finally realized what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be me. ME! Without a care in the world what ‘they’ say as long as I am me. No compromise.

You didn’t just inspire and motivate me, you have kept me here.

If it wasn’t a phone call to find out if i was okay, it was a BB message to make me laugh my heart out.

My Dear Goldie, My sister, My friend…. I cannot ever answer the question why but I know that God never works without purpose. So i am not going to ask why either.

I am going through a lot right now, this is one of those times we would have had a BB conversation and you would have put my worrying mind at ease. But then I think about it, like you always noted, ‘I haven’t even scraped the surface of what you have’.

All the times you cried and carried the pain in your heart like an artery, all the times you thought about giving it all up and let your tears flood up your pillows like rain, they didn’t see that. Yet the little they saw they hated. They mocked. Their shallow minds could not comprehend it. 95 per cent of these are the same who have turned around now in your passing to offer words of kindness that you longed for while you were here. Haha !isn’t it amazing how they suddenly see how creative your videos were? Nwannem! Odikwa very strong tin!


You are gone now my love, as much as it kills me to type that out, I have to face it. If you are sitting on the right side of God our father, please beg him and intercede on my behalf while I Pray. As I go through the sort of things that you did, as I struggle to become somebody my parents are proud of, as I face this wicked place and its wicked people all by myself, as I say Goodbye to Friends who have become Foes overnight, as I stand in the midst of people who hate me for no reason and take it upon themselves like a day job to bring me down, intercede on my behalf dear Goldie. May the Lord answer my prayers…the same sort you prayed while you were here.

76  Forum / The Buzz Central / Wizkid Buys New ASTON MARTIN on: 24-02-2013 08:15PM

Wizkid the star boy will be riding on his lane with his ASTON MARTIN. Close sources to Wizkid tell us that the boy has gathered the Money and ready to purchase.

As We all know Wizkid is no longer with the EME, as he floats his own record label "Starboy Records"


77  Forum / The Buzz Central / Kanye and Kim expecting a girl on: 24-02-2013 08:08PM

Us Weekly is reporting that Kim and Kanye just found out they're expecting a girl.

"They're over the moon! Kanye always wanted a girl." a source close to the first-time parents-to-be tells told the magazine exclusively.

Kanye and Kim haven't confirmed it to the media though
78  Forum / The Buzz Central / Banky W Signs Multi Million Naira Deal With Samsung on: 12-02-2013 07:25PM

Banky W Signs Multi Million Naira Deal With Samsung
Yesterday Banky W signed a deal reportedly worth N100m with leading digital media and convergence technology company, Samsung Electronics West Africa.

Banky W who was already an ambassador of Samsung will be joined by Samsung’s new ambassador Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw.

“The Samsung brand stands for qualities of innovation, change, discovery, self-expression and excellence in performance and these very same qualities are epitomized by Banky W. We are indeed very proud and privileged to have him as our Brand Ambassador.” Managing Director, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mr. Brovo Kim says.

“It pleases me to know that my hard work is recognized and appreciated in different corporate sectors and industries. This is my second run as a Samsung brand
ambassador and I’m grateful for the opportunity” said Banky W during a recent interview.

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Nigeria’s Kokomaster, Dbanj is billed to perform Live at the closing ceremony of the African Cup of Nations in South Africa. This news was disclosed by South African sports channel, Super Sport on Twitter.
“SuperSport & The Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2013 Local Organising Committee brings you @iamdbanj LIVE at the Closing Ceremony this Sunday!” the tweet read.
80  Forum / The Buzz Central / Banging On A Keyboard Doesnt Make You A producer-Jesse Jagz on: 8-02-2013 12:34PM
    Cool & calm Jesse Garba Abaga popularly known as Jesse Jagz a Nigerian Hiphop artist, rapper, singer, producer and songwriter,in This exclusive interview with Took Us on a tour of what life is in the "jagznation" ENJOY

GV:Can You Describe Yourself Briefly?
I'm a Nigerian  musician.

GV:You have often been regarded as one of Nigeria’s finest musicians, how does that make you feel?
Makes me remember how much I need to keep working on my music

GV:How was Growing Up like?
Well it was like most other middle class nigerian families. You know things being more hard than easy.

GV:You Studied Law For A while,What informed Your Decision To Go into Music fulltime?
Well as cliche as "dropping out" is with artistes in Nigeria mine was a conscious decision. I already knew what I wanted to do. Education isn't confined to school but you still have to know what ur getting into.

GV:You Have proven Yourself as one of Nigeria Best Producers .How Did u get Into Music Production?
Well I learnt it. Or rather learnt the fundamentals myself and then studied software. However a lot of producers just learn the software these days. The digital age has brought laziness and  a lack of discipline. So any one can bang on a keyboard and call themselves a"producer" these days. However there's a lot more to being a producer in the conventional sense.

GV:We Heard You Produced 'oleku's beat In 30 min how true is this?
Yeah it's true...

GV:Till Date Songs From Your Album Are On Mass Replay..whats ur favourite song of all time?
Well I like all my songs differently. None more than the other. They all came from my soul one time or the other.

GV:You Have a unique style of music varying from R&B to Root Raggae To Pop etc Where do You Get Your Inspiration?
From just being alive! Inspiration lives in the air. But you have to experience to harness and understand its true potential. people learn from experiences. I learn from my pain.

GV:Which Interenational Artist Would You Like To Collaberate With?
None. Lol

GV:You Havnt Realeased An Album Since 2010 whats the reason behind this?
What's the rush though? Lol.. It took me my whole life to do the first one so time doesn't kill. Been working .. Gathering material for my new projects.

GV:When Is The JagzNation Mixtape Dropping,Fans Are Eager?
Mm .. Right after my album. That should be October ish.

GV:Can we take a peep into the Choc city family? Whats the relationship like btw u guys?
Well we are fam..  We get along as cordially as most adults do lol..

GV:For someone that works hard, how do you relax?
My work relaxes me.. When I finally am able to write a song it's incredible amounts of emotion and intellect involved .. So for me it's an all in one process.

GV:Who Is your female celeb crush?
Hmmm.. Chaka khan .

GV:Who are the people you look up to in the industry?
Hmmm.. Funny enough I look up to no one.

Fame comes with women. How do you manage yours?
Well I'm not famous or a celebrity. I'm a musician. I have a couple friends who are celebrities.. I'll ask them lol

GV:Hmmmm...Any "Special" Woman In Your Life?
If I told you it wouldn't be special no more.

GV:You Havnt Been Linked With Any Major Controversy .How Do U Maintain This?
Well maybe cuz I'm always home.

Can You Tell Us 5 things About You That YouR fans dont know?
My fans love my music. My music is my life. That's why I'm still a musician. I'm discovering things about myself everyday.
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