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1  Forum / Sports / Canelo Alvarez Stops Billie Joe Saunders In The 8th Round In Texas on: 9-05-2021 06:51 AM

Canelo Alvarez remains the undisputed number one pound for pound boxer in the world after stopping British fighter, Billie Joe Saunders in an interesting fight held in Arlington Texas.
The event had over 70,000 people in attendance and marks the largest indoor crowd attendance for boxing in the USA. This also represents a huge steps towards normalcy in the current war against corona virus.
The fight was fairly levelled out in the earlier stages of the bout until Canelo found a counter uppercut which landed on the left eyes of Billie Joe Saunders. There were whispers that Billie Joe Saunders could have broken his eye socket as he was immediately moved in an ambulance to the hospital after the fight was stopped.
You can watch a short highlight of the fight below:

At the moment, Canelo holds the following boxing championship belts:

WBA Super-Welter
Crown WBC Super-Welter
Crown WBO Super-Welter
Crown Ring Super-Welter
Crown WBA Middle
Crown WBC Middle (x2)
Crown IBF Middle
Crown Ring Middle (x2)
Crown WBA Super-Middle
Crown WBC Super-Middle
Crown WBO Super-Middle
Crown Ring Super-Middle
Crown WBO Light-Heavy
2  Forum / Religion / Pastor Adeboye's Son, Dare Dies In His Sleep At Age Of 42 Years Old on: 6-05-2021 10:06 AM

Pastor Dare Adeboye, the son of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Worldwide, Enoch Adeboye, is dead.

Gistmania gathered that the 42-year-old, who is the third son of the revered cleric, died in his sleep on Wednesday in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, where he was based with his family.

Our correspondent gathered from reliable sources in the church that the deceased, who was the Assistant Pastor in charge of Region (Youth) 35, had ministered the previous day.

He was said to have retired to his bed and did not wake up.

His wife, Temiloluwa, was said to have raised the alarm.

“He was not sick and did not complain of anything before the incident. Pastors in the church were summoned to pray for him, all to no avail,” a source added.

The Head of Media and Public Relations, RCCG, Pastor Olaitan Olubiyi, however, confirmed the tragedy on Thursday morning.

He said, “It is true. The incident happened in Eket where he was based. I don’t have the details for now. Maybe before the end of today, we will issue a statement.”

Dare would have been 43 years old next month, June.

Last year, on his 42nd birth, his dad, Adeboye on a social media post described him as his first miracle child.

He wrote on his Facebook page,
“Our first miracle child. We pray that God will keep his miraculous working power in your life and all those who needs a miracle today, will use you as a point of contact for their own in JESUS name. (Amen) love from Dad, Mom and the whole Adeboye dynasty.”
Dare was happily married with children.
3  Forum / Relationships & Romance / How Iniubong Umoren Was Murdered By a Fake Company Offering Her Job In Akwa Ibom State on: 2-05-2021 10:38 AM

Missing girl, Iniubong Umoren murdered, buried in shallow grave
The unexpected has happened. The unthinkable has occured. Tragedy has struck. A young lady with life and a future has had her life snuffed out of her and cut short by her abductor, one Uduak Frank Akpan, from Nung Ikot Obio. Iniubong Umoren, the young girl who went job hunting has been murdered and buried in a shallow grave by her abductor, the Informer can authoritatively report.
The deceased was alleged to have on Thursday, April 29, 2021, went for a "job interview" at an undisclosed location on Airport Road in the outskirts of Uyo.
About two hours later, she reportedly made a frantic phone call where she was heard screaming before the call was abruptly ended. Her phone line has been switched off ever since.
Soon after, the social media went viral with her story which saw the internet being used to unmask her abductor.
24 hours later, Nigerians on social media provided evidence, locations, contacts and almost everything needed to unmask her kidnapper with the hope that the intelligence provided will help in finding the missing Iniobong Umoren and bring his abductor to justice.

The suspect was alleged to have taken the late Miss Umoren to his house where an argument ensured and in the process, he used an object to hit her on the head resulting in her death. He was alleged to have hurriedly buried her in a shallow grave and ran to Oron to hide.
Following pressure by the Police and Nigerians on social media, Oron became uncomfortable for him and he ran back to Uruan. The Chairman of Uruan LGA, Surv. Iniobong Ekpeyong was said to have met the accused cousin and asked him to bring the accused to him.
When he was taken before the Chairman, he was asked to be truthful about what actually transpired. It was there he confessed to his Local Government Chairman that he actually killed and buried her in a shallow grave. A shocked Surv Ekpeyong had no choice but to call the DPO of Uruan LGA and handed over the suspect to the Police for further investigation and prosecution.
May her Soul rest in peace.
4  Forum / The Buzz Central / Ubi Franklin Fourth Babymama, Sandra Iheuwa Celebrates Her 35th Birthday With Studio Photos on: 2-05-2021 10:15 AM

Sandra Iheuwa is perhaps the most popular babymama in Nigeria, owing to her controversial history to music blogger, Franklin Ubi.
Today, the exotic babymama celebrates her 35th birthday and has gone all out to take some studio quality photos for her birthday celebration. Checkout her photos below:

5  Forum / Sports / How to Bet on Soccer on: 2-05-2021 10:05 AM

Soccer, unlike the other four major professional sports, can be bet on all year. People are still playing soccer somewhere, from the English Premier League to the Bundesliga, and from the MLS to the occasional World Cup. This is music to the ears of the most committed sports bettors. The abundance of soccer that floods the betting market, on the other hand, can get bettors in trouble.
Soccer is a special sport to bet on because it offers a variety of bet styles not found in other sports. We highlight the most successful winning strategies in soccer betting and include tips and tactics for using these bets to your advantage in this article.

Betting Strategies for Soccer Betting
Choose High-Quality Odds
To make money betting on soccer, the rule is to collect the best betting odds. You will increase the chances of winning when the betting odds are greater than the possible outcome. Since there are so many betting providers nowadays, they all tend to provide the best odds in order to draw new customers. You will guarantee your victory if you know how to choose the best odds.

Choose Betting Account Wisely
The majority of betting sites do not charge a fee for new players to enter. As a result, having accounts with different providers would be advantageous. Each platform's betting odds can vary, so you should compare them all and pick the best one. For beginners, Betway provides the best experience and appealing odds.

Cash Flow Management
This is the first thing you must take care of. When betting on any game, you should make meticulous financial preparations. Never put your life savings on the line. Often set a betting limit and stick to it.

Do Thorough Research
Obtaining betting odds from service providers is beneficial, but you must still possess your own abilities. When betting on soccer, you must research all aspects of the game, including the players, the field, the teams, injury reports, news, tournaments, and much more. You will gain enough experience over time to formulate your winning betting odds. This is also beneficial when betting on other sporting events.

Practice Sober Betting
When betting on soccer, you should still be realistic. Never choose a team or a player because you like him or have had good luck in recent games. Check the player's or team's facts, current knowledge, and type before placing your bets. When you bet emotionally, you risk losing your entire bankroll. The betting industry is vast, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. You may have gotten a glimpse of soccer betting with this guide, but you will need to learn further in order to bet with real money.

Safety First
The emergence of hundreds of new betting platforms could spell doom for betting rookies. In as much as the industry is no longer associated with all vices of fraud, cyber criminals are always lurking, and it is the responsibility of your betting site to guarantee user safety. Pick a reputable bookmaker like Betway and enjoy the experience.
6  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Punch Releases The CCTV Footage Video Of Baba Ijesha Abusing a Minor on: 2-05-2021 10:00 AM
Quote from: GermoDon on  2-05-2021 08:47 AM
For what I see here this is a set up bcos those women intentionally leave girl with the mam alone and the girl was complying as u can see her make moves on her own towards the man..Set up video
Life itself is a setup, God created people to see how they gonna screw up!

If you have a daughter or female relative, then you will understand that being defiled by a predator is scary as hell! This girl is just about 14! How can a grown man even make any sort of uncouth advance towards her!

Saying he cant be trusted to be her lesson teacher? or guardian?
7  Forum / The Buzz Central / Punch Releases The CCTV Footage Video Of Baba Ijesha Abusing a Minor on: 2-05-2021 08:34 AM

Many have been demanding evidence in the allegation of Baba Ijesha's involvement in a molestation case against a 14 year old minor who he allegedly assaulted when she was 7.
In the course of last week, we obtained a footage of Baba Ijesha confessing and pleading to the crime. But the time has finally come for the main CCTV footage recorded to be released which detailed the actor's exploit on the teenage minor when he visited his industry colleague, Princess the comedian. Baba Ijesha was backed by some of his industry colleagues who demanded to see the CCTV evidence of the incident, we now have the CCTV footage below. Check it out.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win" rel="nofollow"></a>

As it stands, there is no more denial at this point, we only hope there is no miscarriage of justice in this case.
8  Forum / The Buzz Central / Kizz Daniel Welcomes Twins Sons, Jelani and Jalil On His Birthday on: 1-05-2021 12:25 PM

Popular singer and crooner of the hit song "Woju" has welcomed twins children with a yet-to-be-identified female partner. The elated singer took to his instagram page to announce the great news.
The news was posted with the following message:

ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ ɪꜱ ɴᴏ ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ᴡᴀʏ ᴛᴏ ᴄᴇʟᴇʙʀᴀᴛᴇ ᴍʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ, ᴛʜᴀɴ ᴀɴɴᴏᴜɴᴄɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀʀʀɪᴠᴀʟ ᴏꜰ ᴍʏ ꜱᴏɴꜱ... ᴊᴇʟᴀɴɪ & ᴊᴀʟɪʟ

Kizz Daniel has always been very private about his romantic life and it has been a wonderful surprise to hear the announcement of him welcoming a pair of twins.

Congrats to the singer.
9  Forum / Business / 5 Effective Ways to Increase YouTube Engagement on: 30-04-2021 11:43 AM
It's no secret that having a video presence on the internet has become an important tool in social and business interactions. Regularly, videos, whether viral or not, are the most shared type of social content, eclipsing infographics, curated tweets, and traditional blogs. As a result, it is critical to developing skills in engaging potential audiences with insightful and shareable content.
When you do YouTube interaction correctly, you create content that encourages feedback and shares, and you develop an authentic relationship with your viewers. Increasing participation can be done in a variety of ways to increase youtube views, making short videos, and so on.
The focus of this discussion is on the top five methods that have proven to be successful.

Nail the Thumbnail
The thumbnail for your video is undoubtedly the most significant factor in a viewer's decision to watch it, particularly if they're on their phone. It's the first thing viewers see while searching for videos, together with the title. It's also not sufficient to use a single interesting image from your video.
You should personalise your thumbnails to provide a clear, compelling picture that informs potential viewers about your video while also drawing them in. The following are the most important factors to consider when making a thumbnail:

To pique the audience's interest, include a test in the thumbnail.
Use the rule of third, which is a fundamental photography principle.
Always choose the most appropriate and convenient tools for you.

This is the most key aspect in increasing youtube views. So make sure to nail this before anything else.

Encourage Likes, Shares and Comments
Engagement is a two-way street that necessitates both your and your viewers' participation. Given that video views, likes, shares, and comments are among the metrics used to gauge interaction, you must do everything possible to encourage your viewers to take these acts.
Since most YouTube viewers will quickly move on to another video after seeing yours, it's no surprise that most videos receive very few likes and shares in comparison to their views. Since posting takes more time and not everyone is inclined to do it by choice, the amount of comments is even lower. With these details in mind, you should invite your audience to like, share, and comment on your content.

Most YouTubers request their viewers to like and share their videos, as well as leave feedback with questions, ideas for potential videos, or suggestions for change, between the first and last few seconds of their videos. You can either follow in their footsteps or come up with a unique way to increase youtube views.

Employ basic SEO and marketing principles
Search Engine Optimization is the first thing that new marketers practise on their path to marketing mastery. This is the opportunity to use organic search traffic to improve the volume and quantity of traffic to every marketing method.
In the case of YouTube SEO, it makes it easier to find your videos on YouTube searches, and the more they appear in searches, the more views they obtain. The three SEO tactics to help you get more people to watch your videos:

Increase the length of video descriptions beyond a few sentences.
Because of the fierce rivalry on YouTube, you'll need to promote your videos if you want them to get enough views and interaction.
Spend some time doing keyword research before you post any video to guarantee that your videos rank higher for the keywords you're addressing.

Mastering the aforementioned skill may be extremely beneficial. In reality, it might be the best substitute for “buy youtube subscribers”.

Post Content Consistently and with Quality
Being a dependable and reliable source of knowledge is a surefire way to build and sustain commitment. Keep your audience coming back for more once you've built a following. Post frequently to keep your content relevant, current, and, most importantly, useful.
But understand that If you want to be a well-known YouTuber, don't just post regularly. Maintaining a daily and reliable posting schedule will help you use timing to make your viewers look forward to your next video. As a result, your fans will eagerly anticipate your next posting day so they can see your latest videos. This will also increase youtube views.
Quality still wins out over quantity in promotions. A thousand videos won't help you much if they're poorly edited and of poor quality. You must ensure that you do not disappoint if you have built a reputation for providing accurate information. Always remember that there are thousands of other vloggers vying for the same audience as you.

Create an Identity for the channel and Respond to the Viewers
The most key point to remember is that the viewers did not tune in to a channel to have different types of videos. They want the channel to be associated with a specific genre. The channels may indeed be reaction channels, tech channels, food channels, and so on. But not a combination unless the channel is built around that definition. To wrap it up, create an overall identity for the channel.
Secondly, you want to make sure that the form of content you create is in line with what your audience needs. Start by discovering your audience and what kind of content they want from you, whether you're writing a blog post or making a video.
YouTube is an excellent platform for generating interest in the business or concept. The five tips mentioned above are the most effective ways to increase video engagement. But keep in mind that you must learn to adapt to the changes that occur.
10  Forum / Business / Later vs Hootsuite: Full Comparison Between Social Media Tool on: 30-04-2021 11:39 AM
To build a successful business today, you need to have an effective social media presence. While your work may happen in the offline mode, the simplest, and the main way where you can advertise your labor and products is on the web. In a pandemic-ridden world, the only hope of reaching your clients is the chance of doing as such on an online platform. What's more, your shoppers are utilizing various platforms on social media and tools to gain Instagram likes.

Every social media platform gives its own various advantages and various socioeconomics of possible clients. To not miss out on any watchers, it is fitting to have a profile and page on the greater part of the vigorously frequented social media locales. To keep a profile that stays dynamic on different social media destinations, you will track down a developing requirement for the utilization of a tool that consolidates all your social media profiles on a solitary platform, from which you can handle and effectively deal with your different accounts.

This will demonstrate colossally accommodating as you will actually want to acquire genuine Instagram adherents and make natural development on your Instagram page just as your page on different other social media. With the ever-advancing and changing Instagram algorithm and AI, brands need organic Instagram followers to gain Instagram likes and reach. While picking which programming to utilize, two options you should think about are utilizing Hootsuite or Later.

HootSuite vs Later

As Hootsuite gives more team-related features, and as it is considerably more exorbitant than Later, it is better for huge businesses and their needs, just as any highlights driven at the use by a group.

Later has more financial plans and would hence be more suited for new businesses or little organizations who’re looking to gain Instagram likes and gain organic Instagram followers.

Differences in User Experience and UI

Hootsuite, then again, would be more overwhelming to a first-time client, as it appears to be more confounded with a ton of extra highlights. As there are updates it can get more enthusiastically for a client to oversee as it gets considerably more confused. Nonetheless, this would just be justifiable, as Hootsuite gives much more highlights and complex capacities that would require a more modern dashboard and plan.

A critical component of any product would be its UI or that it is so natural to utilize the tool and interface with clients. Later has a more oversimplified configuration, interesting to its first-time clients, and giving top to bottom instructional exercises about how to utilize it. These will control any client through how to utilize the dashboard and the boards on the tool.

Pricing Comparison

The free form on Hootsuite allows up to three social media accounts to be added to the dashboard. It further permits you to have up to 30 posts every month on the free form. It has a proform, that is priced at $15 allowing up to fifty social media destinations that can be added to the dashboard, and it gives no restriction on the number of posts you can post each month. The business designs anyway are more costly and definitely going to assist you with improving your social media development. 

The group plan starts at $99 each month, which licenses twenty profiles and limitless posts. Hootsuite just starts its business plans at $599 each month, and along these lines may not be ideal for independent companies. This arrangement will include up to 35 diverse social media profiles accessible for use.

Later offers its clients five unique plans that range from its free arrangement to its arrangement named as 'Brand'. The free arrangement just allows for one profile for each social media and a cap to the number of presents each month on 30. Notwithstanding, its Plus Plan costs $7.5 for one month and it permits 100 posts each month.

A move up to $16 a month is needed to utilize their exceptional arrangement, which allows 250 promotions on social media with two profiles on each platform. At the point when you climb the progression to their next arrangement, the Starter plan, you can share limitless posts on social media. The last arrangement offered, the Brand version of Later allows you to post limitless stories and posts on five social networking sites.

The process of scheduling posts
Hootsuite permits you to automatically transfer stories and posts across social media subsequent to supporting them heretofore. This enables users to gain Instagram likes along with organic Instagram followers. You can apply for an advertisement and approve it, following which you can schedule social media posts when the post or story will be advanced, and this will happen consequently.

However, with Later, this would not be possible. You need to download an extra application, for associating it to your accounts. You will get a suggestion to post the content you have settled on, but you will have to do so manually by transferring the picture and text. Along these lines, Hootsuite will be a superior choice for you in regards to this angle.

The decision of social media overseeing tool that you might want to apply for your business is in the long run altogether dependent on what your own inclinations are and what you would be searching for. While Later may be a more prudent arrangement for you to put resources into, Hootsuite gives a scope of features that you may consider valuable and subsequently miss out on if you somehow manage to pick Later. Nonetheless, Later may interest you in the event that you are a first-time client of such a tool, as it will ease you to become quicker into the unimaginably serious online world.

11  Forum / Business / 7 Most Essential Digital Marketing Skills You Need on: 30-04-2021 11:35 AM
Technology never stops to amaze mankind. The evolving technology enables the same mankind to expand their horizons and utilize the available resources to their optimum. One such fantastic work of technology is digital marketing. Digital Marketing agencies pitch to clients; they communicate with people. It's acknowledging what reflects best with them and why, and conveying value. It's not requesting that they buy your products, it's establishing trust so when the opportunity arrives for them to settle on a choice, they readily pick you.
While the basic skills needed for advertising have not changed—communication, interest, compassion, for instance—there are more complex and technical skills required.
Digital marketing is tremendous, and it very well may be hard to explore for amateurs or those hoping to discover their niche. All in all, how would you separate yourself from the competition and quickly track your way up the professional bureaucracy? Digital marketing skills can be mastered with persistence, effort, and confidence.
This article will list down the 7 most essential digital marketing skills you need.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to all degrees of digital marketing and accordingly, anybody going into the field should have the basic skills. Both SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) advise your whole digital procedure on both a data and content level.
Google's algorithm is continually updating, and the significance of utilizing applicable and explicit keywords is more than ever. With the web turning out to be more crowded every day, it's critical to remain unique and be completely attentive to the most recent algorithm updates and factors that influence search ranking. Many of the big firms opt to go for best seo companies to handle all their seo works.

Data Analysing
In the current digital marketing scene, advertisers are spoilt with a bounty of data.

Today, data analytics tools devices are generally accessible, giving advertisers the data they need to get clients and target them with the correct messages. We can dive down into our client's personalities, find their needs, and figure out which messages to mail them to draw them one stage closer to buying our items.
Data analytics is the utilization of useful strategies and present-day programming to gather and handle information from different online connections of your objective market. These connections come in various structures.
Remember that any type of purchaser information is futile if you don't have a clue how to break it down to monitor your clients and make strategies to promote your business.
As a digital marketer, you need to regularly clean your database to remove outdated and unnecessary data and information to avoid making wrong marketing choices.

Content Creation
Content is the core of digital marketing. Composing and editing that perfect content helps in connecting with your target group utilizing important messages and persuading them to make your ideal move. Regardless of whether it's a useful and canny blog entry or a drafted content piece like an eBook, everything assists with creating those important leads, gain site traffic, and draw organizations one stage nearer to that first-page result.
Having significant and elegantly composed content is an unquestionable requirement for each digital marketer. Using keywords will help your content rank on web search tools so your crowd can discover it.

Basic Video and Photo Editing
Digital marketing experts don't need to have a deep understanding of video creation, obviously, yet realizing how to make a fast introduction video from your PC is a decent spot to begin. The video will never cease to be catchy, that way you don't waste your skills.
Videos can hold client's attention on digital stores for two minutes longer than normal and an all-around improved video can help your odds of being in a top Google ranking 50 folds. What's more, over 80% of clients are bound to buy an item in the wake of seeing it point by point in a video. The fact of the matter is that most analyses highlight a lot higher conversion, commitment, and higher SEO rankings with regards to video.

Email Marketing
The email has been around for a long time, but then it wins as quite possibly the best marketing approaches out there. It's quite possibly best to sustain a decent connection between you and your clients. So give the best email digital marketing service.
To make a powerful email campaign, you should know and comprehend the correct tools, analyses, and techniques.
With finely-tuned email promoting skills, you can acquire significant knowledge about your crowd to help drive your objectives.

Basic HTML and CSS
Gone are the days where digital marketers can pull off not knowing essential coding. Basic coding skills can make you significantly more viable in your digital marketing position, particularly on the off chance that you work in a startup.
With HTML and CSS, you'll have the option to construct and style messages, make changes to important points, redo structures, design blog entries, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.
Digital marketers who can make little visual plan adjustments in the backend of sites, design email campaigns with HTML, and improve blog pages will be preferred over the applicants who can't.

Social Media Skills
As a digital marketer, you can utilize the benefit of social media dominance to draw in individuals with your business and educate them about your organization or brand. A successful digital marketer realizes that there's a whole other world to online media than simply posting routinely and reliably. Since organizations are currently utilizing social media to arrive at their target audience, the stages have fundamentally advanced to oblige digital marketing needs.

These skills will help you:
Be unique with your work
Get positive results and succeed at work
Work swiftly and freely
Discuss better with your tech team
Acquire your group's trust

A good digital marketer must adjust rapidly and self-learn, and be prepared to turn into various designations as they pick or ones they are assigned to. They will be working with different groups and customers, so they should realize how to convey well and construct solid groups.

12  Forum / The Buzz Central / Meghan Markle Banned From Borrowing Royal Jewelleries Including Those Of Princess Diana on: 30-04-2021 06:29 AM

The Royal Collection includes hundreds of historic pieces of jewellery including diamond necklaces, brooches and tiaras

Meghan Markle was reportedly banned from borrowing jewellery from the Royal Collection, it has been claimed.
The Queen approved the ban but it was also backed by Prince William, The Sun reports.

The Royal Collection includes hundreds of historic pieces of jewellery including diamond necklaces, brooches and tiaras including the Queen Mary Fringe Tiara, which can also be worn as a necklace, and was made for Queen Mary in 1919.

It also includes jewels worn by Meghan's late mother-in-law Princess Diana.
13  Forum / Relationships & Romance / New Generation Of University Students Are Having Less Sex Than Previous Generation - Research on: 30-04-2021 06:14 AM

An academic research has revealed that the current generation of university students are having far less sex than the generation of their parents. The primary culprit to this is the ongoing COVID pandemic and evolution of abortion, morning-after pills and seeking of consent.
 New research has shown students are prioritising finding friendships over sexual partners 58% of students who participated in a new report, "Sex and Relationships Among Students" say People holding hands Making friends at university. Face throwing a kiss Is more important than finding a sexual partner. Just 16% of students declared excitement at the prospect of having sex at university. Male students are less sexually active than female counterparts: Man dancing 34% of men while Woman dancing 47% of women.Cross mark 11% of students were celibate by choice.

The survey also revealed Bar chart Men are more likely than women to report they’ve had more sexual partners. Spiral calendar pad Nearly 10% of sexual encounters occurred during university welcome weeks. Right-pointing magnifying glass “People have very inaccurate perceptions of others’ lives especially in relation to sex,” says Nick Hillman, from Higher Education Policy Unit. White heavy check This is true at all ages.. Research shows people believe women have approx 17 sexual partners by their 40s, the true number is 8.

“I would say the student sex thing is a baby boomer obsession” Pill “The pill, easy access to abortion was a game changer for a whole generation,” say Dr Sarah Nicholson, retired NHS psychiatrist. Today’s universities are more sober and circumspect
14  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Bandit Leader Granted Amnesty, Auwal Daudawa Returns To Kidnapping on: 29-04-2021 07:14 PM

Auwal Daudawa, the little-known bandit leader in Zamfara State, who shot to prominence after masterminding the abduction of over 300 students in neighbouring Katsina State has gone back to the trenches, less than three months after his celebrated repentance.

A security source and two other sources close to the bandit confirmed to Daily Trust on Wednesday that Daudawa has relocated to one of the forests, near the border with Katsina.

The middle-aged bandit coordinated the mass abduction of the students of Government Secondary School Kankara, on December 12, 2020, the first of such abduction by any criminal group outside Boko Haram in the North-East.

About two months later, Daudawa was paraded before the governor in Gusau, where he proclaimed his decision to be a changed man.

Daudawa and five of his lieutenants surrendered 20 AK 47 rifles, ammunition and a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launcher, during the ceremony.

Sources familiar with Daudawa’s latest decision told our reporter that he packed out his family and his lieutenants back to Jaja forest in Zurmi Local Government on Monday.

“He called one of his contacts in Gusau to inform him that he had arrived at the forest and decided to pick up arms again. He did not inform anybody before he left,” one of the sources said.

Daudawa was said to have been frustrated by the lack of proper engagement after he had laid down arms.

He and members of his gang who repented were housed in a government chalet for weeks before a house was secured for him in Damba, in the outskirts of Gusau, to move in with his family.

“His upkeep was being shouldered by the government. I don’t know what it was he needed. Perhaps his tall expectations were not met,” one security source in Gusau disclosed.

His action, analysts say, is a major setback for the controversial peace deal and amnesty for bandits being championed by the Zamfara State Governor, Hon. Bello Matawalle.
15  Forum / The Buzz Central / Watch Baba Ijesha Confession Video - Baba Ijesha Confesses to Molesting 7 Years Old on: 29-04-2021 12:47 PM

The elephant in the room has been released! The comedienne, Princess has released the confession video of Baba Ijesha after he was caught abusing her 14 years old foster daughter.
There has been an uproar for the video to be released and it has been finally released. Here is the video of Baba Ijesha confessing to molesting the child below:

<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win" rel="nofollow"></a>

He confessed that it was a spiritual problem and it has been following him for years! You can watch the video above.
16  Forum / The Buzz Central / "The Confession That Baba Ijesha Made To Me At Panti Police Station" - Yomi Yabiyi on: 29-04-2021 12:06 PM

Yoruba Actor, Yomi Fabiyi has been on the receiving end of some serious bashing after demanding caution in the alleged child molestation case against fellow actor, Baba Ijesha.
Iyabo Ojo was the leader of the pack when it came to "putting" Yomi Fabiyi in his place, as he was accused of being insensitive and supporting the accused actor. In a serious of video interviews, Yomi Fabiyi has revealed that he visited the accused, Baba Ijesha at Panti Police station and he explained his side of the story in which he confessed to touching the girl inappropriately but not the abuse accusation against him. Yomi Fabiyi was not allowed to see the vide as well, but he does still advice that people should approach the case with caution. You can watch the video interview below:

<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win" rel="nofollow"></a>

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17  Forum / The Buzz Central / VIDEO: Princess Comedian Reveals How Baba Ijesha Abused Her 7 Years Old Daughter on: 28-04-2021 06:55 AM

There has been a mammoth story regarding the popular Yoruba actor, Olarenwaju James AKA "Baba Ijesha" who was caught red handed abusing a minor and has done so for over 7 years. It would be interesting to find out that the victim's foster mum is also the popular female comedianne, popularly known as Princess.
In a newly released instagram video, Princess narrated the ordeal of training baba Ijesha as a young man while trying to secure admission into UNILAG for him and allowed him to penetrate into her inner circle - something she said she never does because of her extremely paranoid nature. It so happened that she left him with the kids for barely 3 minutes to go escort her visiting sister out of the apartment gate where she stays before "Baba Ijesha" took advantage of the situation to unleash on the young 7 years old girl then.
The girl suffered serious psychological effects and was performing badly in school. The biological parents of the child believed it was a spiritual problem and kept praying/fasting for the past 7 years. Princess, however felt something was off and decided to take steps in finding out the truth. This led the now 14 years old girl to confess that "Baba Ijesha" was the one that molested her.

They setup a CCTV at their home and invited the actor over to discuss a movie project, which was how he was caught, you can watch the full video below:

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Something you should know about children molesters:

1. Paedophiles are on the increase today more than at any other time in history.
2. There are both male and female paedophiles.
3. They have no shame and have no conscience.
4. A paedophile does not know whether the victim is his daughter or her son. They are like dogs.
5. They are good pretenders. They can be doing one thing and the moment they see you coming they quickly change to another thing.
6. Most paedophiles are family members or other close acquaintances. Watch out who you have as your driver, house boy, house girl, nanny, home lesson teacher, that family friend you leave your kids with when you are away from home, your neighbour, colleague in your working place, etc. They are at times among family relatives, like in the case of Mr. Fidelis cited above.
7. They pretend to love their victim so much. They are the ones who take unusual interest in your child buying them gifts and always speaking good of them.
8. They work into your heart till you trust them so much that you won’t suspect them for anything.
9. They are not in haste. They take their time and work conscientiously till they win the trust of their victim.
10. They are full of ideas on how to get their target closer and closer till they strike.
11. When they succeed they are the ones that will tell the story of their conquest outside. They will carry the story of your family and your child for all to hear.
12. If they succeed once, it does not end there. They use blackmail, threat and subtle persuasions to hold their victims down and continue with their dirty acts till a major harm is done.
13. If they win the heart of your child, they will turn the child against you. They will make the child believe that you don’t care or that you don’t want them to grow up.
14. A paedophile has no inscription on the forehead to indicate that he or she is one.
15. They are like the devil; they don’t hear gentleman language.
16. If you choose to cover them they will do more harm. Expose them, give them no hiding place and they will cease from operating.
Ladies and gentlemen, let us all arise and fight against paedophiles. They are out to destroy our children's lives
18  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Two More Students Of Greenfield University Killed By Bandits on: 26-04-2021 06:56 PM

The Kaduna State Government, Monday, evening announced that bandits killed two more kidnapped students of Greenfield University

This was contained in a statement on Monday.

The statement, which was signed by Mr. Samuel Aruwan, Commissioner for Internal security and Home Affairs, said the retrieved corpses have been evacuated to a mortuary.

“On a sad note, security agencies have just reported to the Kaduna State Government the recovery of two more dead bodies of Greenfield University students, killed by armed bandits today, Monday 26th April 2021.

“The retrieved corpses have been evacuated to a mortuary, and the university has been notified of the development.

“The Government of Kaduna State under the leadership of Malam Nasir El-Rufai is saddened by this evil perpetrated against innocent students abducted while pursuing their education for a glorious future,” the statement said.

“The government sends its deep empathy to their families and the university management, and prays for the repose of their souls.

“The Government will update the citizenry on further developments,” the statement said.

Gistmania recalls that bandits kidnapped scores of Greenfield University and demanded for a ransom of 800 million Naira. But two days later, three of the abducted students of Greenfield University were killed by their abductors.
19  Forum / The Buzz Central / Music freelance platform Gemtracks calling Nigerian musicians on: 26-04-2021 06:42 PM

Nigerians that have been wanting to get into the music industry is now in luck. The international music-industry freelance platform, Gemtracks Beats, is finally being released in Nigeria.

Stated in The Jerusalem Post as an alternative to a record label, musicians around the world use the website to access top musical talents to find custom instrumental beats, songwriters and music producers. There is even the option to send the finished song to magazines, radios and other outlets.

Founded in 2016, the website began as a humble online store that sold rap beats and hip hop beats produced by the owner, DJ Jesse Neo. These sections are still functioning as of today. Then seeing the website as a disruptor to how beats are purchased, his vision changed, and he turned the website into an open marketplace.

“Usually for a song to be successful, it must have many contributors,” Jesse told us. “This could mean having a very talented beatmaker and a very talented songwriter working together. My vision for Gemtracks is to let artists anywhere in the world find such talents and then collaborate with them.”

Musicians that freelance on the website can decide the service they hope to provide, the price and even the terms. This means they can decide on how much rights of the song they can have when the song starts making money. Their names can also be credited in the release, which can be a life changing experience if the song ends up charting.

Currently, more than 10,000 users have registered to the website. The majority of them are indie artists, however a small but growing number are freelancers.

“The reason why I am opening Gemtracks to Nigeria is that I realized there is a lot of unknown talented musicians in this country,” Jesse said. “It seems like such a pity that they are not more famous. However with Gemtracks, they can now have a way to get their names out there and show the world what they can do.”

20  Forum / Sports / What's the State of African Esports in 2021? on: 23-04-2021 12:27 AM

If you enjoy technology or video games, then you will almost certainly have seen the explosion of interest in esports right around the world over the last few years. Huge championships, leagues, and tournaments have emerged, with all the pomp and ceremony that you’d expect from any other professional sport.
The biggest markets for these new digital sports have been in South East Asia, North America and Europe, reflecting where the largest amount of the world’s wealth and largest video games markets are located.
That doesn’t mean Africa has gone without esports though. The continent has also been getting in on the action, with tech-savvy Africans keen to test their skills against fellow gamers from their own countries, neighboring nations, and the rest of the world.
So with nearly a third of 2021 already behind us, what’s the state of esports in Africa at present and what do its future prospects look like?

What Are Esports?
For the uninitiated, esports are a form of competition that use video games instead of real-world environments for athletes to face off against each other. The video games are typically retail versions that can be bought by anyone, but the players are much more talented than the average gamer.
Popular esport games include Call of Duty, Dota 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, and CS:GO.
Aside from this, esports are pretty much identical to other sports. Teams and athletes have fans, they sell tickets to events, broadcast games on TV and online, and receive huge sums of money from sponsors. Competitors are celebrities in the same way that footballers, cricketers, and tennis players are, though their fans may come from different demographics.
Big brands like Intel, Red Bull, Acer, and Activision have all got in on the act, investing heavily in sponsoring esports events and organizing their own tournaments. This has been the biggest driver of the industry in recent years.

A Fraction of the Size
The African esports scene has suffered from smaller investments and less interest from major brands than in larger markets like North America and Asia. This means that budgets for the biggest events in Africa can be fractions of the huge budgets that esports organizers have elsewhere in the world.
In 2020, the prize money on offer at FEJA, the African continent's biggest esports and video game event, was €20,000 ($23,900). Four years earlier, the Halo World Championship dished out more than 100 times that amount to players that took part.
Many of the biggest brands discussed earlier have been slower to sponsor African events, with local companies stepping in to fill the void instead.

Strong Growth Prospects
Being smaller has its advantages though. The African esports sector has a lot more opportunity for growth in the coming years than its international counterparts since it’s starting from a lower point. According to a report by, esports on the continent of Africa is forecast to grow at a compounded rate of 12% per year between 2020 and 2025.
Since most of the people interested in competitive video games are younger adults, Africa also poses a huge potential beyond the middle of the decade. By 2050, the number of Africans under the age of 24 will have grown by around a half, providing a huge boost to the gaming industry.
As more of Sub-Saharan Africa connects to the internet for the first time, more Africans will be able to benefit from the economic boom this can provide. As they do, they’ll likely follow in the footsteps of other nations, embracing video games as a new form of entertainment.
There is a long way to go in this regard though. By 2019, around 75% of the region had access to mobile internet, though only 26% actually used it.

Nigeria Leading the Way
Nigeria is one of the most tech-savvy African nations, thanks in part to investment initiatives by the Federal Government. The country’s Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has also pledged its support to esports as part of a new sporting strategy.
This has helped more Nigerians move into esports and develop their skills more than their neighbors. In 2020, the La Cup d’ Africana was won by Slime4KT, a Nigerian team that bested 900 others to come out on top.
While African teams are currently underrepresented on the world stage, initiatives like Nigeria’s, combined with demographic and technological developments on the continent, are likely to change that.

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