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Written by OLALEKAN OLABULO Sunday, 27 May 2012

Baby Abdul Wahab Iyanda Irawo’s birth a few weeks ago drew media attention as the baby was reportedly born clutching a miniature Quran. Two clerics, who witnessed the incident, speak with OLALEKAN OLABULO in separate interviews. Excerpts:

He was not born in our church, we only prayed for his mother —Pastor-in-charge
Senior Apostle  Ojo Giwa  of the Eternal Order of the Morning Star and Saint Michael  Fountain of Life Church, Ejigbo parish, Lagos State, is the first respondent:

For how long have you been a pastor?
I was born here. I was born in the Holy Order about 60 years ago.

Recently, a baby was reportedly born in your parish clutching a miniature Quran in his hand. How true is this?
It is true. There is nothing to hide;  there is no falsehood in it.We thank God that the person who delivered the baby was here before. The pregnancy of the baby was over nine months. It was getting to 11 months,they became afraid of the situation, that was why they brought her here. Thank God  she was able to deliver the baby.

Did you personally see the Quran after the baby was born?
Yes, I saw it.

Was there any temptation, either from you or anybody to destroy the Quran  before  Muslims came?
No, there was nothing like that,  we all serve the same God.

You  said for almost 60 years  you have been in this church, has there been anything like this in the past?
There have been a lot of it. There is one of our fathers who caught a Bible written in French. His name is Pa Adewunmi.  He was trying to catch fish, but he caught a Bible here in Lagos.  Another miracle happened in London in 1972, it is in their archives. We don’t publicise  them.

How many days did the mother of the new baby spend in your church?
Well, when she  came here, we prayed for her and she returned home but when she got home, she called that she  was about to deliver. So, we sent our mother-in-Israel to their house.

So, she did not give birth to the baby in your church?
No, it was in their  house.

Did  you see the Quran or the mother-in-Isreal told you?
I saw it myself. Immediately they saw it, they called me and I went there.

What kind of Quran is it? How many chapters or verses were in it when it was opened?
When we were through with what concerned us, I mean after the woman gave birth to the baby, the Muslim people came and took over. The father of the baby is a Muslim.

The woman who delivered the baby saw the Quran but threw it away wondering what it was — Alh Omotosho
Alhaji Asimimiyu Omotosho, the Chief Imam of Rahmatul Islamiya Central Mosque, Ijeshatedo, Lagos, is the second respondent:

There were reports that you were the Islamic scholar who was first contacted when Abdul Wahab Iyanda was born with  a Quran in his hands?
Yes,  it is true.

How did it happen?
One of the senior wives of the mother of the baby (Iya Mariam) identified it and called the grandmother, who in turn contacted us. The woman, who delivered the baby saw it and wondered what kind of paper it was. They then threw it away.

How did the Quran look like when you saw it?
It was a small Quran   covered in a polythene- like material. The mid- wife had earlier collected it from the baby and  thrown it away.How was the Quran opened?

When we saw it, many of us, including  Alhaji Ajala, the coordinator of Al Hijaj,  took the Quran to the Chief Imam of Lagos, Alhaji  Garba, where the Quran was opened.

Since when have you been a  Muslim scholar?
For the past 69 or 70 years.

Have you found a Quran like that before?
Yes, in Mecca.

Is there any difference between the Quran that the boy was holding and the one in Mecca?
The one that the boy was holding had a very thick polythene material covering it, it was very difficult to open, unlike the one in Mecca that you can open easily.

How did you eventually open the Quran?  Did you use a knife or a blade?
They used bare hands to open it, but before they did that, they had sent somebody to go and bring a razor  blade; before the person could bring it, the Quran had been opened.

There were reports that the Quran has only six chapters?
No, it is almost a complete Quran. Apart from Fathia, it starts from Suratu Bakora and  ends with Suratu Afud, which is almost the last chapter in the Quran.

Where exactly did you see the baby and the Quran?
At the grandmother’s house in Ijeshatedo, Lagos.

Was the baby born in  a church?
No, he was born at home, but a Christian woman helped the mother while in labour.

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Fellows, I'm begining to think this baby wasn't even born with koran book in her hands, all these was a made up story......

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- abulico at 27-05-2012 09:51 PM (11 years ago)
Allah is great.
Posted: at 27-05-2012 09:51 PM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- pointwise at 27-05-2012 10:43 PM (11 years ago)
Posted: at 27-05-2012 10:43 PM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- ajanni at 28-05-2012 02:27 AM (11 years ago)
Alhamd lillah rab Al-alamin
Posted: at 28-05-2012 02:27 AM (11 years ago) | Grande Master
- boulder78 at 28-05-2012 02:45 AM (11 years ago)
obviously no good practicing muslimshould believe this. islam doesn't need present day signs and wonders to believe. qur'an itself is a miracle but only those who ponder over its meanings understand its miraclous signs among which states the way man was created, the birth of jesus, the birth of mary mother of jesus, the first prophet and the last, what the world will turn to when end time near or come, the creation of earth and heavens, the process involve in the creation of son of adam (man), etc. so we muslim we don't need child allegedly born with qur'an to believe in Allah (& Muhammad's way of teaching peace and blessings of Allah be with him).
Posted: at 28-05-2012 02:45 AM (11 years ago) | Newbie
- Solidstonez at 22-08-2012 01:14 PM (11 years ago)
 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

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- Solidstonez at 22-08-2012 01:14 PM (11 years ago)

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 Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad

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