Okyeame Kwame To Win Grammy Award For Being 'Mr. Versatile'?

at 31-07-2012 12:02PM (7 years ago)

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Rap doctor, Okyeame Kwame with over a decade experience feels it’s time he gets recognized for his acts in the Guinness Books of Records for his long standing uniqueness on the MIC.

In a recent interview, on his new song, ‘Mr. Versatile’, he spoke on the all-new rhythmic approach and technical know-how which he had bared. For the first time in the history of the world, nothing of such has been done where an Act combines different genres of music into one; this Okyeame Kwame has set the record.

About the song, this he said, ‘with my knowledge in this industry for a long time, the world will bear me witness that this is the first of its kind. A unique song that changes after every eight bars with a different genres emanating. It has so many changes and styles from reggae, to chorus, to adowaa, to kete, to highlife, to hip pop, to rock, and to swing.’

The world is a big stage and I was poised to find out if he had done his research further before pushing further with such ‘braggadocio’ statement, he spoke again, ‘I have not listen to every song in the world neither been to every studio in the world but I can say that I own the original concept to such an art which lasted for four minutes thirty seconds.’

The song is a sure banker and that for a fact I can tell. It features the melodious Irene Logan who didn’t hesitate to murder her lines with those ‘ahaaa’ gigs. If anything will put the name of Ghana at large on the map and in the history books, then this song has set the pace.

The video of the song will be premiered on the 28th of July at the Aphrodisiac Night Club in Kumasi. This will come immediately after the free screening on the Hepatitis B awareness at the MDS lancet laboratory, Saint Jones Park at Suame in Kumasi.

‘It is a way of killing two birds with one stone, also giving my fans out there in Kumasi and its environs the opportunity to see the record ‘breaking art’ in advance, first hand. I love all my fans and with this way, I am sure I will get closer to them out there’, this he passionately said.

We shall wait for this day to stand as a reminder on that faithful Grammy Awards day, when we shall all stay glued to our TV sets and witness from kilometers far away, ‘…and the Grammy Award winner from Africa, Ghana, goes to the Rap Doctor, Okyeeeeeeeeame Kwaaaaaame’.

Call it prophesy or soothsaying, the bottom line is that something good has come out of Ghana.