Banging On A Keyboard Doesnt Make You A producer-Jesse Jagz

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    Cool & calm Jesse Garba Abaga popularly known as Jesse Jagz a Nigerian Hiphop artist, rapper, singer, producer and songwriter,in This exclusive interview with Took Us on a tour of what life is in the "jagznation" ENJOY

GV:Can You Describe Yourself Briefly?
I'm a Nigerian  musician.

GV:You have often been regarded as one of Nigeria’s finest musicians, how does that make you feel?
Makes me remember how much I need to keep working on my music

GV:How was Growing Up like?
Well it was like most other middle class nigerian families. You know things being more hard than easy.

GV:You Studied Law For A while,What informed Your Decision To Go into Music fulltime?
Well as cliche as "dropping out" is with artistes in Nigeria mine was a conscious decision. I already knew what I wanted to do. Education isn't confined to school but you still have to know what ur getting into.

GV:You Have proven Yourself as one of Nigeria Best Producers .How Did u get Into Music Production?
Well I learnt it. Or rather learnt the fundamentals myself and then studied software. However a lot of producers just learn the software these days. The digital age has brought laziness and  a lack of discipline. So any one can bang on a keyboard and call themselves a"producer" these days. However there's a lot more to being a producer in the conventional sense.

GV:We Heard You Produced 'oleku's beat In 30 min how true is this?
Yeah it's true...

GV:Till Date Songs From Your Album Are On Mass Replay..whats ur favourite song of all time?
Well I like all my songs differently. None more than the other. They all came from my soul one time or the other.

GV:You Have a unique style of music varying from R&B to Root Raggae To Pop etc Where do You Get Your Inspiration?
From just being alive! Inspiration lives in the air. But you have to experience to harness and understand its true potential. people learn from experiences. I learn from my pain.

GV:Which Interenational Artist Would You Like To Collaberate With?
None. Lol

GV:You Havnt Realeased An Album Since 2010 whats the reason behind this?
What's the rush though? Lol.. It took me my whole life to do the first one so time doesn't kill. Been working .. Gathering material for my new projects.

GV:When Is The JagzNation Mixtape Dropping,Fans Are Eager?
Mm .. Right after my album. That should be October ish.

GV:Can we take a peep into the Choc city family? Whats the relationship like btw u guys?
Well we are fam..  We get along as cordially as most adults do lol..

GV:For someone that works hard, how do you relax?
My work relaxes me.. When I finally am able to write a song it's incredible amounts of emotion and intellect involved .. So for me it's an all in one process.

GV:Who Is your female celeb crush?
Hmmm.. Chaka khan .

GV:Who are the people you look up to in the industry?
Hmmm.. Funny enough I look up to no one.

Fame comes with women. How do you manage yours?
Well I'm not famous or a celebrity. I'm a musician. I have a couple friends who are celebrities.. I'll ask them lol

GV:Hmmmm...Any "Special" Woman In Your Life?
If I told you it wouldn't be special no more.

GV:You Havnt Been Linked With Any Major Controversy .How Do U Maintain This?
Well maybe cuz I'm always home.

Can You Tell Us 5 things About You That YouR fans dont know?
My fans love my music. My music is my life. That's why I'm still a musician. I'm discovering things about myself everyday.

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