The Niger Delta and My Lamentation!

Date: 03-05-2009 5:07 pm (12 years ago) | Author: Michael George
- at 3-05-2009 05:07 PM (12 years ago)
I have said before and I will say it again. The Niger Delta in the area of the Niger is a land blessed by God, but cursed by men. No day passes, brethren, for the decades I have lived in this world that I have not sat and wonder why someone can be rich, yet as poor as anything you can think of. It doesn’t make sense, does it? Even the sound of it, is unimaginable. But that is the case in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.

The place referred to as Niger Delta comprises nine out of the thirty-six states in Nigeria. Beside others, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Cross Rivers and Edo States are included. But, you see! I am not here to teach anyone geography. Gentle men! Ladies! I am wary, even unto death, not just because we (Niger Delta) have no power supply, good supply of drinkable water, standard road networks, manageable hospitals with comfortable number of doctors and equipments, good schools to send our kids to, good and trusted government with the political will to do good and well secured environment for living, business and families, but the fate of my brothers and the path they have chosen. It is true that we have not gotten the basic necessities of life. But even at that, we were struggling to survive and God did bless our efforts and we lived in peace ones. Our children can go out to play and walk to school freely without fear of being kidnapped. Our wives and mothers can go to the market and come back home to their families in one piece. The only thing they worried about was if the day was good or bad. I still remember that our fathers and brothers and sons, in as much as they have strength, can go out to struggle for themselves and for their families in the sun and in the rain and come back home to their families for comfort and encouragement.

I know and remember that we suffered and we are still suffering, even though our lands are enriched with oil from which the country Nigeria pays her bills. Our rivers are blessed and from the waters we derived food for our body and for the strength we need to withstand the oppression of the lions who can’t even hunt for their own food. Do you want to know about the climate and the weather? It is always beautiful and lovely in the south. Even the rain comes with the sweetest of sounds and with good gifts for our lands. The sun keeps us warm and healthy and makes our foods grow. All these are the riches, God have given us. But still, we are like beggars who settle for what the pedestrians give to us. And we live like people who have no choice. Even our leaders only think of what they can grab for themselves and their families. Frustration, hopelessness, pain and poverty have found the people of the Niger Delta ones and have being around since then. This have made my brothers, the people I love so much, to choose a path that is rather destructive in the before God and men. Agitation begat activists. Activists begat movement. Movement begat militancy. Militancy begat division. Division begat crimes and kidnappings. My friends, all these have lead to chaos. Now the youths of the Niger Delta afflict pain on their own people to show their anger and frustration at the Federal and State governments and the leaders for their failures to give them good lives and opportunities. The place ones known to be fun and struggles and home is now a war zone and a haven for terror and crimes and kidnappings. And the Governments are capitalizing on that as an excuse to keep neglecting the area and the people saying that it is not possible to develop the Niger Delta because of militancy and crime. I cannot help but wonder who have got the power to put these evils away! If the cries of the people were taken seriously before now, there wouldn’t have being no militancy and kidnappings.

I am sure, that there are good men in the Niger Delta still. We can come together and find a way to end this devil that has occupied our lands. If we unite behind one flag and match on one front, I believe that we will unleash something so powerful that all that have cheated us all these years will go on their knees and apologize for their wicked ways and return all that have being stolen from us. I believe that the unity of a people can change any system. We must rise up now that we still have breath in us and set a vision for our land. A vision to give the Niger Delta her true self. A man can acquire all the wealth in this world and have the women to him self. But the glory and memories of men still belong to hose that follow their visions. If we follow this vision, with determination, togetherness, the willingness to do good and forsaking evil, I assure you, victory will be ours. For where determination is predominant, failure cannot dismantle the flag of success. It is only a matter of time, the world shall see men and women rise from the south and by their hands, God will bring joy, peace prosperity, plenty and victory to the people of the Niger Delta. For my brothers of the Niger Delta, forsake crime, forsake evil, Two wrongs can never make a right. Do not soil your souls with wickedness and hate. For that is only rewarded with destruction and death. Attacking your own people only divides us and makes us weak and vulnerable. It is true tha we are weak and vulnerable already. But I want you to know that legends are made from vulnerable men. Just drop crime and and violence. Remember, you kill by the sword, you will die by it.
George Esule Michael
Founder The Eagles Movement.

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