Background of TB JOSHUA?

Published On: May 22, 2009, 5:53 am
Author: Tanisha Lateef
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-- (f) at 22-05-2009 05:53AM

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Just who is TB Joshua?

I have sat somewhere, heard this and that -- and just before I came to a hasty conclusion --- turned to my naijapals to help me answer my question.

Who is TB Joshua?

Some say he's a charlatan, some say he's a messiah - what do you say?

Some say he healed them of blindness, some say he delivered them from demons - what do you say?

Some say while they were buying private jets, he was buying homes and food and health care for the elderly and physically challenged - what do you say?

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Who is TB Joshua?
What do you have to say?

-- dinho4lyf (m) at 26-05-2009 07:02PM
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 Huh? Lips Sealed
-- Recoverd (f) at 12-06-2009 04:19PM
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Concentrate on makin heaven n 4get abt d prophet. Run ur own race
-- DarkCoco (f) at 17-06-2009 06:53AM
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-- GlamourPuss (f) at 27-06-2009 10:26AM
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-- Sheenor (m) at 27-06-2009 06:25PM
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he's human

-- ololaman (m) at 29-06-2009 01:02AM
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i cant really say..................only GOD can judge d soul human can only say on what dey see,on TB lots has been said...........lots,which shoud we believe?
-- theofresh (m) at 1-07-2009 10:52AM
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i greet you in Jesus precious name.
T.B.Joshua is a nigerian,but definitenly not a pastor or a man of God,because every man of God or pastor must have a pastor,and have a prove of having sat under the teaching of a pastor.
untill then he is a leader of a social gathering.
like Pastor E.A.Adeboye once said he must be willing to confess Jesus Christ as Lord publicly before he can identify with him.
-- rbest (f) at 1-07-2009 06:08PM
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Tell me where it is written that u most have mentor b4 u are called a man of God or a pastor? one thing is sure, it is only God almighty that can judge us, but if u really want to prove TB Joushua wrong, let all those that call themself born again pastor, or those that hav mentor like Okotie and Oyakilome and co, pray to God to pull T.B Joshua down.

Believe me, outword appearance does not matter okay, or how well u preach or speak english, I look very innoceint but there are some sins dat i commit that if I dnt tell u , u will not know. u can even swear that i cant do that, but within me, I know wat i can do.

lets leave judgement for God plsss, any church that ur concience accept , attend and dont do any man of God harm with ur mouth, remember there is power in a spoken word
-- Realcent (m) at 4-07-2009 10:59AM
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poster who are you? all you all you need to know is your relationship with GOD,
-- naijadbest (m) at 4-07-2009 10:43PM
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Human being
-- sola22_22 (m) at 5-07-2009 08:45AM
(2 | Newbie) d case to God
-- rbest (f) at 5-07-2009 07:02PM
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na soooooooooooooooo
-- littleromeo (m) at 8-07-2009 11:44AM
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TB, is a man of God, just hv a time to talk to God 2 reveal him to U, personally.  Grin
-- Kennee (m) at 13-07-2009 05:09PM
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TB Joshua = Good Man

** l Don't care about any miracles. Dat Man Simply does Good to those dat Need it

-- mubaji (m) at 13-07-2009 05:30PM
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 Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
-- jonespeter (m) at 15-07-2009 09:40AM
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A man who has made his choice of life and does not rely on mans opinion about him
-- yakubuarome (m) at 20-07-2009 01:27PM
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na person like u
-- rbest (f) at 20-07-2009 08:28PM
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He is who he is
-- ololaman (m) at 28-07-2009 11:50AM
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WHO HE IS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WHO ARE YOU?
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