LONELY HEARTS. Why you are still single

at 10-06-2013 06:12PM (6 years ago)

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First, know that being single is one of the various stages in life. There is a stage to be born, a stage to grow, to attend school, to work and a stage to be single

Some men/women are single due to their actions and inactions in the past or in the present. A lady who is proud and gets irritated easily could have sent away her Mr. Right. A man who gets annoyed easily and talks rudely to ladies would have sent his Miss Right away. Moreover, a promiscuous lady/man could have lost the right person to marry. But then, why are there are still decent bachelors and spinsters who are on the search? This brings us to the issue of purpose. The purpose of being single is to prepare you for the next stage of life. It is to discover your individuality; it is to discover God’s plans for you.  Being single is also the stage to bring out the gifts in you. Are you creative? Then get involved in your hobbies. Engage in mental, physical, spiritual and social activities. Never allow a dull moment. Read books, be friendly and be courteous.

Be presentable and attractive.  Dress smartly and don’t be moved by what people say. People will always talk. But what do you say of yourself? Speak to yourself that you attractive and young. Never allow anxiety or worry/depression to dampen your spirit. Ignite the fire of hope, because a living dog is better than a dead lion. Know that there is a man or a woman somewhere who is yours and will locate you.