GOD, Please Destroy PDP for Nigeria to Advance...!!!

Published On: September 15, 2013, 5:55 am
Author: Tony Ladipo
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GOD, Please Destroy PDP for Nigeria to Advance.....By Joe Igbowe

Septermber 9, 2013

I was in Dubai in 2009 and returned again in 2013 (four years after) to witness what effective leaders can do in the life of any Nation, big or small.
Dubai l saw in 2009 was a huge construction site and as l returned in 2013 ,most of these projects have been completed and new ones are spring up in droves. The size, the elegance and the beauty of the huge projects intimidated me. I was full of envy for the people of Dubai.
The road networks are something else. The big businesses have been fighting for space in Dubai. The Metro system under construction in 2009 has been completed. Dubai today has been one of the world most sort after city. The city is not only an inventors'  destination but a place to be for Tourists and holiday makers. It could not be better.

The huge lesson here is that four years is enough for any responsive and responsible leader to make an impact. If our country gives any leader 16 uninterrupted years as PDP got in Nigeria then the world expects that something monumental in terms of development would have been seen  in strategic areas in the country given the enormous resources that have been at our disposal since  1999. But PDP has frittered away huge opportunities to transform Nigeria for the better. PDP has left Nigeria desolate, gang-raped, pillaged and plundered. It is a case great opportunities lost, hope dashed, and the future stolen. It is a regrettable case of leaders without focus, without direction, without ideas , without drive, without desire, without determination, without destination, without hope.

For almost 16 years of PDP  leadership ,Nigeria's power generation is still under 3000 MW. What of security? No way. What of infrastructure? We have not started. In every sector  we are yet to make a determined move to solve our problems for our selves. While our competitors are awake all night thinking about their future,we waist precious gift of time on acrimonies and division. A culture of looting the National Treasury  and that of low expectation have become the hallmark of our leaders since 1999. To make make matters worse they intimidate us that they will rule Nigeria  for 60 years.

The pains of failure of PDP to show leadership in the midst of plenty have been the biggest challenge facing Nigeria. We have since discovered that the problem of Nigeria is not money but lack cerebral men and women to make the difference. They have all been men and women of little knowledge and little understanding. They have seen money but do not what to do with money . They have seen human resources but do not know to harness it. They have seen people with great ideas but lack of depth and morbid clannishness have beclouded their sense of reasoning for almost 16 years.

Now what is my take on all this? Blind people cannot lead those with sight. The crippled cannot be said to be our strongest. The blind cannot be in the driver's seat. Carpenters cannot be our Gold Merchants. The hopeless cannot bring hope to 150 million people. Common Bricklayers cannot build the tallest building in the world for us. An amateur pilot cannot be the pilot that will take us to the promised land. Only the deep calls to the deep. Only the best is good enough for Nigeria right now.

This is the reason why well meaning and patriotic Nigerians must pray and work for  PDP to be destroyed for Nigeria to make progress. May we never be deceived again that PDP has anything further to offer Nigeria after almost 16 years with all the money in the world. PDP has become the  greatest threat to the unity and progress of the country. Nothing drives PDP except lust for power, greed, and selfishness. Nothing moves PDP because they think they will always use the law enforcement agencies to intimidate everybody to submission. Nothing worries PDP because it feels it can always get away with rigging any day in Nigeria. PDP has become a cancerous  monster to all Nigerians.

Nigerians,this is our chance to reposition this Country and join the age of success.  Dubai is building the biggest airport in the world in Abu Dabi, the capital. Dubai is building three world class hospitals just to snatch Nigerians and others going to India for treatment. They are into other world class projects that will put them in the frontline in the 21st Century. Change is needed right now to create the future we all want. PDP must die for Nigerians to live their dream. Yes, PDP must die for Nigerians to have breathing space. Nigerians must put their trust in any other Party in Nigeria even for four years only.

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