Producer demanded for s3x for a movie role from me – Nollywood actress

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How did you join the industry?
I was working in a company after my OND when I met Ajoke Asewo Tore Meka, I told her about my interest in Yoruba film but she said she’s not based in Lagos and I should be coming to Ibadan for rehearsal after registration, which was difficult for me. She understood my plight and took me to Faliwerepe to register under her caucus which I did and she started taking me to locations. She introduced me to many producers and directors. this was how my acting career started.

There is this saying that Yoruba industry is polluted, what do you have to say on that?

Yes, the movie industry is polluted generally; it’s not peculiar to Yoruba industry alone. I must tell you the truth, when I first started, the harassment was too much from directors and producers. Like I said earlier, I started with Faliwerepe, I featured in most of all her films, but whenever I wanted to feature in other films by the opposite s*x; it’s always a problem, I have gone to a location where I was given a major role and after the rehearsal, the producer came to me and said I should co-operate before he would give me the role, I did not understand him at first not until he said it in a lay man’s language, I was so sad. I got mad and blasted him by raining curses and abuses on him. I left the location immediately. Later on, I decided to start producing my own film and be my own boss instead of using my precious body to get roles, my talent is inbuilt, so why should someone have a taste of my body before giving me role. I started producing my own movies to help upcoming actresses like myself especially.

You are a very beautiful woman how do you cope with male suitors?

They keep coming, you know men with their “wahala”. But once I tell them my marital status, they either back out or become platonic friends.

Most women in the industry go for male personal assistant, why?
I can only speak for myself, I have a male PA because I am comfortable with him than female PA. He’s more active and it’s much easier for me to deal and relate with. That’s my opinion and I can’t speak for others.


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