Who knew she was pregnant? Rapper Lil Kim shows off baby bump

Published On: February 13, 2014, 3:12 pm
ayyub adesegun
-- (m) at 13-02-2014 03:12PM

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A heavily pregnant Lil' Kim showed up at New York fashion week yesterday surprising fans who didn't know she was pregnant. The last time the 39 year old rapper was seen in public, she didn't look pregnant.

Her reps have confirmed she's pregnant but the baby daddy has not been revealed yet. Her celeb friends have also been congratulating her on social media. So happy for her.

See more photos at : http://www.gistmelove.com/2014/02/who-knew-she-was-pregnant-rapper-lil.html

-- SexyAmerican (f) at 5-04-2014 08:50PM
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It's about time Lil Kim, am happy for her...  Grin