You Are Fake From Head To Toe -- Toke Makinwa’s Co-Presenter Tells Her

Published On: February 22, 2014, 9:36 pm
Author: Victor A. Ofoma
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Nanya Diali is HARSH! Oh well… So they said Toke is fond of taking shots at her co-presenter, Nanya Diali,  who co-host The Morning Drive show with her. According to those who listened to them during the week, they said Toke attacked him first by saying the shirt he wore was fake. Apparently, Nanya is fond of letting Toke have the shine, but on this day, he got upset and replied her back that his shirt may be fake, but she Toke, is fake from head to toe. A shocked Toke quickly told him to expantiate and Nanya let the cat out of the bag by saying; If you remove the weaves, the fake eye lashes, the makeup, the push up bra and especially the bleached skin, people will run. You have no single natural beauty, you are totally fake", he said.  Now do you see why I said Nanya is Harsh?

-- EBUBEDIKE78 (m) at 22-02-2014 09:48PM
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B4 nko, borrowed hair, eye lashes, booby ..height. ...ehhhmmmm all na fake.... 1st to coment
-- Wysetots (m) at 22-02-2014 09:53PM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
-- MrGreats (m) at 22-02-2014 09:58PM
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thts too harsh mehn.haba
-- Jezimarc (f) at 22-02-2014 09:59PM
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Nope, he is not harsh, he just said the truth. I don talk am our naija men e no hold dem for mouth. When dem yab you, especially ladies, e dey enter marrow.

She way dey call the shirt a whole man way fit put am for house as a wife fake, then what does she expect? A tap on her shoulder? She dey lucky na only yab and not a slap. After she go dey advertise herself as wife material like some of her celeb colleagues.
-- osamabinladin (m) at 22-02-2014 10:27PM
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She is not alone !
-- okilo101 (m) at 22-02-2014 10:32PM
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She asked 4 it ...
-- johnaguinam (m) at 22-02-2014 10:38PM
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omo nanya chop knockle
-- Archymath (f) at 22-02-2014 10:46PM
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-- dywhyte (m) at 22-02-2014 10:58PM
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-- Getnoc (m) at 22-02-2014 10:59PM
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Nice 1 bro! Am sure she learnt her lessons this time. Pot calling kettle black. Mtcheeeeew Roll Eyes
-- softhils (m) at 22-02-2014 11:14PM
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lol..c insult
-- SexyYomi (f) at 22-02-2014 11:20PM
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So true, natural beauty is what your born with.
-- okeyking (m) at 22-02-2014 11:32PM
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yes na no be she go price, he sale for her na every thing she get there na fake
-- gbojac (m) at 22-02-2014 11:52PM
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Very nice, well done !!
-- zoe61 (f) at 22-02-2014 11:54PM
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-- youngrashy (m) at 23-02-2014 12:16AM
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And d way all dis naija girls dey do their yanga sef even devil sef don tire..oyinbo wey give dem all dis fake things use no do yanga reach dem...
-- proly (f) at 23-02-2014 12:17AM
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-- dareper Online (m) at 23-02-2014 12:24AM
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In fact I like this guy, na my kind of person. We get mouth die. Abi god want punish them?
-- spekay (m) at 23-02-2014 02:02AM
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Good for them 
more of that

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