Aki & Pawpaw, Eight Others to Receive N138.4m to Cheer Super Eagles in World Cup

6 years ago by: Abidex Samuel
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Information has it that the duo of Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme (Aki and Pawpaw) are going to headline entertainment stars who will cheer the Super Eagles during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The remaining eight Nollywood’s stars have not been listed yet. However, it was revealed that Nollywood stars are not only making calls to the State House, but also pay visits trying to lobby to be among the beneficiaries.
Recall that Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has set aside $800,000 (about N138.4 million) to sponsor 10 Nigerians in the entertainment industry to cheer the Super Eagles during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The financial plan presented to the National Assembly, the NFF  had revealed  its decision to invite the duo of Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme, popularly called Aki and Pawpaw and eight other Nigerians in the entertainment industry   for the world football fiesta in June.
The federation yesterday received in audience four Nollywood stars  who allegedly came to make case for themselves.

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No comment yet?
-- shannon034 (f) at 20-03-2014 12:49PM
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Good,  i dey here ooooo
-- Emyjen (m) at 20-03-2014 12:54PM
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Imagin that shit !10 people to reeive N138.4 just to cheer Super Eagles in world cup while millions of Nigerians can,t afford two square meal in day.
-- proly (f) at 20-03-2014 12:58PM
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-- bissau (m) at 20-03-2014 01:08PM
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-- dennisjean (m) at 20-03-2014 01:23PM
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naija please let us face the main problem in nigeria than spending out all these money please
-- IDOKOO (m) at 20-03-2014 01:34PM
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We need serious war that will wipe out those bad egg's from this SODOM call NIGERIA
-- Abisco2020 (m) at 20-03-2014 02:16PM
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Naija spend my money everyday untop investment dem no get plan oooo for d poor, dey take d poor for granted. Its a natural sometin, and I don tel u smtin 21F57100
-- dickman2 (m) at 20-03-2014 02:18PM
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see naija..
-- vantheo (m) at 20-03-2014 02:49PM
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Dem for add one more to make am 11 make dem play instead of our national team. Aki and paw paw go play wing

-- steveoneal (m) at 20-03-2014 03:54PM
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we ve got no scale of preference, no priority, just spending money the way they want,, bunch of idiots,, people are starving, getting killed by hunger,in a country where people are selling their kids cos of poverty,,, where blood brothers are killing one another cos of 50 naira bread,, we re spending money on trash,bullshiiiit, nigeria actors and singers wey want watch wc no fit go on their own,,,we do things as if we are from another planet,,, does that stop brazil from trashing them,,, shame on all those behind this..,, for this one wey una do, una no go, go beyond second round,,, finito,,,
-- zobi (m) at 20-03-2014 05:31PM
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Dem go say meee sir!! meee meee like Goat!!! as dem go say na dem get sense meee meee like Goat!!! bloody SYCOPHANTS!!!
-- dickman2 (m) at 20-03-2014 05:50PM
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because them don't know what to do with it ..who  is aki and that thing una call paw paw get to do with world cup games..mad nation..
-- christianity (m) at 20-03-2014 05:55PM
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yeye country.so how much ar they giving the real fans dat has been going all the way out just to cheer nigerian to victory b/4 the world cup
-- Neglito (m) at 20-03-2014 06:10PM
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800,000 usd for rubbish
-- Goldtime (m) at 20-03-2014 06:12PM
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Dwarfism a celeb,mob scraped my spine shorty becomes shorter since dwarfism is celebrated in my ghetto land.Wasteful barbarism!
-- dareper (m) at 20-03-2014 06:20PM
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Nigeria, good people, great nation. Only increasing the pocket of those that has already made money. Telling the poor masses to "go and die". God! If it's good to u, then it's also good to us.
-- Kechywillz (m) at 20-03-2014 06:24PM
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fuel price is going higher by the day,yet fg is not doin anything abt it,think of more nigerians who cant afford N100 at d end of d day,here u waste so much money to just cheer d SE,this country is terror to the poor.

-- Fmswags (m) at 20-03-2014 06:26PM
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Quote from: Emyjen on 20-03-2014 12:54PM
Imagin that sh*t !10 people to reeive N138.4 just to cheer Super Eagles in world cup while millions of Nigerians can,t afford two square meal in day.

smh for Nigeria
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