Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Aways His £750,000 Champions League Bonus To His friends

Published 5 years ago by: Victor A. Ofoma
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at 28-05-2014 11:26PM (5 years ago)

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Winning the Champions League title against city rivals Atlético Madrid was a dream come true for Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. His record of 17 (!) goals during the tournament secured Real’s tenth title.

But Ronaldo didn’t score those goals for free. The striker received about 1,23 million Euros in bonuses for his goals and the title. And what does someone like Ronaldo do with this kind of money?

Instead of spending it all on more cars, more houses, more luxuries for himself, he gives it away. At the height of his success the World Player of the Year gives the money to his friends. How did this happen?

A close friend of Ronaldo remembers that Ronaldo once told his physiotherapist that the title would be worth more to him than all the bonus money. The therapist allegedly responded: “Why don’t you share the money with us then?”

Ronaldo never hesitated: “OK, if we win the Champions League I will buy each and every one of you a car!“

Whether he will be just as generous if Portugal wins the World Cup is unknown. The Portuguese physiotherapist might be in for something big…

beejaybabs at 28-05-2014 11:42PM (5 years ago)
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schmit at 28-05-2014 11:44PM (5 years ago)
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E gud to give,some people na super glue hand,LOL
okoroj at 28-05-2014 11:48PM (5 years ago)
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How do u knw amebo
okilo101 at 29-05-2014 12:25AM (5 years ago)
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If true,gud gesture.
beneno at 29-05-2014 12:54AM (5 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
Rbfaruks at 29-05-2014 04:27AM (5 years ago)
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Dats y i lyk c-wal-wal. He b gud person
abbeyluv2 at 29-05-2014 05:14AM (5 years ago)
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that my real man, not stingy like barca players
daconquer at 29-05-2014 05:30AM (5 years ago)
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taaa... Make I hear word. The guy do am out of pride.
tankNZ at 29-05-2014 06:50AM (5 years ago)
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daveobahon at 29-05-2014 07:52AM (5 years ago)
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weda him do am outta pride @listnhim do am stop hating
Wysetots at 29-05-2014 08:02AM (5 years ago)
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Correct man........I always prefer him to Messi.
osamabinladin at 29-05-2014 08:06AM (5 years ago)
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dareper at 29-05-2014 08:58AM (5 years ago)
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I see
chidi4reala at 29-05-2014 10:17AM (5 years ago)
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paulohking at 29-05-2014 10:23AM (5 years ago)
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nice of him
Larry28 at 29-05-2014 10:30AM (5 years ago)
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Nice one
p4490758 at 29-05-2014 10:57AM (5 years ago)
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He is indeed generous Cool Cool
Chylove247 at 29-05-2014 11:31AM (5 years ago)
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Good one.
Zunurayn at 29-05-2014 11:47AM (5 years ago)
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ThumB up to you my guy
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