Rihanna’s Perfume Ad, Banned In The UK For Being Too Sexy…

(m) at 6-06-2014 04:39AM (5 years ago)

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We just can’t get enough of Rihanna…..y is that?! Hot on the heels of her nipple-baring drama, Bad girl Riri is getting the British all hot and bothered, this time because of the ads for her new perfume, Rogue by Rihanna.
In the ads Rihanna poses Private curled up by her perfume, wearing nothing other than high waisted panties and a pair of heels, with a smoldering gaze.
The ads are being taken down in public areas in England where children could possibly see them, since apparently the sultry Rihanna pics are considered “sexually suggestive” by the British Advertising Standards Authority.
What do you think about the ad?