Lagos Gubernatorial Aspirant,Akinwunmi Ambode Roll Out Customized Recharge Cards

5 years ago by: kaygee
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-- (m) at 13-11-2014 03:19PM (5 years ago)

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We have seen all sorts being distributed when it is getting to voting time...There has been groundnut oil,rice,garri,sugar,bread et al.
Lagos Guber candidate Akinwunmi Ambode seems to be pioneering something different...
I would like someone to explain what this is to me

-- Onyibochukwu (m) at 13-11-2014 03:31PM
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as if this recharge cards will be able to put your call through to them when they are elected! Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
-- ngfineface (f) at 13-11-2014 03:32PM
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It's stupidity of highest order. Hope the explanation helps
-- bagofmoney (m) at 13-11-2014 03:52PM
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this pple will never desist from showcasing us how retarded they are....whats the meaning of this? will this last the citizen for 4 years?? it's High time we stopped this illiberal nonsense.
-- Ritabrenice (f) at 13-11-2014 03:55PM
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-- elchymo (m) at 13-11-2014 04:05PM
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 Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy
-- Wysetots (m) at 13-11-2014 04:11PM
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*Shaking My Head*
-- beneno (m) at 13-11-2014 05:02PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- DrSoba (m) at 13-11-2014 07:59PM
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Real nonsense
-- EmekaBlue (m) at 13-11-2014 08:01PM
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All join
-- colufemi007 (m) at 13-11-2014 08:26PM
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It's amazing how no single naijapal has been able to post correctly per this topic,though the comment of the OP does not help matters.Actually the recharge card is just an advert,not as if,they are sharing the recharge cards,they were just branded in Ambode's campaign paraphernalia.I even understand that it was a gift from a well known big boy who happens to be his friend and who decided to help in spreading his political message by branding the cards.

I really shake my head for us,we're really becoming a generation of lazy readers,,,what  Shocked Shocked,all the posters so far just CONNIVED TO GET IT WRONG.

Please it is not a crime and not wrong in anyway to advertise by branding recharge cards,rather than complain,we ahould actually commend those who thought this up as it will go a long way to sell the candidacy of Ambode
-- Ihunda (m) at 14-11-2014 01:52AM
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It's a shame that INEC and other electoral bodies in our beloved country has degenerated to a point that no body cares when policies and laws are disobeyed. It's also a shame that people are no longer screened before running for electoral positions in our country. I do know that in electioneering campaigns MANIFESTO'S are the only tool that helps someone seeking for elective position to proof his or her point for contesting an election. Simply put a Manifesto covers:

a published declaration of your policies. It highlights how one is going to change the anomalies in the area where one is contesting an election. Manifestos tends to precisely educate the people on how one is going to imbibe due process in the constitution of the community in which one is contesting to effect policies that will impact positively to the people. How far can I go explaining what manifesto means. It is wrong for contestants to give monetary incentives to the people. In fact it's a corrupt practice to indulge in such. Automatic disqualification and prosecution is meted to contestants in a democratic setting. But it's normal in Nigeria for such act to be practiced. How can an elected person impact positively to the people after given monetary incentives to the electorate before an election? This ugly act is one of the reasons why corruption is in our school curricular today. Corruption is taught in our schools and even in churches and mosques. Can Nigeria sustain its democracy? I think we are still in the doldrums. We need a complete revolution.

-- Ken1230 (m) at 14-11-2014 03:48AM
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The man is just a confuse person
-- dondub (m) at 14-11-2014 08:55AM
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mother  phyukers  , no  light   for  nigeria  fools.
-- Nicksam (m) at 14-11-2014 09:48AM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin
-- starofdavid (m) at 14-11-2014 09:55AM
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I am praying that one day God will send us about 20 mejor Nzeogwu´s and about 10 J J Rawlings to clean up all these mess and set nigeria on a strong footing.
-- colufemi007 (m) at 14-11-2014 11:52AM
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Why all the confusion here?abeg the man did nothing wrong.Shey to brand items for sale na crime ni???
-- colufemi007 (m) at 14-11-2014 12:07PM
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If that is what you guys are advocating here,then to advertise in newspapers and on TV and radio are criminal action\s too right??pleaase
-- Larry28 (f) at 14-11-2014 03:08PM
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-- morgrawl231 (m) at 14-11-2014 03:29PM
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