Check Out Top 55 Africa's Richest People For 2014 As Released By Ventures Africa

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Ventures Africa, an African business magazine and news service, has today launched its second annual ranking of Africa’s wealthiest people. The Richest People in Africa list remains the most comprehensive compilation of the continent’s wealthiest individuals.

In 2014, Ventures Africa counted 55 African billionaires with a net worth totalling $161.7 billion, a 12.4% rise from $143.8 billion in 2013.

This year Nigeria remains the continent’s top contributor to the Rich List. Of the 55billionaires, 23 are Nigerian. Their collective wealth is $77.7 billion. This is 48 percent of the total Rich List wealth, almost as much as the other countries combined.

Other key findings from the research include:
·         Nigeria has four new billionaires. Cletus Ibeto, founder of multi-business conglomerate, Ibeto Group, leads the list of newcomers with a net worth of $3.7 billion. He is followed by Benedict Peters, an oil magnate valued at $2.7 billion. Well-known financier and philanthropist Tony Elumelu, valued at $1.6 billion, and Akanimo Udofia, worth $1 billion, complete the list.
·         AlikoDangote, founder of Africa’s largest industrial conglomerate Dangote Group, remains the continent’s richest man. His net worth has grown to $25.7 billion, a 21% rise from his $20.2 billion valuation in 2013.
·         Igho Sanomi, a Nigerian oil trader, shares the position of Africa’s youngest billionaire with Mohammed Dewji, Tanzania’s richest man. At 39, Igho Sanomi, the founder of oil conglomerate Taleveras Group, is worth $1.3 billion.
·         FolorunshoAlakija, the richest black woman in the world, is worth $7.3 billion dollars.
·         Almost 40% of Nigeria’s billionaires’ wealth is tied to its oil and gas industry.

Chi-Chi Okonjo, Founder of Ventures Africa, said:

    "The Ventures Africa Rich List is the most authoritative accounting of individual African wealth. We have been able to do so because of our on-the-ground experience and detailed knowledge of the local African business landscape.”

The list has been compiled using financial reports, by tracking equity holdings around stock markets and identifying specific shareholding structures in large, privately-held companies. The results have been corroborated with investment bankers, realtors and financial analysts to determine proper valuations.


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How have they help their fellow humans?
-- Ritabrenice (f) at 16-11-2014 04:47PM
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 Roll Eyes
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MNBD ltd is not listed ok by 2015 they wiil definely include it

-- zeigbo (m) at 16-11-2014 08:34PM
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so no ghanian,Ethiopia or cameroon men for the list .now i see why ghanian men hate and get bad belle for nigerians.see as nigeria,morocco,Egypt ang south africans come occupy the list.i beg make una clap for una self jor,E no easy  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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rich man how many people have they help in there life. they all are grave customers 6fit is sure so weather rich or poor there is 6ifit somewhere waiting for everybody non since rich man
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Quote from: obereagu1 on 17-11-2014 12:47AM
rich man how many people have they help in there life. they all are grave customers 6fit is sure so weather rich or poor there is 6ifit somewhere waiting for everybody non since rich man
It's not the question of how many people they have help,but the fact is that :
Egyptian,S Africans,are better than us in investment,...
Nigeria-only Dangote,Adenuga and few,are well invested without the help of our resources...the rest are on oil and gas....
that's why Egypt and RSA are better than us cos their investment is well diverse,and they create place of work for their citizen,but some criminal Nigerians in this list can do more cos they are trading our resources to make money,but they refuse to pay back the favor to our people by creation of job...
These are major demand of the citizen:
Food - dangote
Telecommunication - Adenuga..
Health care - ?
Transportation - ?
Construction/project(road bridges n co) - ?
Electrical sector - ? and so on.
But none of these dude got that brain,but they like to invest on our resource,without nothing in return to the society,but just for their's not everythings that must be done by government,people like them must also take the responsibility of society,by investing on what will benefit the citizen,and not show big men and women.
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I will be there soon
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money speaking and bullshit working
-- Andybest1 (m) at 17-11-2014 06:34PM
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