Chocolat Royale Shut Down by NAFDAC, Maggots and 11 Year Expired Products Found

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Chocolat Royale on Etim Inyang Crescent in VI, Lagos is a well known and loved bakery, ice cream shop and cafe.
Many who frequent the shop/building, that also houses sister companies 96.9 Cool FM and 95.1 WAZOBIA FM, amongst others, and were shocked to find out it was shut down by NAFDAC last week. According to City Reporters, several facts emerged:

All food products/source material had expired – the oldest since 2004 and the newest in 2013. There were maggots found in some.
90% of the products were not labelled in English, and therefore were not registered by NAFDAC
Illegal cold rooms were found in the building and in the MD – Amin Moussalli‘s house.
The contaminated food products were stored in cold rooms on top of sewage (‘suck away’ pit) and in front of toilets.

During the Raid
The foreign chefs also gave chilling insight into the business practices – they knew the products were expired but still went ahead to make them. City Reporters states:
On interrogation, the jittery cooks who identified themselves as John Gbokasa and David from Benin Republic confirmed to NAFDAC officials that the House belongs to Mr Moussali and that the fake, unregistered and expired food products found inside the two cold rooms were for Chocolat Royal.
“I know that the products have expired, some, 2004, 2006, 2009, but I am a cook and I take instruction from my boss,” David said.
“Anytime they need some products to prepare edibles at Chocolat Royal, they come here with van and mine is to give them key to take whatever they want and after they finish taken the items, they will return the key to me,” John added.

expired products
They however begged the NAFDAC officials not to arrest them but wait until their boss, Mr Moussalli who absconded and is still at large or the wife who they said was out of the country return. NAFDAC however, turn down their plea and arrested the two who during interrogation at Apapa office of the Agency gave vital information to NAFDAC.

asobcom (m) at 26-05-2015 11:52AM
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Who knows how many life this must have affected, am always says it no good governance in this country walahi.
DrSoba (m) at 26-05-2015 11:59AM
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Hmm, that  use to be my second home.
joshuaabu45 (m) at 26-05-2015 12:27PM
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Dat useless company,i work dere wit dem as a waiter
Larry28 (f) at 26-05-2015 01:02PM
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God have mercy..
kelechi86 (f) at 26-05-2015 01:12PM
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beware of fast food
PoliticxGuru (m) at 26-05-2015 01:22PM
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na God go save us
echeeche (m) at 26-05-2015 02:20PM
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Too bad to see
fearlesspaul (m) at 26-05-2015 02:40PM
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GEJ haters will blame it on him. see what nigerians are doing to their fellow nigerians for the sake of money. I am sure that they sit in front rows in church every sunday or stand in front row in mosques every Friday. I myself have experienced such thing at Onitsha in 2005 when I bought a tin of sardine but that inner voice told me to check the expiry date and when i did, i discovered that it was 2 years earlier and when i told the seller, she collected it back from me and kept in the counter with the others.
Oways (m) at 26-05-2015 04:09PM
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Thank God
eric2000 (m) at 26-05-2015 04:10PM
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this is why I am very picky of what I eat in Nigeria....there is no standard of operation..nafdac is barely functioning since akunyili left..this lack of hygienic situation is responsible for all the health issues in Nigeria that most people are claiming its witchcraft..On my last visit to Nigeria,i mistakenly(will not try it again) ate a sharwama in festac stomach was in a terrible state,went to the toilet 6 to 7 times for 2 days...beware
chealseafc (m) at 26-05-2015 09:55PM
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and how did they get the products into the country?.
azman90 (m) at 27-05-2015 06:14AM
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Not only in Niaja,it happened here in Europe were they used died chikens for fast food trust me.Exspecially the so called Macdonals.
akhaifo (m) at 27-05-2015 02:02PM
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Fast foods kills Fast!