PHOTOS: South African Pastor Performs Miracle Using Snake; Ride On The Back Of Church Members

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A South African pastor, Prophet Penuel, as fondly called by his followers has been ‘doing wonders’ in the most awkward way. The pastor, who is the founder of the End Times Disciples Ministries in South Africa has lots of ways he demonstrates ‘God’s miraculous wonders’ to members of his church.

On Sunday, 12 July, 2015, during the Sunday service, the man of God called one of his members simply identified as ‘Thabiso’, he commanded him by the power of God to turn into a horse and according to the church’s Facebook update, indeed it happened. The man of God was said to have ridden on the horse.

During of his services too, while trying to demonstrate the authority believers have, the man of God declared a snake to become a chocolate (chomp) and the congregation ate it. The man of God also prayed for a cloth and called the congregation to come and eat. It was made known that the congregation ate it and said it tasted like chocolate. See some of the ministries’ Facebook updates below:

#demonstrationMan of God said they must bring a rock and He turned it into bread. Satan have been making people fools….

#DemonstrationMan of God declared a snake to become a chocolate (chomp) and the congregation ate it. We have authority to change everything into anything and it will obey because of our authority.

#DemonstrationThe man of God prayed for a cloth and called the congregation to come and eat. The congregation came and ate and said it tasted like chocolate.To God Be Glory

These kinds of wonders will never ceased to happen. Just recently, the pastor turned human hair into food for the consumption of the church members.

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ignis99 (m) at 14-07-2015 07:54AM
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OmniWheezy (m) at 14-07-2015 08:06AM
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Wasted generation
Ken1230 (m) at 14-07-2015 08:18AM
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My people perish because of lack of knowledge. The scammer can only do such in blind South African. Next.
angesco (f) at 14-07-2015 08:20AM
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Jesus, when on earth NEVER EVER made a mockery of his followers like this. Hypnosis (which allows a modification of behaviour)  is being used here. Let him instead go to hospitals and use his so called power to heal the huge number of South African  AIDS and HIV sufferer's, make the blind see and the lame walk. Why stop at people riding on people!!    
tunlade70 (m) at 14-07-2015 08:40AM
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The speaks, End Times indeed!
beautysharp (f) at 14-07-2015 08:44AM
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Story for d gods
factfinding (m) at 14-07-2015 08:54AM
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Did he eat from it too or give people to eat ? i  just wanna know, God is watching there is nothing hiding from him.
50scent (m) at 14-07-2015 09:25AM
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im drinking coffee

Ololababs (f) at 14-07-2015 09:32AM
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Seriously this man should be killed for abusing taking advantage of people's situations.

edpete (m) at 14-07-2015 09:39AM
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No wonder South Africans troops to their death in the Synagogue
ogochukwupaul (m) at 14-07-2015 10:56AM
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End time
tunlade70 (m) at 14-07-2015 11:00AM
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The name speaks. End time indeed!
vickie_guz (f) at 14-07-2015 11:11AM
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Only in south Africa
PoliticxGuru (m) at 14-07-2015 11:55AM
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only God can judge me now, all you motherphyukers get out of my business
iyanabo (m) at 14-07-2015 12:00PM
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Let us remember that the kingdom of God is not a matter of food and drink but a demonstration of power of God but be careful also not to be deceived by false miracles. Holy spirit teach us. Jesus help us to avoid the unforgivable sin, amen.
ngfineface (f) at 14-07-2015 12:06PM
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Oways (m) at 14-07-2015 12:12PM
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Wonders shall never end
Paulevery (m) at 14-07-2015 12:26PM
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Did I hear  you say man of God in this post? Let me tell you, as for those of you who are busy lookin for Miracle everywhere, when Miracle hits you, you won't have mouth to explain yourself,  continue lookin for miracle even in d Grave, stupid animals
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