24 Years Old Calabar Girl Stabs Her Boyfriend To Death for Demanding For Sex

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A 24-year-old lady, Blessing Edet, accused of murder and currently cooling her heels in custody of the Lagos State Police Command has explained why she stabbed her fiancé, Edet Ebong to death with a kitchen knife. Edet disclosed that the fight that led to Ebong’s death was as a result of his demand for sex.
The 24-year-old lady who resides at Ogombo village, Lekki in Eti-Osa Local Government Area of the State said the deceased pounced on her and started beating her after she turned down his sexual advances.
While narrating what transpired on August 18, Edet affirmed, “We lay down to sleep and he started making advances on me for sex. I told him I had a hectic day and was tired. He flared up and started beating me.
He broke the standing mirror in the room and injured me above my left eye with the broken glass. In defence, I ran to pick up the kitchen knife I had used while preparing ‘Indomie’ noodles for him. I mistakenly stabbed him in the stomach.” Rather than look for ways to stem the blood flowing out from his stomach, Ebong allegedly continued to chase his lover round the room until he became too weak.
After stabbing him, the fight continued. He went under the bed, brought out a cutlass and said he was going to kill me. It was at this point that my younger brother who had been trying to stop us, but to no avail, rushed out to call neighbours.
“My landlord heard the shout and rushed into our room. He saw Edet bleeding while I was holding a knife. He alerted the police and Edet was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately he died two days after
.” Both lovers had been engaged for the past 18 months and were at the verge of finalising their marriage plans when the tragedy occurred. The deceased was said to be a staff of Akwa Ibom State Transport Company (AKTC) and had been in the relationship with Edet for the past 18 months.
A resident while reacting to the tragedy said: “It was around 12am and 1am when they started fighting. “They were disturbing the peace of the entire village. I heard the argument. It was about noddle which Blessing’s boyfriend, Obong, asked her to prepare. She prepared it without adding ‘Sardine’ which he had requested.
“The argument led to a fight and Edet later stabbed Obong. She shouted ‘I will stab you with knife’. And that was what she did. She ripped open the man’s stomach
.” Another resident said: “The two friends are from Akwa Ibom State. But Blessing, who is a prostitute, rented a room in this village. Then, she started bearing Amaka. She has no other work than to be sleeping with men and clubbing.”
The resident further stated that the lovers some months back had a quarrel and this made Edet to throw Obong’s belongings out of her apartment, but when he started finding things difficult, she mended fence with Edet.

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olosho no get mercy for eye
stluke (m) at 27-08-2015 12:00PM
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Nawa rip to the dead....
beneno (m) at 27-08-2015 12:12PM
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AKPAN and EKAITE  things.RIP
SOGaiya (m) at 27-08-2015 12:16PM
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D rage of stupid bgining wit a harlot
chealseafc (m) at 27-08-2015 12:40PM
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that was when the devil came calling.
RIP to the dead.
winace (f) at 27-08-2015 12:41PM
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Rest in peace
Fashoney (m) at 27-08-2015 12:41PM
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Oya gift,put off d light....ogede ti pon ewwwwwwwwwwwww some love tonight
franklinseyea (m) at 27-08-2015 12:42PM
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Do not be an equally yoked with unbelievers....... RIP  Edet Ebong
dareper (m) at 27-08-2015 01:07PM
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Wetin sex go cause for this world never start dey happen
freethinker (m) at 27-08-2015 01:41PM
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She changed her Calabar name and started bearing Amaka Igbo name, one of those that paints Igbos black, imagine!
Esty4life (f) at 27-08-2015 01:42PM
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God have mercy on the human race.
victorstic1 (m) at 27-08-2015 02:01PM
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Calabar girl refuse sex Shocked Shocked.....change has really started.
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wat a wasted generation
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Very funny story. Anyway, RIP guy...
Keffejude (m) at 27-08-2015 04:09PM
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So d guy  get job 4 transport company yet dey 4m boss 4 olosho house Lol RIH
ovickson (m) at 27-08-2015 05:12PM
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Lies by moonlight
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 Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

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