YAY! Buhari Set To Provide Free School Meals For Students In Nigeria

Published On: September 3, 2015, 9:17 am
Author: Daniel Bosai
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Vice-President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo on Tuesday said the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration would soon commence giving primary school children free meals.

Osinbajo said the free feeding scheme was a core project of the Federal Government that would in turn yield about 1.14 million jobs and increase in food production.

Osinbajo said this at the 45th Annual Accountants Conference in Abuja.

He said the government would be investing more in the people, education and job creation.

Speaking on the topic “Repositioning Nigeria for Sustainable Development: From Rhetoric to Performance,” Osinbajo said that the multiplier effects of the introduction of the school feeding scheme would help to create 1.14 million new jobs; increase food production by up to 530,000 metric tonnes per annum, as well as attract fresh investments up to N980bn.

The Vice President said, “One of the most important interventions required in the education sector is capacity building to improve teacher quality.

“This programme is intended to drive teachers’ capacity development; boost basic education; attract talents to the teaching profession. Better educated population increases economic potential for productivity.”

“The All Progressives Congress has made a commitment to provide one-meal-a-day for all primary school students; that would create jobs in agriculture, including poultry, catering and delivery services.”

-- Blessed75 (m) at 3-09-2015 09:22AM
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Good for una
-- ebukkkason (m) at 3-09-2015 09:24AM
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It's not bad
-- elchymo (m) at 3-09-2015 09:30AM
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It's not just to give free food. The quality of the food will matter at d end of d day. As the saying goes "awoof dey purge belle". We are watching closely...
-- xtokelly (m) at 3-09-2015 09:37AM
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-- moralemike07 (m) at 3-09-2015 09:40AM
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I don hear.
-- lexydon (m) at 3-09-2015 09:49AM
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its a nice n welcom idea....
-- adeniyisau (m) at 3-09-2015 09:53AM
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they must be very careful because of poison oooo enemy are watching
-- livingstonee (m) at 3-09-2015 09:55AM
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What we need free education, Good roads, light, water, job opportunities, security, increase in salary atleast start from 50,000 upwards!or give us biafra for us to do it by ourselves!
-- rara4romSA (f) at 3-09-2015 10:23AM
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well done
-- Abgasko (f) at 3-09-2015 10:25AM
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wow. that is contract for some Chef
-- hackynoni111 (m) at 3-09-2015 10:28AM
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I pray so
-- proly (f) at 3-09-2015 10:31AM
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-- PoliticxGuru (m) at 3-09-2015 10:51AM
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welcome development
-- winace (f) at 3-09-2015 10:56AM
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Until then but I kn it can never be like Sagari/Awolowo time wen they give us full tin of sardine and bread for breakfast and beautiful lunch during break in our nursery sch then. I be small baby o hut I remember. Fredd mathematical set even though we don't need it then and free books.
-- stluke (m) at 3-09-2015 10:57AM
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Dats gud it a welcome development.....
-- dareper (m) at 3-09-2015 11:07AM
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Give em free education not free meal. Abi we no dey chop?
-- stboy000 (m) at 3-09-2015 11:16AM
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Good idea
-- boleto (m) at 3-09-2015 11:24AM
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Chai! O ma se o
-- mercymadu (f) at 3-09-2015 11:36AM
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i pray mama solo oo.
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