Exposed - How Prostitutes Use Native Charms to Attract Customers

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at 8-12-2015 01:50PM (4 years ago)

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Following a dwindle in the patronage of prostitutes in the popular Umunede community in Delta State, the prostitutes have taken to the use of charms to attract customers.
The prostitutes recorded a low patronage in the last 6 months, hence their decision to take the bull by the horn. According to them, the charms given to them by native doctors help them to gain the love of men who in turn patronize them.
The charm, fondly called ‘men follow me’ by the prostitutes makes a man to be loyal customers to the prostitutes. Some of the charms are said to be buried in the prostitutes’ rooms. Stella, one of the prostitutes revealed that she had to turn to the charm to make ends meet. She said:  “We have to visit native doctors when we discovered that business was dwindling. About 20 of us operating here bought the charm for N20, 000 each. It is called ‘men follow me’ and it has been working for us.
Also, the sperm in the used condoms were specially packaged in cellophane bags and taken to native doctors to prepare other forms of charms for the sex workers, aside the ‘men follow me’ charm.
Another commercial sex worker, Mary, said:
“To get this charm prepared, the native doctors will demand for pubic hair, 21 native chalks, 21 cowries , fingernails and used pants which they use in preparing powder that would be applied on their faces before going out at night to get customers. These charms are prepared for N20, 000 and after making some money, we will buy two bottles of dry gin to thank the native doctors.”

However, aside from all the uses, one of the prostitutes revealed that it takes a toughness to stay as a prostitute. Recalling one of her experiences, another prostitute, Edith,  said:
“The man told me he would pay N5, 000 a night while my sister was hooked up with his friend. When he finished making love to me, he brought out N500 saying that was the only money with him. That was how the trouble started and when they wanted to fight with me, my colleagues came out from their rooms and subjected them to drink a little from the water we used in washing our private part before they were let off the hook.”
“Because of the busy nature of the community at night, over 21 suspected armed robbers including kidnappers had in the last two weeks been arrested. They have been charged to court after initial investigation. Umunede is not a place a decent person work at night; it is like a place for hooligans especially because of the commercial sex workers operating there. But we as security agents will keep 24 hours surveillance with a view to bringing the hoodlums to book,” she said.

Larry28 at 8-12-2015 02:05PM (4 years ago)
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Hmmm nawa oo
gogoman at 8-12-2015 02:40PM (4 years ago)
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na wash wash which kind juju be that one
freethinker at 8-12-2015 02:53PM (4 years ago)
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they will attrach whom they will attract not person like me
kp45 at 8-12-2015 03:10PM (4 years ago)
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Novic at 8-12-2015 03:14PM (4 years ago)
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Na different kind of thing we go they hear for this country, some people can Go to any length to be rish inlife. Can imagine this one.
shaddybaby at 8-12-2015 03:38PM (4 years ago)
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Operation run 4 ur dear lives @ men
Fazob at 8-12-2015 03:42PM (4 years ago)
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zezprincess at 8-12-2015 03:58PM (4 years ago)
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Ashawo no be workooo,abeg make una find any hand skill like salon,sewing bead or cake making.God bless u all.
elchymo at 8-12-2015 04:02PM (4 years ago)
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End time people. We are living in perilous times.
akinmanchy at 8-12-2015 04:53PM (4 years ago)
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Na men wey patronize una in the first place una go jazz. Food for thought men!

evilgenius at 8-12-2015 05:04PM (4 years ago)
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you pay one way or other
so choose one gf or brothel- all are sex4sale
Oworen25 at 8-12-2015 06:16PM (4 years ago)
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This is left for the people who goes out to meet this pigs in the street, be a man, marry a good wife and you can spend every moment you want with her.
Anny01 at 8-12-2015 07:14PM (4 years ago)
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What did you expect them to do na? Na wa ooo
Trueyarn at 8-12-2015 07:29PM (4 years ago)
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Disgusting and annoying sets of people,wetin dey carry me go there when plenty malawis. Dey town.
royalsam450 at 8-12-2015 07:53PM (4 years ago)
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I see that is why ashawo troway pies for beneno head that day he still dey  beg the ashawo
BusyHorse at 8-12-2015 08:25PM (4 years ago)
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Olosho don follow upgrage, chaii, best way to avoid been jazzed is, dont follow their corner.
nonix22001 at 8-12-2015 08:31PM (4 years ago)
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umunede tinz! smh
dickieponga at 8-12-2015 09:24PM (4 years ago)
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Quote from: John Kay on  8-12-2015 02:53PM
they will attrach whom they will attract not person like me

Make una see person wey dey talk, u poke ashie pass anybody i no b4 u travel out..
U con end up for ashie country abi i lie..?
dickieponga at 8-12-2015 09:27PM (4 years ago)
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Quote from: royal james robert on  8-12-2015 07:53PM
I see that is why ashawo troway pies for beneno head that day he still dey  beg the ashawo


Na true u talk oo, na u and him i see dat day but wetin u sef dey do for ashie joint...?
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