Sophie Momodu Tricked Me To Get Her Pregnant - Davido Blasts His Babymama (SEE DETAILS!)

Published On: December 30, 2015, 10:10 pm
Daniel Bosai
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The story is still unfolding , But Davido's baby mama and family claim he attempted to abduct his daughter , he also kicked her out of the house he rented for her in lekki
well i was able to screen grab the whole saga

proof that I indeed was the father of my daughter, delivered by a head-butting casual lover, Miss Sophia Momodu.

In 2015 May, I became the father of a love-child. DNA testing determined with maximum proof that I indeed was the father of my daughter, delivered by a head-butting casual lover,Miss Sophia Momodu.
I met Sophia when I was barely 21 years old. She was many years older than me and was able to manipulate and exploit my youth, naivety and generosity. Sophia is the mother of my daughter, and no more! She never would be my wife and she was never qualified for that status. Her background is very dissimilar from mine, and she has very paltry education and equally diminished physical attributes.
Cunningly, she moved into my house because she claimed she has no place to stay in Lagos and that her father is late and her mother is resident in Abuja. I have accepted what providence brought my way including my own personal indiscretions. But I also have been burdened by the gave lapses in the character of Sophia and have thus suffered for my daughter who I love as much as my late mother, Imade.
As for the person of Sophia, I paid a two year rent for her apartment at Lekki and she receives a monthly allowance of 300,000 naira from me ever since Imade was born. This December, Sophia received 500,000 naira as her Allowance and Christmas bonus.
On a routine hospital check, my daughter was found to be infested with ma$$ive dosage of poisonous cannabis that she contracted from the brea$t feeding regime of her mother’s bre*$t. We still don’t know how much Imade was damaged by this toxic feeding and medical tests and procedures continue to rise and bemuse me and my family members.
Already, Imade has special needs and has been treated at the American Hospital,Dubai with all medical costs and travel expenses drawn off my personal purse ever sine she was born.
On December 29, Imade was supposed to travel, once more, to Dubai for further medical care. A family vacation was attached to this medical trip. But our family plan  was truncated by Sophia, her uncle, Dele Momodu in the company of his wife, and all these persons were the significant accessory to the Lagos Airport debacle.
It is this incidence of December 29 that made implicitly  necessary to bring my family matter to the public domain. I agree, both parents have to give simultaneous approval to the travel plans of an infant. But I do not intend for Sophia to join me on this trip as if we are going away on a spousal honeymoon. It is also fair to allow her to come along if she could pay for the costs of her own trip.
Why must I bear medical expenses for my daughter as well as the travel cost of her mum, who is neither my wife nor a friend at all? By what authority or court documents was Dele Momodu enabled to stop my child  who embarked on a medical trip that would improve her wellness. I David, the father of the child was already available to attend to the child’s care?  Which Agency of government, as claimed by Dele Momodu and his wife, issued the authority to deny my sister, myself, my daughter and my dad on a rightful travel plan? And what has been the financial stake of Uncle Dele Momodu over my daughter, ever since she was born.
I rented an apartment for his niece who is not my wife and I duly pay monthly charges. What has uncle Dele Momodu done for my daughter or even his niece?  Momodu  family also wants me to buy a car for a woman who is not my wife and also an habitual and ceaseless night crawler who is unable and unwilling to mother or even bathe her own child?
I am 23 years old now. Sophia got me and appropriated me at 21. I have just unbridled my life from her diabolical and shameless stranglehold. She should find her own life and leave me alone. Her uncle too should help her to quit the streets and find her a career. I am not her meal ticket or ATM because she has a baby for me. I love Imade and would do everything to defend this innocent baby that is being abused by callous adults for extortion purposes.
As for me,  I feel bad that my dad, who had boarded Emirates and was already issued a boarding pa$$ but was forced to elect not to travel anymore because his daughter and granddaughter were prevented from travelling on December 29 by the Momodus. The pa$$ports of my daughter and sister were impounded for no just cause. The airline has refused to give a refund because my dad was already allocated a seat and boarding pa$$. Calmly, he lost over One and half million naira for his First cla$$ ticket. What is the loss to Uncle Dele Momodu in this matter ? But more precisely, what is his gain ? But o know who the real losers are.
Our lawyers are looking into the books and digging for legal recompense. The authority used by Uncle Dele Momodu is the callous enforcement of corrupt practices in the conduct of an ordinary domestic issue. Uncle Dele Momodu has boasted about possessing certain things he knows about me and my family. I dare him to publish or perish whatever he has in his pouch, globally !


-- ficull (m) at 30-12-2015 10:31PM
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This is seriously escalating ooo...
But wait oo... Is Bob D looking for cheap publicity??? If Sophia is such a darling, why cant u bring her own mother (who is alive and in naija) to the fore??
Something is not right here.... but sadly, a little girl's well-being is being toyed around... oh, poor little thing.
-- Bonitabay (f) at 30-12-2015 10:44PM
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Na wa ooo story
-- okatee (m) at 30-12-2015 11:05PM
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i'm a big fan of davido, i folo him in all social media network. not dat i'm supportin davido as his fan, bt i'm tellin d truth. Davido luvs Imade so much dat he always post her picx nd 15 seconds video in his twitter, facebook e.t.c. i bliv every word he jst said.
 And u can't tell me dat a father who is rich, has many luxury tynz, a millionaire who has a billionaire dad would want to kidnap his own child, for what? the momodus shud jst go nd sitdown fr one side.
-- gogoman (m) at 30-12-2015 11:07PM
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wow Davido don vex ooo,  like Yoruba ADAGE says, you can marry a bad girl and turn her over, but you can not turn a bad in-law over!!  next time use condom!!!
-- Wazubia Online (m) at 30-12-2015 11:11PM
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 This is minor thing, and also a winning case. Hire me as ur lawyer,  and case close. Kiss Kiss
-- Eniang1 (m) at 30-12-2015 11:44PM
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Daivdo or keni, you sound too proud. If this lady were  your sister or niece would you relax and watch a drama as this mated to her. You now know she had paltry education. Weren't you aware before you laid with her? That your cousin or what ever is  a Senator dosent equate you with due process and legal orders.  Nonsense! Hate seeing trashes. Are you the only son of an aclamed rich father, cum musician?  Is all noise everyday, Pls lets hear what.  
-- zezprincess (f) at 31-12-2015 12:13AM
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Davido,enof of this nonsense,let it stop,why can't you pay for your baby mama's ticket,if you're sure that una dey carry de baby go treatment&not to run away,why not allow the baby's mother to go with you people.Una never talk true,thank God say oga dele catch una.
-- satsaver (m) at 31-12-2015 12:17AM
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419 guests viewing this topic.. Pls identify yourselves!
-- SweetDaddy1 (m) at 31-12-2015 12:28AM
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Grow up boy....
-- kp45 (m) at 31-12-2015 12:30AM
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I will complete the reading later.
-- AmazingMarie (f) at 31-12-2015 01:39AM
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this is serious... Davido is really angry. if it is true Sophia had cannabis in her Brest milk that is questionable and its enough ground to disqualify her parenting her child
-- Asterimou (m) at 31-12-2015 01:49AM
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Davido, this girl may not be your class now but was your class years back when you lay with her. To be honest with you, you can never clean this girl off your life and history. Where ever your name is mentioned, this girl will be there. Its time you know and look for ways to settle this issue. Thank God you are blessed financially. If you can pay your workers, i see no reason why you can't afford to help this girl who brought your darling Imade to life as long as possible, at least until she find her love and get married. You might have a serious girl friend now, but let her know what this baby mama is to you. Let her follow you anywhere her baby is going. just a like a follow follow, thats all. There are ways this thing is done that it will appear  difficult for people to know she is even traveling with you. Swallow your pride and do the right thing. if she can not fight for herself, some people will fight for her, God will fight for her. take it easy and settle this in a family way
-- Mikexp (m) at 31-12-2015 03:31AM
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Must she pay for her flight?hell no!
This should be a lesson for every girl,lady or woman who thinks compeling pregnancy on a rich guy will make her his wife. Let's ask sophie some questions like 'why not someone else but the rich davido?' 'didn't you have any boyfriend before meeting Davido?'
this gentle man has made himself clear enough by proudly shouldering every fatherly responsibility over the poor little girl.
-- SOGaiya (m) at 31-12-2015 07:11AM
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Yeyebrities hauka
-- winace (f) at 31-12-2015 07:44AM
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Quote from: Alex Eniang Eniang on 30-12-2015 11:44PM
Daivdo or keni, you sound too proud. If this lady were  your sister or niece would you relax and watch a drama as this mated to her. You now know she had paltry education. Weren't you aware before you laid with her? That your cousin or what ever is  a Senator dosent equate you with due process and legal orders.  Nonsense! Hate seeing trashes. Are you the only son of an aclamed rich father, cum musician?  Is all noise everyday, Pls lets hear what.  
.  Thank u for dis comment. Ego, money or connection does not make u a better person. How educated is he?
-- winace (f) at 31-12-2015 07:51AM
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Davido u don't have a sound education too so stop. Dis is not d time for unnecessary name calling. Settle ur issue out of public. D Adelekes are not handling d matter well at all. And am surprise d senior Adeleke (d father) is involve in dis. Na wa o
-- ngfineface (f) at 31-12-2015 08:09AM
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Dele M talks too much and kinda gold digger. Same him that announced the birth of the baby even when the Adeleke's wanted privacy. He obviously thought Davido would marry his niece and turn them to a millionaire over night. Its no secret that Dele's career is no longer as superb as it use to be. He is just disappointed and talking out of hurt. His niece should even be charged for child abuse. He knew his niece was diabolically sleeping with an under aged and rather than advise her, he was so cool with it. 300k is even too much or if Davido had been a salary earner will he give all his monthly income to her? Dele M'd should please take care of his niece. His plan has failed. There is never gonno be any marriage between Davido and his baby mama. Get your niece an accommodation. Send her to school. Change her life and make her a better person.
-- okatee (m) at 31-12-2015 10:49AM
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@ngfineface, u be better person. na onli u undastand dis case well. dey need to arrest dat sophie fr child abuse. y will she be takin cannabis nd Bosom  feedin a baby again. dey shud sue her to court.
-- kenosas (m) at 31-12-2015 02:58PM
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the very cause that is exacerbating the whole matter now is both families are already involves,if Davido and Sophia are the ones involve the matter could ve be more polite handle,now egoism is working in the matter.
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