Nigerian Who Scammed Payday Lender Out Of £3M, Gets 6 Year Jail Term

Published 4 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
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at 1-02-2016 10:29PM (4 years ago)

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Kelvin Okusanya, 32, was the mastermind behind a £3m Wonga scam which used the identities of thousands of innocent members of the public to withdraw cash. He was part of a gang which exploited the company's website algorithms to make more than 19,000 loan applications using the same password 'Bengali90′.

The cash was then laundered through hundreds of bank accounts, while the unsuspecting victims were left facing paying the 1% a day interest payments. Okusanya was today, jailed for 6 years.

The names and details of wholly innocent members of the public were used to make fraudulent loan applications on a massive scale. Some were even contacted by Wonga for the loans they had not applied for and knew nothing about.

8 others were convicted of laundering the proceeds of the cash through bank accounts under their control. Olumuyiwa Fasoranti, 32, was jailed for 3 years, Sophia Pusey-Carroll, 46, was jailed for 21 months and Monika Solarz, 28, was jailed for 18 months.

Omotola Wellington, 31, was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment suspended for 2 years, Maureen Ako, 35, was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment suspended for 2 years and 200 hours unpaid work, and Sherene Bascoe, 21, was sentenced to nine months suspended for 3 years and 140 hours unpaid work.

Michelle Deola, 23, was given a community order with 100 hours unpaid work, and Kerone Clayton, 42, and Clement Bankole, 38, were given community orders with 40 hours unpaid work….. so guys, dt was why Kelvin cldnt come home last December.

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gogoman at 1-02-2016 10:39PM (4 years ago)
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why na years too harsh na judge , untop fraud for uk no be 2 yrs.. na wa oo
Oworen25 at 1-02-2016 10:44PM (4 years ago)
(12234 | Hero) (m)

That is how they continue to disgrace themselves and our country over there
dareper at 1-02-2016 10:55PM (4 years ago)
(20579 | Addicted Hero) Online (m)

Mehhhhn!..that money heavy ooh. If changed into naira.
kp45 at 1-02-2016 11:06PM (4 years ago)
(10324 | Hero) (m)

Fools have tried.
winace at 1-02-2016 11:08PM (4 years ago)
(30152 | Addicted Hero) (f)

Another set of useless Nigerians who go out to spoil d country name.
emma4love3 at 1-02-2016 11:45PM (4 years ago)
(15080 | Hero) (m)

am telling you....stupid people just go there to
finishe the image of nigeria.....good for them joor....
Machealex at 1-02-2016 11:57PM (4 years ago)
(2313 | Gistmaniac) (m)

What a shame
akinmanchy at 2-02-2016 12:26AM (4 years ago)
(11207 | Hero) (m)

That was why he couldn't come home last December, he was chopping beans (grammar time)

Mykie010 at 2-02-2016 01:03AM (4 years ago)
(6625 | Gistmaniac) (m)

No be d guys finish d image of Nigeria, point of correction, na our politicians.
yebo15 at 2-02-2016 01:09AM (4 years ago)
(271 | Upcoming) (m)

Children without a good reputation to keep.
xtokelly at 2-02-2016 01:47AM (4 years ago)
(385 | Upcoming) (m)

God have mercy..give them the heart to leave fraud....
imaria at 2-02-2016 01:53AM (4 years ago)
(1912 | Gistmaniac) (f)

Stop printing Nigeria with bad names
favuman at 2-02-2016 03:50AM (4 years ago)
(485 | Upcoming) (m)

When they travel to the European countries they will start to disgrace themselves in a way that will bring disgrace to us
ujmaria at 2-02-2016 04:08AM (4 years ago)
(2213 | Gistmaniac) (f)

Six years is small, always disgracing naija
princedafe at 2-02-2016 06:08AM (4 years ago)
(3944 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Another senseless post
princedafe at 2-02-2016 06:13AM (4 years ago)
(3944 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Another senseless post
Ennyolalekan at 2-02-2016 07:42AM (4 years ago)
(2276 | Gistmaniac) (m)

how I wish.
jjiofor at 2-02-2016 09:36AM (4 years ago)
(509 | Upcoming) (m)

Biafrans = ?
Tribe of only good people = ?
Mopera at 2-02-2016 11:45AM (4 years ago)
(1590 | Gistmaniac) (m)

he was
chopping beans (grammar time) No be d guys finish d image of
Nigeria, point of correction, na our
politicians. Children without a good reputation
to keep.
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