USA's Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, Orders the Removal of Black Students From Rally

Published 3 years ago by: Giwa bayo
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at 2-03-2016 10:28AM (3 years ago)

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Donald Trump ordered Secret Service agents to remove a number of black students from his Georgia rally on Monday evening. Before Trump spoke in Valdosta, Ga., about 30 black students who were quietly standing on the top of the bleachers were told to leave the GOP front-runner’s event. Those students complied and were escorted by the Secret Service outside, where they were told they needed to vacate the area of the rally.
We didn’t plan to do anything,” said Tahjila Davis, a 19-year-old Valdosta State University student who was removed. “They said, 'This is Trump’s property; it’s a private event.' But I paid my tuition to be here.
Earlier Monday, black students at a Trump rally in Virginia were removed by Secret Service after chanting, “No more hate! No more hate! Let's be equal, let's be great!"
The removal of the students comes as Trump faces a firestorm for not disavowing former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke’s support during a Sunday interview on CNN. Trump blamed a faulty earpiece for misunderstanding the question and said he’s previously repudiated the support. At another Trump campaign event Monday, a photographer was slammed  into a table by a security officer. There are a lot of sick,misguided and confused people in America (same way we have in every Country) who share the same ideology with Trump

charisVEC at 2-03-2016 10:32AM (3 years ago)
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I see..dis man don lyk blacks @ all...Racism shit..issokay
dareper at 2-03-2016 10:35AM (3 years ago)
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phyuking.racist white pig, let's see if he will win. Bingo
ujmaria at 2-03-2016 10:41AM (3 years ago)
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Racism is everywhere, but in dis I guess naija is better
gogoman at 2-03-2016 10:43AM (3 years ago)
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wetin them dey find there in the first place!!!    una go see pepe. cos it very sure this MAD DOG  go become president
nonsovin at 2-03-2016 10:46AM (3 years ago)
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emma4love3 at 2-03-2016 10:47AM (3 years ago)
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mehn if this guy enter power as United State
of America Prisido....America wil never be the same again visa go tight die....becos his policies wil damage
the name of US aand i pity am too....for showing to the world that he is a racist...thank God that i am
not an American fan....hate that country's life style
Haso112 at 2-03-2016 10:49AM (3 years ago)
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MAD MAN...! Bloody racist and it's not just black he's got problems with.. A Scottish man for that matter.....!
Fran6ixfox at 2-03-2016 10:50AM (3 years ago)
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Not cool...
Otikadinje at 2-03-2016 10:51AM (3 years ago)
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That dirty crazy pig is mad, you swine . You are a bloody loser already.

Oworen25 at 2-03-2016 10:55AM (3 years ago)
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I don't blame him I blame the black guys that went there to vote for him, please all Nigerians should better come back home now before it to late for them.
patrickudefuna at 2-03-2016 11:13AM (3 years ago)
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Trump has gone wild ooooo
botlex at 2-03-2016 11:16AM (3 years ago)
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I used to like this Trump of a guy, but not anymore. You can't just intimidate someone coz of there skin colour
fmswag at 2-03-2016 11:17AM (3 years ago)
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Quote from: oworen obong on  2-03-2016 10:55AM
I don't blame him I blame the black guys that went there to vote for him, please all Nigerians should better come back home now before it to late for them.

Dey went for rally not voting.
samybrowne at 2-03-2016 11:19AM (3 years ago)
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The earlier the black African start tracing there root the better for them, because is obvious trump is winning counting from the previous vote's he is coming first atleast for now.
Novic at 2-03-2016 11:59AM (3 years ago)
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My God in heaven will not allow this man to become presido of united state. What the stupid man dnt knw is that black plenty pass white in united state nw. I knw for sure that he will never be president of united state, becz na all black people go bck him off and they will never vote for him. Useless man
Mykie010 at 2-03-2016 12:18PM (3 years ago)
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I support u,
botlex at 2-03-2016 12:50PM (3 years ago)
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This guy need to shut his mouth. A racist can't be the president of God's own country
vickie_guz at 2-03-2016 01:17PM (3 years ago)
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If Americans elect this man as president, then i know the world has come to an end. Bullshit!
nwaafoigbo at 2-03-2016 02:17PM (3 years ago)
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