EFCC Goes After Patience Jonathan's Cousin, Esther Oba Who 'Owns' N9bn Accounts

Published 3 years ago by: kacy lee
at 3-01-2017 08:29AM (3 years ago)

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The EFCC said the accounts had Oba's Bank Verification Number (BVN) but carry Patience's signature.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has put Patience Jonathan's cousin, Esther Oba, on its watch list after it was discovered that she (Oba) is being used as a front for the ex-first lady's N9 billion bank accounts.
According to Punch, citing an EFCC source, the anti-graft agency began investigating Oba after identifying her as one of the owners of the accounts bearing the signature of Mrs Jonathan.
The EFCC said the accounts had Oba's Bank Verification Number (BVN) but carry Patience's signature.
Oba also allegedly possesses two valid Nigerian passports which bear the same name, picture but signatures.
The source was quoted as saying: "After we froze Patience Jonathan's accounts a few months ago, we continued to investigate the former First Lady. We then stumbled on some accounts, which did not bear her name but had her signature.
"We realised that one Esther Oba, who we believe is Patience's cousin, had been operating some accounts for her. The accounts had Oba's BVN but carried Patience's signature. So we began investigating Oba.
"Immigration confirmed that the two passports are indeed valid. They bear the same name, picture and details but different signature. So, they have also launched an investigation into the matter. Obviously this is a case of fraud"

All efforts to locate Oba have been futile, the source said, adding that the EFCC has hired some forensic experts to study the signatures.
"Oba's signature and that of Patience look exactly alike. But in order to build a solid case, we are hiring some forensic experts to study the signature and give us a report which would be able to present in court," the source said.
The source added that the BVN has made it difficult for politically-exposed people to keep huge money in their accounts - so they open accounts with other people's identities but make use of their own signatures so that only the sponsors can have access to the accounts.

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ficull at 3-01-2017 10:01AM (3 years ago)
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9B NAIRA you said??? Chai! Chai!! Chai!!!
We MUST get back our moni ooooo
bayonel3 at 3-01-2017 10:07AM (3 years ago)
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shey na only dem waka come? what pisses me of about ppl who embezzle money is that, I don't see what they use it for. no investment, nothing, they just spend and spend. highest they build a multi million dollar hotel. is that the only form of business that exist? all those mega companies... do you think was built with legit money? smh  Angry
gogoman at 3-01-2017 10:25AM (3 years ago)
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chukkychukky at 3-01-2017 10:54AM (3 years ago)
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i jst dey observe

BournIdentity at 3-01-2017 11:01AM (3 years ago)
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Chuku chuku,,,, I go chook u needle for mouth...!!! Na wetin u tink say u dey observe, moron
CHRISETTE at 3-01-2017 12:45PM (3 years ago)
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If you are close to patience and you have such money in your account watch out for efcc
BournIdentity at 3-01-2017 01:08PM (3 years ago)
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OK,,,,, e still dey for observation process
waytoheaven at 3-01-2017 01:18PM (3 years ago)
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madam paceh,just a wife to a Ex-president buh re bank accounts sings in billions of usd,pounds and naira,what a country I live where citizen precisely so CALL YOUTh re so doltish and re vacuous, well if I was so close to madam paceh Aka iya peace,and I front,dem no go even detect the one with me
james987 at 3-01-2017 01:51PM (3 years ago)
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Cases wey no dey end. At the end of it all,them go set her free.
kacylee at 3-01-2017 07:19PM (3 years ago)
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and the drama continues

kison at 3-01-2017 10:51PM (3 years ago)
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
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Please please hold on, why e be say everywhere I take even when I wan hide yawa dey there?

Why why?

Yawa life, yawa goes on