If Exposing Dino Melaye’s Certificates Will Take My Life, SO BE IT - Publisher Of Sahara, Sowore

3 years ago by: success Xenab
(m) at 26-03-2017 09:36PM (3 years ago)

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Mr Omoyele Sowere, the publisher of Sahara Reporters has written a bold statement on his Facebook page saying, if the publications he has been making about Senator Dino Melaye’s alleged fake certificates will take his life then so be it. Mr Sowere who also made it known that he also wrote to London School of Economics and Political Science who have also allegedly confirmed that Senator Dino was never a student of the school also shared a screenshot of their response. He also accused the senator of saying he would send him to jail. What he wrote in full on his facebook page after the cut.

Folks: It was brought to my attention earlier that Nigerian Senator Dino Melaye promised to 'send me to jail' over the recent unraveling of his questionable educational background. While some are worried, appalled, alarmed and concerned and even scared about this declaration, it had me thinking differently. I am a Nigerian citizen who had been through torture, humiliations, and incarceration by dictators in uniform between 1992-1999 before I eventually left Nigeria.

I have never doubted the power of justice over legalities. That a Nigerian Senator in a democratic era could make this proclamation is indeed a sign that our democratic transition was a farce, particular when you've now noticed that Mr. Melaye was sitting at the feet of one of Nigeria's worst military dictators, Ibrahim Babangida just a week ago.

One of Babangida's worst crimes against humanity was the assassination of notable investigative journalists of our time, Dele Giwa, by way of a parcel bomb. Another thing Melaye shares in common with Babangida and his killer squad was using libel lawsuits to silence inquisitions.

In the 80's Gani Fawehimi was found liable of libeling the killers of Dele Giwa and asked to pay damages to Halilu Akilu.

Here is how I am different and also not different, I am not going to run away from criminals running the Nigerian political space until they are defeated, and their ideologies of greed, bloodiness, and avarice are entirely abandoned and discredited forever (Apology to Bob Marley).

If it takes my life, so be it. If it means another unjust ruling asking for damages for thieves. So be it. We must take our space back from the 10 percenters, drug dealers, certificate forgers, money launderers, political manipulators, and assassins.

Thank you

Mykie010 (m) at 26-03-2017 09:46PM
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i am behind u bro
crocatum (m) at 26-03-2017 10:30PM
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 Senator Dinosaur exposed  what else but a liar, a thug, possibly a killer, we now know the real senator Dinosaur, thanks to the brave Mr Omoyele Sowere. This is the kind of information  we need before we vote for a thug.
Wazubia (m) at 26-03-2017 10:33PM
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If your doing this sincerely without no money ex-change hand behind the back from ur brother Bola Tinubu.  Them good job.  Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
Otikadinje (m) at 26-03-2017 10:37PM
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Really again Huh?

akinmanchy (m) at 26-03-2017 11:15PM
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Ok na, I still dey observe the matter

concentrate (m) at 27-03-2017 08:17AM
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don't mind the tout. keep up your good work. 
Larry28 (f) at 27-03-2017 08:28AM
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Nawa ooo
Henrybobo (m) at 27-03-2017 09:40AM
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Oga d Nigerian system is bad and yet to be fixed, u would just die for nothing cause if u expose him finish nothing go still happen dem go use money and power close everytin, d highest tin dat can happen is he would not have a political post but believe me he would still be enjoying his life, assuming d law really works in naija den I would have said it is worth it..
24magic (m) at 27-03-2017 02:35PM
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Truth is glaring