Lady Narrates How Her Abroad Boyfriend Was Stolen By Her Friend & Now They Are Getting Married

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A Nigerian woman is full of tears and regret after her female friend snatched her abroad boyfriend, now they are about to get married.  According to a story shared by Nnamdi Victor on Facebook, a Nigerian woman said she is dying silently after her abroad boyfriend was stolen by her female friend, now they are about to marry.
Read the story below:
This is the mistake some ladies make. Please ladies, always keep your man away from your girlfriends. Stop this attitude of showing your man off to your fellow ladies. One of us is on the verge of suicide because of this costly mistake. We know this lady, she is very popular among us here. So unfortunate. Hear her :
"I never dated any guy until the day I met this my present guy. After some months, I agreed to date him. we have only made love 2 times before he traveled outside Nigeria. I am not the s*x type. I no dey even get urge. We talk everyday, he sends me money, I loved him and I believed so much in him. He made me realize men are not the same.

I'm not materialistic, the little I get from my family is ok for me.

I met this girl in camp when I went for Nysc. I let her speak with the guy on phone, I never knew she stole the number, telling this guy all sort of things about me. Honestly, I never knew he came back during Easter, both of them met, when I heard from his sister that he came back, I asked him and he said 'baby I'm sorry I came to buy house in Lagos for us'. See my mumu, I let go.

Ben the communication dropped and reduced. I do the calling, I chat him, I do the loving and caring believing maybe something is bothering him.

He told me he is not coming back. That's why I'm spending my Xmas in Lagos. If you can remember, I told you one time I needed a male friend who I can hang out with that I'm so lonely here.

Ben I can't write again o, my so called boyfriend and my girlfriend are wedding tomorrow ooo. The friend and sister called me and was telling me, that they can't hide it from me. My Delta girlfriend has killed me oo. Ben I'm dying. I want God to kill me tonight."

blowout (m) at 5-01-2018 11:06AM
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On top man na im u dey tell God to kill u. People enter this new with gratitude to God for keeping them alive and praying for a better 2018. Na death u dey pray for. This is the first guy u are dating and obviously your first heartbreak. Heartbreak is normal and u will likely experience more before u meet your husband. Abeg if u no get better thing to pray for make u pray make God save Nigeria from Fulani Herdsmen.
nemacris (m) at 5-01-2018 11:56AM
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that guy is not your husband.thanks god he did not marry you.yours is on the thankful.
KennyFidel (f) at 5-01-2018 12:02PM
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Sorry dear, it does happens
fineboy77 (m) at 5-01-2018 12:10PM
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E never reach to pray for death abeg,in fact there is no reason on earth for such a prayer. I can see that you are young in relationship matters and you still have a tender heart. Its obvious that you dont know how bad people can be in this world. I wish i am there with you to console you and make things right again.

Akinopeyemi (m) at 5-01-2018 12:56PM
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We need to hear the other parts of the story......cant just judge with yours alone....
odegbalegu (m) at 5-01-2018 01:47PM
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welcome to heartbreak club of Nigeria. more 3 to go. my prayer for u is that God keep u until u meet yours
Sniper101 (m) at 5-01-2018 03:12PM
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sorry dear...

but from what I've gathered from everyone involved with this case, it seems your girlfriend behaves better than you do.

kacylee (f) at 5-01-2018 07:05PM
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i call it survival of the fittest

slimber (f) at 5-01-2018 08:32PM
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So sorry my dear
Marakelvs (f) at 5-01-2018 10:50PM
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I understand how heartbreaking it can be but just pray to God to give u d hrt to move on, don't hold grudges for dem of watsover, I tell u, u will laugh best. karma awaits both of them if ur'e really not d cause.
Dramaking (m) at 5-01-2018 11:36PM
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Smh... Next time abstain from fornication, he has already seen your nakedness so every excuse to break up will start rolling in. #GirlsWillNeverLearn. #SHAME.