My Ex-Husband Was Gay That Was Why I Ran To Daddy Freeze - Fiance, Benedicta Elechi

Published 1 year ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 11:14 PM, 22/01/2018 (1 year ago)

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In a new explosive and exclusive interview with Linda Ikeji TV, OAP Freeze's fiancee, Benedicta Elechi revealed all she went through in her marriage to  Mr. Paul Odekina, the executive general manager of Human Resource at Total E&P Nigeria Limited.

The C.E.O of TasteBudz Real Naija Cooking and Dictachi Foods Nigeria Ltd, who stopped by to talk to about her food business, spoke on her failed marriage which produced three children.

An emotional Elechi who couldn't contain her emotions, during the interview said she filed for a divorce from her husband because of his 'sexual perversion.'  She said during their union they only made love just eleven times in 10 years, until she caught her husband red-handed in gay sex with a man in their living room.

Read an excerpt from the interview below.

LIB: When asked why she filed a divorce from her ex-husband, Mr. Paul Odekina of Total E&P.

Benedicta: I filed for a divorce from him because of his sexual perversion and there's a point where you get to as a human being when you realise that something or what is your aim is never going to work.
Because when I signed a contract to marry him, I believed I was marrying a man that shared the same type of sexuality with me.

Don't get me wrong, I do not have any issues with people that have different sexual orientation but when you come and say you want to get into a marriage contract with someone, you both have to share the same sexual orientation.

So when you get into that marriage and find out it wasn't what you bargained for, it's like you were tricked into the marriage. The marriage is a sham.

For example, we got married in 2002, I filed for a divorce 2012. For the period of 10-years that we were married, we actually had sexual intercourse just 11 times in 10 years.  He never let me sleep in his room, I have to stay in my own room.

He would only come to see me when he thinks we should make a baby.

Way into the marriage, I caught him red-handed in gay sex. I walked into him in our living room, at about 1:30, 1:40am with a guy I didn't really know. But he obviously walked in with that person at that time of the night, and I walked into them in our living.

I can tell you it was a struggle. You are living in a society where as a woman you have to do everything you can to preserve your marriage. You can come out of it, you just have to pray, God can change things.

There are certain things that we need to know when God is talking to you. It's a little bit emotional for me because there are a lot of women out there that have gone through what I went through and they can't come out.

 I'm sorry, but there are a lot of reasons I never wanted to do an interview. The pain that I went through is real and it can only take a lifetime to forget.

LIB: Did you talk to your family or anybody about it?

Benedicta: When you feel that marriage is something both parties have to work on, You don't want to bring a third party into it, so you can give him some time to change and pray about it.

And this is him begging you constantly, don't leave me. If you do that am going to kill myself. I will commit suicide, I don't want you to tell my parents or your parents about it. I promise you I'm going to change.

You would desperately believe that this person is going to change because you want your marriage to work, and you just find that the years are going by, you are in it, you can't come out.

Who do you really want to tell? It's a stigma and then you have kids, you don't want them to be laughed at in school.

LIB: But do have any evidence to back up your claims he was in a gay relationship while you were married to him?

Benedicta: There were some text messages I saw on his phone which he sent to a man he actually brought home for dinner I made for them.

When I saw the text messages on his phone, I was livid. I had to confront him with it. You can't bring someone to the house and tell me he's a guest that I should entertain him, and this is actually what you do, this is the kind of relationship you have with this person.

Why are you punishing me, and why are you doing this to me. If you know this marriage is a sham, then let me go.

When I saw the text I had to wake up from the couch. I confronted him and he went all crazy on me. He said I have no right to pick up his phone.  I told him I had no airtime on my phone and wanted to make a call with his. He said I have no right to go through his phone.

I said to him, is this what you really do, you would bring somebody to the house, for me to feed for dinner and this is it. You are in a sexual relationship with this guy."


Meanwhile, OAP Freeze and Benedicta who have been together for several years have a son together.

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tellyy1122 at 11:29 PM, 22/01/2018 (1 year ago)
(92 | Newbie) (f)

sooooooo would it make a difference if he had sexual relations with a woman instead of a man?Huh?  Huh?
xspraise at 11:32 PM, 22/01/2018 (1 year ago)
(8276 | Hero) (m)

ok ooooo.........

slimber at 11:44 PM, 22/01/2018 (1 year ago)
(12070 | Hero) (f)

I Don hear but still daddyfreeze is correct#FreeTheSheeple
james987 at 12:08 AM, 23/01/2018 (1 year ago)
(8594 | Hero) (m)

Quote from: tellyy1122 on 11:29 PM, 22/01/2018
sooooooo would it make a difference if he had sexual relations with a woman instead of a man?Huh?  Huh?
You are sick
WhaleDog at 01:57 AM, 23/01/2018 (1 year ago)
(2061 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Nothing is wrong being a gay ,it’s a matter of sexual preference.Sometkme I feel like ducking feg and sometime I drill phussy ! But that doesn’t make me a bad guy ,I’m just loving it

ehudomalt at 08:58 AM, 23/01/2018 (1 year ago)
(542 | Upcoming) (m)

did Dady freez freez you???
ruthie at 10:04 AM, 23/01/2018 (1 year ago)
(17435 | Hero) (f)

gogoman at 04:02 PM, 23/01/2018 (1 year ago)
(31816 | Addicted Hero) (m)

i thought women like gay men lol


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