Nigerian Men Fall In Love Because Of Poverty - Upcoming Singer, Papa

2 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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Nigerian singer Papa, might have you thinking she is a man when you hear her name for the first time, but the singer is just a sexy and beautiful lady who only wanted to stand out from the crowd.

The beautiful singer has however voiced out her opinion on the reason why mot men fall in love and she believes some do it out of frustration and poverty. According to her, only few men genuinely fall in love.

"My biggest selling point is in my name. I enjoy the controversy my name creates. At the mention of my name everyone expects to see a guy but at the end of the day it turns out to be a sexy girl. Yes, I am sexy and the style of my music and personality is very unique and original,” the singer says in a chat with Potpourri

Papa, who is unsigned to any record label after an ugly affair with her former one, bares her mind on a number of issues about love and sexuality.

“10% out of 100% of Nigerian men truly mean it when they say they are in love. Some fall in love out of frustration, poverty, financial insecurity and other benefits, only few people in this country know what true love means.
Some others actually started out looking for true love but got betrayed along the line and eventually end up with the mindset that there is no true love,” she offered, when asked if true love does exist in Nigeria.

Talking about fidelity in a relationship, the sexy singer said she could forgive her boyfriend if cheated on.

“Nobody is above mistake, as we are all human beings. If my man cheats on me I will check myself properly to know if I was the reason and try to make amends from my end. Sometimes, this cheating of a thing is not intentional, it may come as a result of temptation and when I see he’s really sorry and repented I will forgive”.
But when a man is beginning to feel it’s a man’s world and believes he should get away with anything, it makes me mad. For such men, my love will turn to hate and nothing good can come out of such relationship,” she added.

EDDYPRINCE (m) at 1-04-2018 10:50AM
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Where this one for come out again....  Everybody wan sing...  OK kontinue
gogoman (m) at 1-04-2018 11:18AM
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i like her tommy
james987 (m) at 1-04-2018 01:11PM
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SOGaiya (m) at 1-04-2018 02:25PM
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men that come to u might be actually poor or have no luv for u but if u are thinking the white man is given it better then am very sorry for ur black race mentality
Mashbol (m) at 1-04-2018 02:34PM
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I hear...but that's your opinion
fineboy77 (m) at 1-04-2018 03:50PM
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As your music never sell,you wan sample another market

slimber (f) at 1-04-2018 06:44PM
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Okooo men is it true
fineboy77 (m) at 13-04-2018 12:10AM
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