"You Will Cry Till You Tired" - Yahoo Boys Mocks Their 'Client' After Scamming Him

1 year ago by: success Xenab
(m) at 4-09-2018 08:40PM (1 year ago)

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It like all this yahoo boys' are not smiling again.. Look how they make an old man to cry after obtaining money from him..


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canny_kiki Wicked souls
ayobhadhoo.bmg Dis is not d next thing nah why
peace.nicholas This is bad
tolu_wealthSo sad, God will judge you according to the work of thy hands... Such a pity.
temmytiaNah this is wrong in all ways, he could kill himself for that nah haba
poshandfacesNa karma wey u dey use play with ur life,o ma sey ooo
geedon_escaphiniAnd this goes on... Making life hard for Nigerians abroad making honest living but carry the stigma of being Nigerians. Karma is always around the corner.
kekere_002Dis is disturbing
taiwo_thorpeSomebody's sweat and dey 're mocking all this yahoo boys will not inherit Gods kingdom o @kenny__thorpe this man can commit suicide only Gods knows how much dey must have robbed him
bobjuganteJust the way we were crying during the time of slave trade...... If the man like make him cry blood
[email protected]_esheza lol....what is pick?
[email protected]
kira_the.model.magnificientOk this part is not necessary at all.
mekusobiI feel sorry for the man, these baboons keep making a mockery out of Nigerians yet people think its the president when we have delinquents like these ones
messikeedLolest....he asked for Noods. Lol
[email protected]
slamhitfactoryThis is so sad to watch...
[email protected]_esheza oya explain
[email protected]_vee_ as jb
[email protected]_vee_ As in ehn ..its so sad
conteeprinceThis is wickedness eating someone hard earn money.. the worst part is that you guys won’t use the money to be better things for your life. Broke ass niggas
chucksdiliGuy una nor try oo
geminiscutestWhat's d meaning of dis nonsense now?Huh?
It's bad enof dat u steal from someone,but openly mocking d trust dey had for u, ur punishments will never finish. Dis is so painful to watch
mifizyThe problem now is that Christ will still beg God to forgive them

crocatum (m) at 4-09-2018 10:49PM
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These idiots spoiling our name, anywhere you mention Nigeria, outside the world, the first thing they tend to think is scam
crocatum (m) at 4-09-2018 10:53PM
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This youth are wicked, that is why they don't value Nigerians outside, they think we don't have standards and cannot think morally, just look at the poor old man crying
crocatum (m) at 4-09-2018 10:58PM
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I Fear those scammers, their moral compass is money, yet they can not work to make their money, they can not use their head.
Faithfulrach (f) at 5-09-2018 04:06AM
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Quote from: crocatum on  4-09-2018 10:49PM
These idiots spoiling our name, anywhere you mention Nigeria, outside the world, the first thing they tend to think is scam
This is. Facts. Even criminals have codes and respect within the shit. These dumb idiots are the reason everyone with catch a bid. Stupid weak ass. I live in the states born and raised and I am not trying to be offensive but don’t nobody wanna flop with Nigerians for this reason right here. Scammers crooks legit businesses it doesn’t matter, even the most holy of them all......nobody wants to do anything with Nigerias.Trashassniggah is about  about it and that shit only draws attention for you to get set up and ran through don’t do anything but reddotchu. Run your mouth over here about what you have and the next mouth action would be a 9mil in yah teeth to rob, talk too much rude af.