22yrs Old Nigerian Guy Left Heartbroken After He Was Dumped By His 42-year-old Chinese Lover

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A young Nigerian man has been left heartbroken after he was dumped by his 42-year-old Chinese lover. According to the 22-year-old Nigerian identified as Ejiblinks from Owerri, Imo state, his older lover dumped him after five months of dating because her family won’t approve due to his nationality and age. Despite being heartbroken, the young man still took to Facebook to declare love for her as he vowed to wait for her to come back into his life. Read below what he shared online.

She came into my life sad, lonely and in need of a shoulder to lean on. I said I’d be there for her as a friend. So we talked. Though 3000 km apart, we still felt close. Then she tells me she wants more than friendship but afraid of losing her, I couldn’t say I’d fallen for her already. I gave in and said I loved her too. I gave her my soul, my heart. Everything. Five months of happiness. Then one day she simply said she couldn’t be mine. Her family wouldn’t approve. Our love wasn’t enough, am from Nigeria, and she is Chinese, am 22 and she 42. She left, deactivating her Facebook and whatsapp.

Coming back again twice more, I was more broken each time.But I am still here, missing her. Every minute of everyday. I still love her, still cry for her, the first time I kissed her, once second to none. I have touched her hand, saw her in person, had fun with her, but I am still waiting. Not knowing where she is or how she’s doing. Yet I’ll wait for her because I will love her forever. No one can replace her, up to now.

nightowl1171 (m) at 7-12-2018 04:57PM
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Guy, please forget this old cargo. Come to Indonesia and get yourself 18 years old beautiful girl who can die for you because of love, who can even help you to become a man financially as long as you love her with all your heart. But if you are addicted to older ones like this one that have broken your heart in China, they are here too. Those ones are ready to obey your order to the last as long as you love them without cheating on them with another woman.
Baye77 (m) at 7-12-2018 05:12PM
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Okay I'm sure this is one of those scripts from nollywood...
kp45 (m) at 7-12-2018 11:41PM
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Nice actor