Igbos and South East Set To Launch Their Own Version Of "Amotekun" Called "Ogbunigwe"

Published 1 month ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 21-01-2020 06:56PM (1 month ago)

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As the Southwest's Amotekun Security Force (a complimentary security outfit for the region) gathers steam, the the youth wing of the Socio Political group embodying all IBO states, Ohaneze, has proposed the creation of their regional and complimentary security outfit codenamed "Ogbunigwe".

Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, the president of Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Council, described it as a welcomed development and said it is time to create a similar one in the southeast. He also advocated the creation of a ministry of homeland security across southeast Nigeria to coordinate this new regional security outfit.

He disclosed that, the outfit would be unarmed but would be well equipped to carry out intelligence functions as they partner with the regular security forces in the country.

He also went further to say that, Ogbunigwe would comprise of hunters, certain youth association members, Enugu Forest Guards, Ebonyi Neighborhood Watch and Vigilante team members.

Lack of a uniformed security architecture in the region has been the reason for the infiltration of Herdsmen into the region who have had a free time committing heinous crimes against the Ibos, he said

He urged that, IBOs all over the world should support this new drive so that the outfit can contribute immensely to information gathering so as to prevent crimes from happening before hand as well as stopping perpetrators dead in their tracks.
——————— Operation Ogbunigwe

Ijaya18 at 21-01-2020 07:06PM (1 month ago)
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This is getting more interesting day by day. Is a good idea provided it will not be use to victimised innocent citizen.
deboalabi262 at 21-01-2020 07:23PM (1 month ago)
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Nice move.

jahlovesme at 21-01-2020 08:17PM (1 month ago)
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hmmm well at least for the people safety
Osahenogae1 at 22-01-2020 05:11AM (1 month ago)
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Quote from: Ijaya18 on 22-01-2020 05:11AM
This is getting more interesting day by day. Is a good idea provided it will not be use to victimised innocent citizen.
Richman1969 at 22-01-2020 06:56AM (1 month ago)
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This one in the east nor go work oooo! a disgiuse to train biafran soliders
ikpotokin at 22-01-2020 09:32AM (1 month ago)
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Igbo states should set up its security arrangements
maxray at 22-01-2020 10:40AM (1 month ago)
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Ewu Hausa without Gun and you'll use your apka-amu to stop them from doing what they know how to do best Killing, molesting, Destroying and Grabbing of peoples land by fire by force....The earlier all of you old easterner region of Nigeria join IPOB and work with Mazi Nnamdi Ukwu Kanu is the beginning of your wisdom, and liberation of Biafran nation is better for everybody...Nigeria i know very well can never favour Biafrans....Take it or leave it, you can ague with your keyboard as much as you wish...   
Baye77 at 23-01-2020 07:25AM (1 month ago)
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Ok o..
dopygenius at 24-01-2020 07:30PM (4 weeks ago)
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Biafra is the only way to be free from this Nigeria corrupted elites like president mumu buhari
He is the most corrupted president in whole of Africa
A demon in human form