Why Are Tattoos a Popular Trend Among Students and Teachers?

Published On: April 16, 2020, 11:08 pm
Daniel Bosai
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Ever since the ancient settings, tattoos have always been puzzling and fascinating on the human body. If you’ve never had a tattoo, you must be wondering what motivates the people around you to get something permanent on their skin. Not to forget the pain they experience during the process. If you already have a tattoo you might be wondering if the reasons for getting one are common.

Tattoos have been embraced today like never before especially in colleges. Students and teachers are getting tattoos for different reasons. And they are loving it. So, why are they getting tattoos? And why are teachers with tattoos becoming a popular trend? Let’s find out!

1. Culture
Tattooing is a practice that began around 3100 BCE. As the years passed, more cultures adopted this practice. Some communities and tribes mark their members to identify their positions in the social structure.
It’s very common for teenagers to get tattoos especially if their parents have them. Tattoos are not only social markers but also help in retaining cultural purposes. Since tattoos have rapidly evolved, you can expect to get a stylish one that will enable you to preserve your culture.

2. Something personal or meaningful
Students and teachers are getting tattoos because of their permanence and conspicuousness. These two aspects make tattoos one of the best ways to mark something special or meaningful.
Unlike tattoos that are used for cultural purposes, these tattoos indicate meaningful things to the individual; not the entire society. When getting a tattoo, it can take some time for your body to recover and you don’t want this to impact your educational or working process. During healing process, you should avoid additional stress, especially if tattoo is on your arm you don’t want to exhaust it so you could look here and get enough time to heal without getting stressed about your assignments. Personal tattoos include slogans, a favorite saying of a loved one, song lyric or a tribute to a deceased relative or friend.

3. Preference of a certain tattoo
Most students are drawn to tattoos simply because of their looks. Even if the tattoo is associated with something meaningful in their lives, they will get it because of its design or color. And they want to see it on their skin every day.
Some get tattoos to complement their looks or personal aesthetics. This can be as simple as a small heart or star displayed discreetly on the shoulder or wrist.

4. Expressing individuality
Have you ever noticed how your eyes tend to be attracted to school tattoos? There is something about having a tattoo that makes you stand out in a crowd. For some students and teachers, this is their biggest appeal. They know that they are unique and special therefore; they have an urge to display that. They are not satisfied with average looks so they get bold and prominent tattoos.
Others get a high school tattoo to express who they are. They could be intellectuals or quirky. All they want is a tattoo that displays who they are.

5. To rebel
Tattoos are becoming a popular trend around the world. However, this does not mean that they’ve been completely accepted by everyone. Some students and teachers can get tattoos to defy family expectations, professional settings, and cultural norms.
A hardworking student who has always been defined as little queen by her family may start rebelling by doing the opposite just to push back such statements. If you’ve been brought up by religious parents, you can get a tattoo to break with the past; especially if doing so will be frowned upon. Others get tattoos to conform to their professional roles for example politicians, teachers, musicians, and business people to name a few.

6. Covering imperfections
Some students get college tattoo for cosmetic reasons. These tattoos cover imperfections in the skin thus making them less visible or prominent. People with scars, stretch marks or discoloration can get tattoos to mask them. The tattoo can be a butterfly, stars or a logo of their favorite musician.


Tattoos are becoming a popular trend in our modern world. People are getting tattoos for several reasons. And everyone’s experience is unique. It might involve subjecting yourself to a painful procedure. However, it does pay off in the end.
Deciding to permanently mark your body is a personal act. Do not let the fear of being judged stop you from getting something special in your life. Also, have a professional do everything for you. The last thing you want to have is a poorly drawn tattoo or a host of diseases. When you do it right, the people around you will be happy. And most importantly, you’ll define who you are.

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