WATCH: Popular Ghana’s Dancing Pallbearers Storm TV3 With Their Famous ‘Dada Awu’ Dance Moves

Published On: April 18, 2020, 5:52 pm
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Popular Ghanaian funeral choreographers who dance while carrying coffins storm the studio of TV3, this marks their first ever local media house (Tv) interview after they became widely known.

Known professionally as the ‘Nana Tafregya Pallbearers’, they performed their signature dance moves for the TV3 audience set to the track ‘Astronomia’ by Tony Igy.

That track is what plays in the background of all the memes made from their performances.

The Ghanaian pallbearers are now known all over the world and gained notoriety.

Expect their business to shoot through the roof after this pandemic is over.

Watch video of their performance below…

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