I Wrote An Album For Psquare, They Made Over $1Million And Gave Me Only $300 - May D

Published On: May 27, 2020, 1:37 pm
-- Online (f) at 27-05-2020 01:37PM

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Mr May D Finally tells his own story about his slipt with Psquare who is know as Rudy boy and Mr. P on the instagram live May D says he is not a Greedy Person and that his fallout with Psquare Permanently ruined his Brands Image!!!

See video below...

-- smart61 (m) at 27-05-2020 04:49PM
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1million$? Which means they made about 400,000,000 million naira. Na which kind music be that? Abi no be those songs like say them cry or in sorrow? MayD, you never talk true.
-- Henrybobo Online (m) at 27-05-2020 06:44PM
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Oga go rest, without p.square, nobody might have known you... Later now if them bring their own evidence say u they lie, u go change mouth
-- esoo22 (m) at 27-05-2020 07:17PM
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This guy is very greedy. 300k dollars u are a big idiot
-- naijahustler (m) at 27-05-2020 08:12PM
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Bro r u blind? It says 300.....where u see 300k?
-- ejiretwins (m) at 27-05-2020 11:32PM
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I said it. P-Square is a bunch of wicked people. They destroyed MayD. No artist has ever risen to fame under them, which is what should have made them proud as one of the top music duo in Africa...but their greediness and wickedness wouldn't let them.