Audio Recording Of $50,000 Bribe Scandal

Published 9 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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at 2-12-2010 11:53AM (9 years ago)

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Last Friday, Saharareporters broke the story of an attempt by President Goodluck Jonathan to bribe a visiting delegation of the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) with $50,000.

That story has been controversial since then, following a whimpering denial of the attempt by Tony Uranta, a muscle in Mr. Jonathan's inner circle, and a story in an online journal which gave the impression the convener of the SNG, Pastor Tunde Bakare, did not consider the money to have been a bribe.

In order to provide authentication of our story Saharareporters hereby publishes an audio of two telephone interviews with Bakare, upon which part of our stories were based.  The interviews were conducted on November 28 and 30, and the pastor confirms the bribe attempt and the accuracy of our reporting of the issue.

Bakare, known as much for his religious work as for his political activism, had confirmed on Sunday evening that the Minister of the Niger Delta, Godsday Orubebe offered the SNG delegation the sum of $50,000 on behalf of President Jonathan.   The funds were returned through Uranta shortly after it was presented to the SNG delegation.

Referring to Orubebe, Bakare is heard on the tape saying, “…I wish him well because he neither said he didn’t give us money or we didn’t return money, he just said he did not offer bribe; and he began to give me definition of bribe, unfortunately he did not go to law school but he is trying to lecture a lawyer.”

Jonathan’s attempt to bribe the SNG is a reminder of last October’s allegation by Global Information System, a private think tank of retired U.S. military strategists, of Jonathan’s ongoing “corruption of the Nigerian political process.”  The think tank reported that Jonathan was buying up delegates to the forthcoming PDP primaries for $13,000 (two million Naira) per vote.

That, however, is not the public face of Jonathan.  In a speech read for him in Jos by Vice President Namadi Sambo last Saturday, Mr. Jonathan called on Nigerians to ignore politicians who seek to win elections by offering money to groups and individuals.

onyeanwunaokonk at 2-12-2010 12:25PM (9 years ago)
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arrant nonsense,this is felony
ladyb4u at 2-12-2010 12:29PM (9 years ago)
(94 | Newbie) (f)

passing......... Lips Sealed
Dee4evr at 2-12-2010 01:11PM (9 years ago)
(283 | Upcoming) (f)

Same here, just passing. I no de 4 politricks.
destiny247 at 2-12-2010 02:02PM (9 years ago)
(140 | Upcoming) (m)

May the will of God prevail..
JayJay4u at 2-12-2010 02:09PM (9 years ago)
(15 | Newbie) (m)

The issued here is that money was giving to SNG under the leadership of Pastor Tunde Bakare and the same money was returned back. But the question there is, what the money was giving for?!. A Bribe money or Gift for Transport to the visiting delegation of the Save Nigeria Group?. Well follow Nigerians, lets solve this issued with this question above, I think we can find the answer. Before you called one a goat, make sure he believes like one. Pastor Tunde Bakare comments speech on the tape about the $50.000.00 giving to SNG, he didn't say it was a bribe money. Now corruption of the Nigerian political Master has open ears and eyes on ground: The Name: Audio Recording Of $50,000 Bribe Scandal. hahahaha show us who is the giver, i promise we shall punish any bribe giver in this time of Nigerian political Master. Be away the young ones are watching, we do not allow any bribe this time, if not blood will share. If you are giving bribe or you have already collected, just return it now, indirect way you can return, fine the way OK. Please Let us build Nigeria for better, we all Nigerians scattered all over the world, messing up by little nonsense other Africa countries because of all these rubbish news. May God guide and protect this great country Nigeria, Pastors unite and we shall win.

fineboy at 2-12-2010 02:10PM (9 years ago)
(1855 | Gistmaniac) (m)

na so.when politics time reach all these fools(saharareporters) go dey fine their own belle....nonsense

moniconyez at 2-12-2010 02:36PM (9 years ago)
(15326 | Hero) (m)

NO bribe was offerd pastor cant even be specific NONSENSE..........And saharareport or what ever they calle you better stay clear from Nigerian issues and face your ARAB SUICIDE BOMBER COUNTRIES.........RUBBISH
naijatomsa at 2-12-2010 02:43PM (9 years ago)
(50 | Newbie) (m)

Politics!!... Nigeria!!... hmm, may God's will be done.
FinlandGuy at 2-12-2010 02:55PM (9 years ago)
(7361 | Gistmaniac) (m)

that money na for his it a sin to pay tight?Huh??? LOL
billsbetni at 2-12-2010 03:01PM (9 years ago)
(2 | Newbie) (m)

This is nonsense and I dont buy it atall. Everytime Pastor Tunde Bakare tries to make him self exceptional,WTF!! is wrong with him, He is a Multimillionaire and I have never heard that he stopped receiving offering in Church for one day, the offering that he receives in his church how much did he pay God for the Gift ?  I dont see the fee given to him as Bribe atall..... Despite the fact that I dont do politics.
Toikumo at 2-12-2010 03:15PM (9 years ago)
(48 | Newbie) (m)

stop spreading lies and fake rumors.....  Election time brings in all sorts of fake stories and accusations.  We all know this.  The Nigerian people will not fall for this low level blow.....  President Jonathan is not the one that corrupted Nigeria..... its been corrupted long, long time before he arrived and he is now trying put an end to it..... we have to work with the President for a better Nigeria!

nwakama at 2-12-2010 03:45PM (9 years ago)
(192 | Upcoming) (m)

LET US PRAY...Against any evil arrow fashioned on our transparents  Leaders to crash in hell of fire ,, now and for ever more
They should confess openly in NTA, BBC, VON, DSTV. FOX, NEWS, SABC, even in Nkem Radio without battery that they where paid for that act in Jesus Name,..
solid_solid at 2-12-2010 04:56PM (9 years ago)
(5820 | Gistmaniac) (m)

make them go settle what they started
Adikpe at 2-12-2010 05:01PM (9 years ago)
(4085 | Gistmaniac) (m)

@poster, why are you so interested in this nonsense?
Bazemaster at 2-12-2010 05:56PM (9 years ago)
(6753 | Gistmaniac) (m)

politics is a game bro

osagio at 2-12-2010 06:05PM (9 years ago)
(8 | Newbie) (f)

Quote from: Bazemaster on  2-12-2010 05:56PM
politics is a game bro
chrisfab at 2-12-2010 06:09PM (9 years ago)
(481 | Upcoming) (m)

jonnathan is going to rule weather they like it or not.cos its d aligation dey want to use to push him down from contesting in d election.
Renewed at 2-12-2010 06:45PM (9 years ago)
(524 | Upcoming) (m)

Why would President Jonathan give SNG $50,000 bribe? Do they have the capacity to return him to the presidential seat? It just doesn't add up...I believe there's an over-inflation of this story...

Alex11 at 2-12-2010 07:23PM (9 years ago)
(137 | Upcoming) (m)

I am not surprised  because, this the time to betray political opponents through all means.
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