The Banker names Sanusi World Central Bank Governor

Published 9 years ago by: Aliuniyi lawal
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at 6-01-2011 12:06PM (9 years ago)

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The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Lamido Sanusi, has been named by The Banker, a global financial intelligence magazine, as the World Central Bank Governor for the 2010 financial year.

The Banker, a publication of Financial Times, London, which is regarded as the most influential newspaper in the world, is a global financial intelligence magazine published since 1926.

It is a publication that provides guide to bank ratings and analysts globally, and the definitive reference in international banking for finance experts, governments, chief finance officers, central bank governors, finance ministers and other decision makers globally.

A statement signed by the Country Representative of the magazine, Mr. Kunle Ogedengbe, noted that the apex bank governor won the award owing to his resolve at “salvaging a crumbling financial sector.”

The magazine noted in its 2011 January edition, which will also be distributed at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, that in the last 18 months, Sanusi had implemented series of reforms that had return Africa’s second biggest financial market back to recovery.

The Editor of the magazine, Mr. Brian Caplen, in the statement, said that the CBN governor was unanimously chosen by the panel of judges out of the many candidates, whose names were submitted for the award due to some of his striking qualities.

Caplen listed some of the qualities that earned Sanusi the award to include his radical anti-corruption campaign aimed at saving 24 banks on the brink of collapse, as well as securing convictions of some of their chief executives.

Others are pegging the tenure limit of banks’ CEOs at a maximum of 10 years, and strict disclosure of financial records in the books of Deposit Money Banks.

He noted that the reforms of Sanusi would enhance the quality of Nigerian banks, establish financial stability in the system; provide enabling and healthy financial-sector evolution, as well as ensure that the financial sector contributed to the real sector rather than just serving the banking sector alone.

cadanre at 6-01-2011 12:22PM (9 years ago)
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SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI I really like your style. You deserve this..... God help you.

walerian at 6-01-2011 12:27PM (9 years ago)
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Dats what am talking about.
kudos Sanusi
atamajim at 6-01-2011 12:28PM (9 years ago)
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good one there
Denee at 6-01-2011 12:29PM (9 years ago)
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Equivalent at 6-01-2011 03:19PM (9 years ago)
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This is one good news for the 1st week of a new yr. Nigerians should learn to do more positive stuffs to reveal NIGERIA as a blessed nation. Congrats jare Sanusi
deeslizy at 6-01-2011 03:34PM (9 years ago)
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More grease to your elbow Mr. of the few doing their jobs.
blings_is_back at 6-01-2011 03:43PM (9 years ago)
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he deserves it
takkas at 6-01-2011 03:52PM (9 years ago)
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When he started axing those past Banks' CEOs, my friend  faulted him. But I told my friend that the man knw exactly what he was doing because he was an insider and understand the tircks being played by those CEOs. Now posterity has juged him right as the world has recognized his brave acts. May we have more of him in stategic Leadership position! Once more Congrat to the independeded minded GLOBAL Central Bank Governor of the year!
divineproject at 6-01-2011 04:02PM (9 years ago)
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Nice pays to stand up for what is pays to be brave.........kudos sir

blings_is_back at 6-01-2011 04:08PM (9 years ago)
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STKASTRO at 6-01-2011 04:18PM (9 years ago)
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amakapat at 6-01-2011 04:51PM (9 years ago)
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nice1 dude.....this are the story we want to b hearing
crest-20 at 6-01-2011 05:37PM (9 years ago)
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 :-*cheers, my able national financial controller, more grace to ur elbows.
abisob at 6-01-2011 06:37PM (9 years ago)
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That is a great job from Mr. Sanusi Lamido,also let all of us try to emulate from this great job doing and lets us keep the Green White Green Flag flying above other flags.
let make's Nigeria a better place to live
God bless Nigeria,God bless my State, God bless my Local Government, my home town and my Great Family.....
many more good news to come in this new year that full of blessings.(amennnnnnnnnnnnnn)
fearlessokechi at 6-01-2011 06:37PM (9 years ago)
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fantabulos fantastic and coca stik. well done
2slimshady at 6-01-2011 07:49PM (9 years ago)
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A job well done!!!!!
Keep it up!!!
shola4real at 6-01-2011 11:13PM (9 years ago)
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you deserve all the good awards of this world ... still  more to come
shola4real at 6-01-2011 11:16PM (9 years ago)
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you deserve all the good awards of this world ... still  more to come
MeLaprof at 7-01-2011 04:46AM (9 years ago)
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Those are the type of info. we want for this new yr, not i vow to remain a virgin after the shop has been opened for orders.
I beg ride on oooo.
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