Bomb scare in Lagos ... police deploy bomb squad in airports

Published 9 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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at 7-01-2011 11:06AM (9 years ago)

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There was pandemonium at Motorways Centre, an office complex at the Seven Up end of the Lagos Ibadan Expressway on Thursday, as the occupants fled their offices after they received information that a bomb was about to explode.

THE PUNCH learnt that the information came in form of some letters warning occupants of an imminent bomb explosion in the complex said to house about 42 companies.

The letters our correspondents learnt were found in a toilet and some dark corners in the building.

The letter, which was signed by “Concerned Nigerians” read in part: “A bomb has been planted at Motorway building and could go off any moment. Kindly inform your loved ones that might be within range.”

Some of the letters said the bomb would go off within six hours after the receipt of the notice.

It was learnt that the man said to be in charge of the complex, identified as Mr. Tunde, alerted the occupants of the building of the letters and advised them to leave the complex as a precautionary measure.

This led to panic as the occupants struggled to run out of the complex for their lives. Many people, PUNCHMETRO learnt collided with one another in their effort to run out of danger. But it could not be established whether there were injured persons.

One of the occupants, who did not want to be named for security reasons, affirmed that they got letters warning them of an impending bombing of the complex.

He said, “We had a rumour that there were letters dropped at strategic places warning us of a bomb attack on the building. The man in charge of the Motorways, Mr. Tunde, gave instruction that people should leave the building.”

When PUNCHMETRO inquired from the man said to be in possession of one of the threat letters, he declined to comment on the development.

“I cannot comment on the matter because of the nature of my job. I cannot also show you the letter. You have to wait for my superior for information,” he said.

When our correspondents got to the scene around 3.30pm, workers had deserted their offices and were seen discussed in hushed tones in groups. The gates to the complex were locked and people were denied entry into the complex.

Another occupant of the building who also declined to mention his name said the panic began around 2.30pm when the information spread round.

He said, “I was working in my office at the complex when somebody rushed in and practically dragged me out of the office. I was surprised because I did not know what was happening. But he later told me that a bomb was about to explode in the company. When we got to the staircase, I saw many people rushing out from their offices. There was a lot of pushing as everyone wanted to be the first to get out of danger.

“When we got outside, I saw that a lot of people were already outside and many of them were driving their cars out of the premises in panic.”

Policemen from Bomb Disposal Squad were seen moving in and out of the complex. One of them told one of our correspondents that they decided not to treat the threat with levity.

However the commissioner of police in charge of the state police command, Mr. Marvel Akpoyibo, said that the police usually check out any information they received, whether they were fraudulent or not.

Akpoyibo said, “But the letter is spurious and mischievous. I have told Lagosians that they should beware of fear messengers, who are bent on causing panic in Lagos State.

“If anybody has information on anything, the right place to go is the police. Why should anybody start giving such frivolous information to the public, instead of the police? It is wrong and criminal. It is an offence under the law.”

The Commissioner of Police, Explosive Ordinance Devices, Mr. Chris Olakpe, said his unit got information that a bomb was planted around a bank in the complex.

He said, “We went there and swept the areas around the bank and even the entire building. We are sure that the place is clean but I have ordered a continuous sweeping of the place until further.”

Indications emerged on Thursday that the Federal Government might have ordered the deployment of more anti-bomb police officers to airports, particularly Lagos.

A top police officer, who pleaded anonymity because of the sensitive state of security in the country, said the decision was aimed at achieving efficiency in the screening of vehicles entering the airports.

The officer also said that the spate of bombings in the country had prompted the decision.

“The government want to ensure that there is adequate security at the airport. This is why they have increased the number of officers carrying out the screening of vehicles coming to the airport; they have increased their numbers now,” the top police officer said.

The officer, however, did not give the number of officers added to beef up the existing the team.

However, special vehicles belonging to the anti bomb squad were seen parading the Lagos airport.

Meanwhile, the Police Public Relations Officer, Airport Command, Nigeria Police Force, Mr. Benedict Ifeanyi, on Thursday said that screening of vehicles coming into the airport would “continue definitely” until the security situation in the country improves.

The Airport Command of the police had on Wednesday embarked heavy screening of vehicles entering the airport.

Particular attention was paid on vehicles entering the old domestic wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos.

As early as 8:00am, there was heavy traffic along the road linking Ikeja to the airport owing to the screening of vehicles at the junction leading to the General Aviation Terminal.

Special anti-bomb handheld equipment were being used by police officers to screen vehicles entering the airport.

The PPRO said that the special screening followed an order from Abuja.

The Divisional Police Officer, Domestic Station, Mr. Ayuba Pam, said that, “We have started the screening, and we will continue. The same thing is going in other commands of the airport, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt and others. We are working with the equipment that has been provided; we believe more will still come.”

The Commissioner of Police, Airport Command, Mr. Moses Onireti, in a brief telephone chat with our correspondents said, “Everything is in order. We are on top of the situation. No cause for alarm”

Tundea1 at 7-01-2011 12:12PM (9 years ago)
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A stich in time saves nine
BOBBYBRAINZ at 7-01-2011 12:19PM (9 years ago)
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They should try and equip our Police Force more.
Ucynice at 7-01-2011 12:32PM (9 years ago)
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Such a long story ?
emma2015 at 7-01-2011 12:46PM (9 years ago)
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divineproject at 7-01-2011 01:02PM (9 years ago)
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There is fire on the mountain, run, run, run.........who wouldnt run at such news whether true or false?.............

darling4 at 7-01-2011 01:06PM (9 years ago)
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but i hard that somebody inported contina with bombs guns with adrs what are they doing about that they have to invite the person bcos for me that person is behind of all this  Huh? Huh? Huh? or are they afriad or what?
lopez2424 at 7-01-2011 01:08PM (9 years ago)
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Blowing things up,get us nowhere.
johnnjasi at 7-01-2011 01:09PM (9 years ago)
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Let the police officers involve be warn not to collect bribe from any motorist that will come with any offer and allow him in without proper checking. the 20 naira he may collect might cause the lifes of so many. plas lets dont forget this.
bafyguy at 7-01-2011 01:10PM (9 years ago)
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Na wah oooooo
ojotule at 7-01-2011 01:16PM (9 years ago)
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Everywhere na bomb. Nigeria don turn to Afganistan by force. God will surely redeem us.
obyno1212 at 7-01-2011 02:05PM (9 years ago)
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nwaaaoooooo   what is wrong with  NIGERIANS?
obyno1212 at 7-01-2011 02:07PM (9 years ago)
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Quote from: Tundea1 on  7-01-2011 12:12PM
A stich in time saves nine

djosh4cesc at 7-01-2011 02:18PM (9 years ago)
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Life is so,so dear
luther4real at 7-01-2011 02:49PM (9 years ago)
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Quote from: Ucynice on  7-01-2011 12:32PM
Such a long story ?

dem force you to read am Huh?
lopez2424 at 7-01-2011 03:49PM (9 years ago)
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Quote from: luther4real on  7-01-2011 02:49PM
Quote from: Ucynice on  7-01-2011 12:32PM
Such a long story ?

dem force you to read am Huh?

No Grin Grin Grin
logten at 7-01-2011 03:57PM (9 years ago)
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check dis pix
Librabilex at 7-01-2011 04:15PM (9 years ago)
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nice one,,,hope there wont be a reality.
intbiz at 7-01-2011 04:19PM (9 years ago)
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Nigerians don't be afraid. Satan has decided to wage war using islamic fundamentalists on us both moslems and christians alike. the enemy is surrounding us. But I am convinced that God is not asleep. They destroyed Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But the God that saved USA will fight for Nigeria in Jesus Name Amen
franlucas2010 at 7-01-2011 04:22PM (9 years ago)
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Can see what america said is coming to past in 2011, while they said it will be on 2035, that nigeria will be like pakistan. pity...
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