How I Suddenly Found Myself Under Oshodi Bridge After Spending 21yrs in America - Nigerian Man

Date: 21-11-2023 5:12 am (1 week ago) | Author: kacy lee
- at 21-11-2023 05:12 AM (1 week ago)

After 21 years in America, a UK-trained Banking and Finance graduate tells an emotional tales of how he ended up under Oshodi bridge in Lagos.

During a radio appearance, the man told his life narrative.

According to the man, he spent 9 years in London studying banking and finance.

He had a dream while living in America in which he was flying and saw several signboards such as welcome to Bahamas (where he normally went for vacation) and then another that said ‘Welcome to London’ and then another that said ‘Welcome to Africa,’ and still another that said ‘Welcome to Nigeria.’

He claimed that he awoke from his dream crying deliriously “Nigeria!” and that his family rushed him to a hospital in California.

After being discharged from the hospital, he was flown back to Nigeria, where his elder siblings met him at the airport and drove him to the Yaba Psychiatric Hospital.

He said that he was put there and that the hospital was forced to release him since no one was coming to pay his fees and upkeep.

The Nigerian man stated that he began sleeping beneath Oshodi Bridge till the police began chasing people out of their abode beneath the bridge.

In his account, he stated that the police prodded him with their gun, asking who he is, and in that moment, he got a bit of his sanity back and told the policemen, to their confusion, that he’s from America.

He further said that he had been taken to a mountain where he spent 6 years being delivered.

Watch him narrate his story …

Posted: at 21-11-2023 05:12 AM (1 week ago) | Addicted Hero
- sync at 21-11-2023 05:50 AM (1 week ago)
Mental case
Posted: at 21-11-2023 05:50 AM (1 week ago) | Upcoming
- gogoman at 21-11-2023 11:28 AM (1 week ago)
seems like a bad dream or nightmare i guess he never go any America or London he just in Nigeria dreaming his whole life  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted: at 21-11-2023 11:28 AM (1 week ago) | Grande Master
- nikiniki at 21-11-2023 08:42 PM (1 week ago)
No, he was actually here.....people that knew him attested to it. What I don't understand is why his wife in the US is not making attempt to help get him back even if he is inadmissible depending on his status when he left sha! He had children here, he knows their names...why didn't he mention them all? There is more to his case.
Posted: at 21-11-2023 08:42 PM (1 week ago) | Gistmaniac