A Special Specie Of Low-Life Man - Patrick Doyle Shades Isreal DMW For Engaging His Ex-Wife

Date: 03-12-2023 9:38 pm (3 months ago) | Author: Olusanya Akinrinola
- at 3-12-2023 09:38 PM (3 months ago)

Patrick Doyle, a veteran actor, broadcaster, and the ex-husband of actress, Ireti Doyle, has reacted to Davido’s logistics manager, Isreal DMW’s marital drama.

For days now, the personal logistics has been airing dirt and strong allegations about his estranged wife, who he claimed walked out of their matrimonial home and never returned.

Reacting to their daily marital drama, the veteran actor, via his Facebook page stated that it takes a special species of low-life man to engage in a social media saga with his former partner. According to him, only a low-life man engages in social media drama with a woman he has been intimate with.

“It takes a special specie of low-life man to be engaged in social media saga yabis with a woman he has been intimate with”.

It is no longer news that the marriage of Isreal DMW, which is less than a year old, has hit the rock. Isreal tried denying the allegations of a broken home but Sheila Courage had publicly blasted him for pretending that all was between them by calling her his wife.

Finally coming clean on his marital trouble, the 002 performing artiste last week, recounted how he met his wife, who was a virgin, and narrated how he upgraded her.

Their marriage turned sour after she tried changing him to suit her standards and was always broke shaming him.

Isreal DMW rebuffed claims that he was physically assaulting his wife as he called out his mother-in-law and alleged why his wife moved out of his house to Abuja.

Hitting back, Sheila revealed how Isreal was spoiling her and her family with gifts in a bid to hide his flaws. She claimed that the 002 performing artiste beat her mother up and took back some of the things he bought her.

She stated that Isreal can drag her through the mud but she wouldn’t tolerate him trashing her family.

In another post, she recounted how Isreal locked her out of the house and how she ignored his red signs before marriage. She hinted at Isreal being controlling as she claimed she didn’t have a say in their wedding arrangements, was always rubbing his celebrity status in her face, and treated her like a prisoner.

Hitting back, the logistics manager to Davido threw a shot at her questioning what kind of married woman, whose father is a pastor, would leave her matrimonial for Abuja on a flimsy excuse.

On Sunday, Isreal DMW had directed shots at his Sheila, unleashing a torrent of curses and accusations against her.

Isreal, in a series of heated posts, declared that any man approaching Sheila would face an untimely demise unless he hadn’t completed the “bride price”, and asserted that his Edo heritage empowered these curses.

His rant didn’t stop there. He lashed out at her culinary skills, calling her cooking “total rubbish,” and criticized her for being dirty and disrespectful. Interestingly, he admitted that Sheila was exceptionally skilled in makeup, though he accused her of being a habitual liar.

Replying to him via her Instagram story, she quoted the scripture, Lamentations 3:37, noting how no one can say anything when God hasn’t spoken.

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oga go sit down!! we all get how we dey reacts to suiattion!! that doesn't make one more intelligent than the other!!!  you wey no do yabis yabis for be the one that will murder the woman  and we go see u for 10pm news  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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