Naira Edges Closer to N1000/$ Threshold Amidst CBN Policy Adjustments

Date: 09-04-2024 9:38 am (1 month ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
- at 9-04-2024 09:38 AM (1 month ago)

The Nigerian Naira appears to be inching towards the significant milestone of reaching N1000/$, a development previously deemed improbable just a month ago. The currency's trajectory suggests that such an exchange rate could soon become a reality, buoyed by recent market dynamics and regulatory interventions.

Market analysts observe a bullish sentiment prevailing in the market, signaling a potential surge in the value of the Naira. This surge comes on the heels of the currency's remarkable recovery, boasting over a 50% gain against the dollar since hitting its lowest point in February.

In a bid to inject more liquidity into the market and stimulate economic activity, regulatory directives have been issued, adding to the positive outlook for the Naira.

One such directive from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) targets Bureau de Change (BDC) operators, authorizing the sale of $10,000 to each BDC at a fixed rate of N1,101/$1. The move aims to bolster supply in the retail market, potentially totaling $15.88 million weekly if all eligible 1,588 BDCs comply with the directive.

The CBN emphasizes strict adherence to the rules, with operators required to submit documentation for disbursement and sell to end-users at a ceiling of 1.5% margin above the purchase price, effectively capping the selling rate at N1,117/$.

The announcement has already triggered a market response, with the value of the dollar dropping to approximately N1210/$ in Lagos shortly after. This downward trend suggests anticipation of panic sales by currency speculators in the coming days.

In a circular addressing BDCs, the CBN outlined the terms of the sale, marking the third such intervention following the lifting of the BDC segment suspension in recent weeks.

As the market adjusts to these policy measures and anticipates further developments, stakeholders remain vigilant, closely monitoring the evolving dynamics of Nigeria's foreign exchange landscape.

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Not an achievement. Get it back to where Buhari left it, then do better than that and we aill all applaud.

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UP JAGABAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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