My talent in picking pockets is God-given *Says member of car-snatching

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ASIDE bearing the same name with a well known footballer who performed feats for the country during his playing days, a robbery suspect, who gave his name as Rashidi Yekini,is also called omo Jesu by his contemporaries and gang members, but nothing in his character or act depicts him as one. Omo Jesu is a Yoruba phrase which means child or follower of Jesus. However, Rashidi does not manifest any attribute known with followers of Jesus. He is actually the opposite - an hemp smoker, a pick pocket and a suspected armed robber. He was among seven members of a car-snatching syndicate who robbed a driver of a company's car at Ajah area of Lagos State on Monday April 11 and brought the car to Ibadan to sell. The suspected robbers were however arrested on Tuesday April 12 at Abebi area of Ibadan by policemen from Oyo State Command while fiddling with the car which broke down.
According to reports, the driver of the vehicle, an ash-colour Suzuki saloon car with registration number JT 877 EKY, had used the car for commercial purpose and had picked four male passengers at Ajah. He was to take them to Falomo and had charged them N100 each. Suddenly, at a point, one of the 'passengers' told the driver to stop as he had forgotten his phone at home. As the driver stopped, one the gang members got down, moved to the driver's side, pointed a 'gun' at his head and ordered him to move to the back.
The suspected robber took over the steering and drove towards Third mainland bridge where the driver was dropped. He then made a turn at Oworonsoki and faced Obalende where two other suspected members volunteered to get a buyer for the car in Ibadan. One of the four men who initially snatched the car, whose name was given as Bobo, got down at Obalende, while the three others, Tunde, Yinka and Francis, joined by the latter two, Rilwan and Tunde, headed for Ibadan that night.
They arrived Ibadan around 2a.m. and made for the house of a friend of one of them at Alaro area in Sango to sleep. The following day, some of the gang members went looking for the buyer but were disappointed to learn he was dead. As they were returning to others and planning on what next to do, the car suddenly broke down. Confused about what could have happened, they went back to where they were staying to call one of them who had once trained as a mechanic to find out what went wrong. Unknown to the gang members, some people in the vicinity became suspicious of their activities and promptly alerted the police from Mokola Division. Detectives from the Division moved to the scene and laid ambush for the gang members.
As they came back and started trying to repair the car, the policemen moved in and arrested the three of them found with the car. The arrested suspects led the the police to where others were at Alaro and immediately they sighted the police, they went to the ceiling of the house to hide. Sunday Tribune learnt that it took the police a lot of efforts to get the suspects down from the roof and even after they succeeded in doing that, one of the suspects called Francis who attempted escape was shot at but still escaped. He was later arrested when vigilant members of the public notified the police again. He is currently in a hospital receiving treatment. The police also recovered a toy gun from the suspects. The case was transferred to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ibadan for further interrogation.
Speaking with Sunday Tribune at SARS office, Rashidi, a.k.a. omo Jesu, said he was a butcher in Ijora, Lagos said he got acquainted with one of the gang members at a hemp joint in Ijora. Rashidi, who claimed to be 21 years old but obviously looked older, said he had been into hemp smoking for over 15 years. According to him, "After I left the work of butchering about six years ago, I started picking pockets. We operate in areas like Oshodi, Obalende and any other place we see crowd. I used to pick pockets with ease because it is a talent given me by God. I never intended robbery.
"On the day they went for car-snatching, we were together when I took a bathroom slipper and drew a gun on it. My friend, Tunde, said it was a good drawing and we carved it out with a blade, got a black masking tape to wrap it and formed a toy gun. I did not follow them out on the operation and did not come to Ibadan with them but I was arrested by the police in Lagos for fighting. It was from the police station that SARS men came to pick me.I have a girlfriend who has born two children for me."
Another of the suspects, 20-year-old, Yinka Ayodele, and the youngest of them all, told Sunday Tribune that he knew one of the gang members, Tunde, in his sister's shop in Ajah. "Tunde was living where my sister has her beer parlour/pepper soup joint in Ajah. He was a driver and since I was doing nothing, he invited me to be a bus conductor and I started working with him. He was the one who introduced me to hemp smoking though I don't take it all the time.
"On the day we went for the robbery, we closed from work around 4p.m. and left Obalende for Tunde's place. He introduced me to others and asked me to go and buy masking tape. Someone else got an umbrella pipe and it was cut and masked together with the gun-shaped slipper designed by omo Jesu. Four of us - Francis, Bobo, Tunde and myself went out and boarded a car as if we were going to Falomo. At Chevron roundabout, Tunde pretended as if he forgot his phone and the driver stopped for him to get down. Tunde pulled out the toy gun we made and took over from him. After dropping the driver, we went back to the Obalende. Tunde went to meet Rilwan and he said he knew a buyer in Ibadan. That was how Francis, Rilwan, Tunde, Niyi and I came to Ibadan and slept in Rilwan's friend's house. The following day, Rilwan, Francis and Niyi went out with the car. They later came back to say the car had broken down. Since I knew about engine repair, I went to where the car was to check what was wrong. That was how the police arrested us."
Tunde on his own admitted that it was stubborness and disbodience to parent that led him into crime. According to him, "I was staying with my mother in Abuja but instead of sleeping at home I was sleeping with my Hausa friends who introduced me to marijuana. I later left for my sister's place in Mushin, Lagos in 1997 but shortly after, I became restless and dissatisfied again. I left for Obalende area and became a conductor in 1999, sleeping in buses after each day's work. I graduated to being a driver. In 2005, I decided to go back to Abuja to learn bricklaying but I always disagreed with my mum and this made her unhappy always as I was always fomenting trouble.
"I moved back to Lagos and in 2010, I was arrested at a club at Kuramo Beach when the police came there to raid. I was in Kirikiri prisons for five months, 13 days and was released on March 9, 2011. I went to Obalende and Francis sold the idea of us snatching a vehicle. The suggestion came back to my memory when I saw omo Jesu drawing a gun on a slipper. I took to it because I was convinced by other inmates while I was in prison that I could hijack vehicles since I could drive well. My inmates then were gida omo afe, amala tansho, baba oja and Oshodi
Another one of the suspects, Rilwan Yusuf, said he also ran away from home where he lived with his parents at Alaro area. "My dad wanted me to go to school but I joined bad gang while in secondary at United Secondary School, Ijokodo, and I was expelled. When my dad was pestering me to return to school, I ran to lagos and was working at Obalende. I got into this gang when I went to ask Tunde for money and he told me that he could only give me money if I could get a buyer for the car he had. That was why I followed him to Ibadan. I was once in jail for 18 months in Ikoyi prisons when the police raided us at Obalende".
Another member, 32-year-old Niyi Akanmu is married with two kids and was a panel beater. He also revealed that he ran away from where he was learning a vocation and went to join bad gang in Beere area of Ibadan where he was smoking hemp. "My family would come looking for me to take me back home but I would hide from them. The evil spirit later pushed me to Lagos", he added, saying that he needed that made him agree to come to Ibadan with the car snatchers. He stated he was not part of the robbery.
Confirming the arrest of the suspects, the police image maker in Oyo State, Olatunji Ajimuda, a Superintendent of Police, said investigations are still on-going at SARS while the police are on the man hunt for Bobo who is still at large.-=

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Terrible and horrible
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Nonsense and stupidity.
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look at this young men comment .
that it is a gift from GOD for snatching ppls propty

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Bros, this story too long now. Like say na important pple we for endure read am finish. Abeg summerize for us now!!
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demonic talent,God doesnt give such talent
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I dey comback... d story 2 plenti
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they should be made to face the law fully

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see dem face