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Date: 30-10-2011 2:11 pm (10 years ago) | Author: All the Audible
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Did you know that Rihanna new song titled: "One man down" is a modified photocopy of 2face song Titled: All we need is one love.

Naija get mouth but we don't know say we get mouth. Let us encourage ourselves and no bring ourselves down with hatred and jealousy Stop underrating yourself because every body is as special as Steve Job or Obama or any record breaker if we love one another.

Truth is bitter tho but, I go yearn, too much Wickedness is too much within Naija, rich and poor and all places in Naija.

Let me tell you, wickedness can take us nowhere in Nigeria. Unless, we go remain for one spot dey deceive ourselves buying blackberry and iphones.

brothers love your brother, don't think that your younger brother can't be richer than you

friends, let your trust be real for your friend, why must you jealous him/her to the extent that you wish her bad. Must you be like her? Must you know how to dance like he can dance? Don't you believe that you also can do something to succeed? That is what is killing Nigerians. Why must you the same thing that he does. Is the next thing to do is hatred and bitterness anytime you hear that good thing is happening in your house. Ah Ah, am sorry for you.

Don't pretend and keep malice against your next door neighbor because he/she wears designer cloth or rides good car
Girls, don't hate your friends because she has a handsome and promising boyfriend than yours

Mother and parent stop doing wicked to another person son or daughter because he or she is making it more than yours

You people in higher post in office that never want someone else to get there, you must be crazy no matter what you have in mind for sending hired killers to them, -useless people!

because of laudering money, you kill honest people, let me tell you, if you repent, may God avenge their blood on you and generations.

people Don't kill your friend spiritually because of his talent or position in office

stop wickedness if you want Nigeria to be better, otherwise Nigeria can never be good.

Let us encourage ourselves for any new idea, be it from a little child or less privilege, even let us cherish our local dogs

otherwise I repeat, no government can change this country except we stop all these nonsense dream killer.

the sky is spacious enough for birds without touching each other, All the America and UK you are running to for refuge and money, if you find out, they dont do wickedness to each other.

This message is officially from All the Audible Inc on the "Truth is Bitter project to aid Naija human right"  Angry to all Nigerian and foreigners on Naijapals network. Copyright 2011 'Naijapals Admin please show this to everybody, for goodness sake. Its happening in even so called churches and mosques and.

look, you bad man or woman, never never, i repeat never expect to succeed because your success will never come unless you wish success for your neighbor, family and friends because what you sow you shall reap in Jesus name, In sha allah, eriwo yah! amadiohah, all of them will sanctify Nigeria from people with hatred with merciless vengeance and fire burning their peace so that they know how it feels.

Please Lord let them never escape quick judgement!

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