Idris Wada Wins Kogi State Gubernatorial Elections

Published 8 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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at 4-12-2011 05:45PM (8 years ago)

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The result of the Kogi State governorship election shows that Captain Idris Wada is the winner. He scored 300,372 votes as against the 159,913 votes scored by his closest rival,Abubakar Audu of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).
However, Naijapals gathered that Audu a former governor of the state and his party, ACN are disatisfied with the conduct of the election, alleging rigging by the PDP.Plans is already in top gear to challenge the election result in court.
  The newly elected governor of Kogi State is a rich and famous pilot and businessman with about 30 years of career experience.

charlym at 4-12-2011 05:57PM (8 years ago)
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Lekan22 at 4-12-2011 06:49PM (8 years ago)
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Good for him.
vantheo at 4-12-2011 08:43PM (8 years ago)
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Fee Dee Fee!!! Fower to the feofle!!.....Share the
money, scatter the canopy!!!
Sharing continues in Kogi for the
'Politicians', while Suffering
continues for the Masses. What a

CHUKAGLY at 4-12-2011 08:45PM (8 years ago)
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Current wahala

Obitexa at 4-12-2011 10:28PM (8 years ago)
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I hope say dis man go develop Lokoja...dat place na big eyesore, especially for that confluence junction
basfitz2018 at 4-12-2011 11:05PM (8 years ago)
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Nigeria is  a rich country blessed with rich culture and natural resources, but we have leaders who are all curtist, they have turned this country into hell for the masses, Nigerians as a people are hard working, intelligent individuals, mind what this man will say at his swearing in address to his state, he will promise how he is going to move his state forward but the funny part of the story is that it is him the governor and his family that will actually move forward like a ferrari thereby leaving the state he has promised to move forward behind with the speed of a wheelbarrow. It is high time we say no to curtism in Nigeria because everything has been turned into a click, they have destroyed the integrity and hope of every reasonable Nigerian. May God have mercy on this Country, we have had enough of this bad leadership. It is only in Nigeria and other parts of african countries that leaders who are supposed to serve their father land are being served, they grow fresh and bulky while in the western world they grow thin because of the stress and heat they take trying to better life for thier citizens.
malamy at 4-12-2011 11:10PM (8 years ago)
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chogzie at 4-12-2011 11:15PM (8 years ago)
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good for him
mkpume22 at 5-12-2011 12:24AM (8 years ago)
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Na-waaa for this new governor, him na pilot,  rich man and businessman with many years  experience. how could such as rich as him still use his money to chase polities, ?with all the money he hes acquired yet he is not satiate with it. i see! it is only when he sit there to saphone the money that is meant for the betterment of the masses that is when he will be satisfied.  well! i wish him well. but any of them that go there to engage in something stupid shall face God's punishment which is eternal hell fire. i reserve my comment.
FinlandGuy at 5-12-2011 12:49AM (8 years ago)
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boko haram people.
mkpume22 at 5-12-2011 01:25AM (8 years ago)
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abi ?
malvin2525 at 5-12-2011 04:45AM (8 years ago)
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 Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
soyayya at 5-12-2011 04:58AM (8 years ago)
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Simon-Zeletus at 5-12-2011 07:08AM (8 years ago)
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Can he deliver
dogodajiabuja at 5-12-2011 07:18AM (8 years ago)
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who cares?
phyuking terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
faitty at 5-12-2011 07:38AM (8 years ago)
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Abi no be una fort, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris hand over to Idris Wada. I no blame una, na mumu people like Okun and Ebira i blame.
kp45 at 5-12-2011 09:36AM (8 years ago)
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Na u block road on Saturday abi. See he face
Lekan22 at 5-12-2011 10:08AM (8 years ago)
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IKOJO at 5-12-2011 10:43AM (8 years ago)
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Hmmmmm, kogi state....
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